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Sex Change PhotographerNo1

Sex Change PhotographerNo1
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 The net of law is spread so wide,

No sinner from its sweep may hide.

Its meshes are so fine and strong,

They take in every child of wrong.

O! wondorous web of mystery!

Big fish alone escape from thee

J J Roche, the net of law

My life is the autumn leaf

That trembles in the moons pale ray;

Its hold is frail-its date is brief,

Restless, and soon to pass away.

Richard Henry Wilde ,my life

Well I am not a poet, was never trained in fine arts and have no inclination to become one, but I confess words brothers and sisters of words I use, help me and prompt me , I don’t have to shadow box ,and the prompted word fits like ying to a yang.

At the flea market I picked up some fabulous old collections of poets, Christina Rosetti,Elizabeth Barret Browning,and Byron, and Keats,and Shelley.
But never got to reading any one of them, only what I read in school.
My favorite was "When I consider how my life is spent in this dark world and w…

no we have not met

no we have not met
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesty .

she has seen me

i have never seen her.

i have never necked her;

i have never pecked her;

she is love,

is love a spectre..

i have never kissed her..

i have always missed her;

o how i respect her;

she is love.

is love a spectre


this spectral love

resides on the net.

of my heart...?

no not yet.

her impressions on my bed

crumpled coverlets..

wrestled and wet.

lovers on the net

no we have not met.

not yet.

public apology of a spectral love

public apology of a spectral love
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 never fall in love on the net

was written in anger ,

i publically confess

i am under tremendous stress

give even my soul

to the rotten devil

her lips caress..

not once but a hundred times

i will say yes

if she will take me back in her bosom

and bless

the spectral love

that is and will be

my life’s distress

a faceless face

of her lips

with my lips

to press.

my soul undress.

pull me out

of the mire of my mess.

if there be hell upon earth it is to be found in a melancholy mans heart.

anatomy of melancholy


when other lips and other hearts

their tales of woe shall tell.

in language whose excess imparts

the power they feel so well.

there may,perhaps,in such a scene,

some recollection be

of days that have as happy been

and you ll remember me.

alfred bunn ,

the bohemian girl,111

If you ever ,ever fall in love with a poet on the net

If you ever ,ever fall in love with a poet on the net
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 If you ever ever,fall in love with a poet

On the net

enjoy as it lasts and don’t get upset,

you will be in for surprises

my ass you can bet,

he room of a heart she will let

be an accommodating tenant

She a wiser better poet all set

Will teach you how to write Haiku

Blank verse no Sweat

She will threaten you

With divorce proceeding


don’t get upset.

relive each golden moment

take what you get

remember my words

don’t you forget

that you can unlive your life

not relive the net

that she will leave you

is only a threat

she thinks of you

starts getting wet

showered emotions

sweeping inkjets

oceanless cybernetic storms

no words of regret

become a more polished

better poet always in her debt

if you ever fall in love on the net

with masked faces

that you have never seen or met..

don’t get upset,,dont get upset

misfortune never fortune beget

The Three Wise Men of Woolongong

The Three Wise Men of Woolongong
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem

of Judea in the days of Herod the king .

Behold (3) wise men from the East came to Jerusalem…matthews2:1

Now I the poor mans poor Indian Photographer no1,do not make such tall

claims. My birth on Buzznet had no such divinity attached, times I wonder how

I was born and sweet memory conveniently fails me

I want to keep this short and brief

One of the Wise man Yorick,

ushered my birth by talking about me to one of his other Magi..

once again an appeal to the dumb witted I am talking about me

not Jesus or Jerusalem ,

The quote is merely to bring you to the pond of my heresy.

That’s what the Sunnis call us Shia Muslims Heretics.

of that some other time.Yorrik helped in my difficult child birth

on the net, sharing community Buzznet

I say it when ever I fill a blank.

One of the misguided Sunni brother had taken

a stick to beat me for my pictures of Hussaintekri Jaorah

and sure enough Yorrik…

Anthony Batt

Anthony Batt
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Sir you are the best
you are buzznet

you are
far too dear.
My orientation
is quite clear
your wife need not
i am not gay
need no sneer
i am
with love
and thats cause
to fear.
Love is being hit in the head
and getting
in the rear.

This is a poem

i have reedited

to make my

point clear/

I am learning

to write like friar

under yorriks

incestuous tree


miser tuck gives me burnt cookies

sips of forster beer.

Odd it may sound.

A drunken gekko

i will be after 10 years.

Thank you anthony i hope you like this version..

An Effect Without A Cause.

An Effect Without A Cause.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 My love on the net,

has gone for a toss;

in the swirling waters

the resounding rapids

of Alaskan remorse.

I confess and truly so

from this miss-adventure


A profitable experience

to an uncalculating loss,

like a rolling stone

that gathers no moss.

My bad joss.

to an unexclamatory pause,

what is an effect




Almond Opulent Eyes.

Almond Opulent Eyes.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 For those wet behind the ears

Almond opulent eyes

Devoid of tears

Who fall in love

At the drop of a hat

And retrack,,,

Breaking the window pain

Of a heart,,

To a philharmonic

Rendition of jeer and sneer.

False facade.



Chippendale veneer..

Growing up is not about age

Its a cacophony of love

You and your kind

Were never born to hear.

Your Alaskan tales of tears

On the ass of a roving deckhand

You can smear.

Your scars your winding sheet

And your memory a drop in the

Ocean of a tear.

Your cryptic poetry like your

False claims...

To protect your family

And your peers.

Tundra of falsehood

Is all that you love

My dear.....

photo courtesy

Unpoetic Question And Answers

Unpoetic Question And Answers
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Q; little flowers here and there

A;they were meant to die why do you care

Q;world show

A;the falsehood of snow

Q city living in rage mocking fires of a love thats theatrical on your stage

Q; joy joy read

A,to an illiterate person...who loved.. your love gone to seed

Q joy

A time to get yourself another toy

Q caress

A,get an american guy,, play mind chess.. to both of you God bless.

Q hold dear

A..the voice of my heart that you will no more scarred soulless soul

with an artificial childhood mask and veneer,,,

you cryptic poetry like you... unclear...

picture courtesy

the questions are all american the answers multicolred almost dead indian...

a poem hunter in a lions den

a poem hunter in a lions den
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 everyone wanted to give you ten
i gave you nine which in your mind
should read as ten
beyond why how and when
we give marks dust clad
weakling souls of men
a bleeding nib and a broken pen
a poem hunter in a lions den

to yoonus peerbocus master of poetry from mauritius

Who Has This Death Wish

Who Has This Death Wish
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy.. funeral scene

Awake somber desire

An Alaskan dream

That I did not sire

Gracefully from your

Cold heart of a burning coal

I did retire

Tempt tease than hide..

For a love that did not abide

will always be someone else’s bride

such are the ways of foolish

Ennui’s pride


Yes your unending lies.

Tearless cries.

Last breath caress..

The Truth,, in untruth


Hold Hold Hold..

Your Past your Future your Present



Yes your Love

Given to me on lease..

I go back where I belong

Broken hearted deceived

But in one piece.

drops of tears

drops of tears
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 If with drops of tears

I could erase all the wrongs

And give a new beginning to my songs

She would know that it is to me she belongs.

photo courtesy maat and isis

The Dichotomy Of Love

The Dichotomy Of Love
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 The Dichotomy Of Love.

One sheepishly , churlishly

Asleep on the bed,

The Other nestled

In the hallowed hollows of my head.

The One on the bed

Knows nothing about

The One in the head.

But both to my mind and body wed

I want to reside in the future ahead

But Destiny safeguards it for posterity

And will not unfold it yet..

And so my love, flows like a river

In the dark ominious waters

Of an ocean...ahead.

A bed, a head,

And a Lover

Almost half dead.

In an epistle

Poetically written


photo courtesy

google images

To Delete Or Not To Delete

To Delete Or Not To Delete
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photographerno1: 11/08/2005 2:26 AM

you mean icecubes..
swisshing ice cold tea..
see the forms they make
while we squat and pee...
thats the muslim way you see..
i will go down on bent knee
if ,,if you will agree to marry me...
google earth will sponsor it for free.
an indian as a little part of alaska
thats all that matters to me...
for me you are alaska
this message you delete
or let it be..
a marriage an
outcome of
pee and
iced cold tea.

picture courtesy

No Comment No Guilt

No Comment No Guilt
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 comment guilt
a mere poke
of a rapier
with a heart
broken hilt.
the pen is mightier
than the sword
turn to gravel
to silt

no comment no guilt flowers kept to dry and wilt.

lets be friends,,for the sake of our friends of friends

put to grave the comment and the guilt.

love as a house

that on a quicksand I built

so much and no more

seminal poetic thoughts

that I spilt ..

but you nor your megalomaniac emotions

I could not tilt..

decapitated dreams

disembodied soullesly

gasping sinking away

on a borrowed heartless quilt

Was Falling In Love A Part Of A Cosmic Plan

Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

As I walk ,retrospect ,thoughts re-upload rescan;

Whether it could have been Salt Lake city Kentucky

Or some other City or State…American;

Was falling in Love a part of a Cosmic Plan.

An Alaskan fern a barefeet leopard like Indian Man.

I wonder was it the Northern Lights..

That entrapped the heart head and soul of this overly

Bejeweled Bewildered ..Bemused Indian Man.

Already unsinfully married..28 yrs marital span.

Was falling in love a part of a cosmic plan.

How can I answer something I did not think or plan.

When I hit her buzz to unlearn..I should have not

Looked back… just retracked and ran..

But my legs caught in an overpowering vortex

Made me immovable and motionless

In Love…a feeling I don’t understand..

Even now I wake up and question..

Was her falling into this a providential accident?

To a Love that was not part of her Cosmic Plan..

Clits Tits and Elephant Dicks…flip side of Life

Clits Tits and Elephant Dicks…flip side of Life
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 He , the Pujari the priest was disturbed seeing me taking pictures, thoughI was dressed in saffron, times are not conducive for my kind of street photography.

Though I am a private person I find that the few days experince at Sulekha Blogs an Indian site taught me something, people hate Muslims, they consider all Muslims to be Terrorists, everyone who is not a Muslim writes pages on the mindset of the Muslim, the confused Muslim, so much that it bores me to death.

The Muslim is appeased by the Congress says a vitriolic opposition party, this is sheer bullshit, the poor Muslim has barely time to make ends meet, with all his shotrcomings hardly converts to Hinduism or Christianity..
The Congress of old did nothing for the Muslims marginalised them with fear psychosis , sweet talked them , using them as vote banks , ghettosised their minority soul…
I am shocked that Nero watched the telivision as th…

Tantric Sex The Hijda Way

Tantric Sex The Hijda Way
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 “Tantra teaches that lovemaking between a man and woman, when entered into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual ecstasy. In India, traditional Tantrikas spent many years under the guidance of a spiritual teacher and engaged in elaborate yogic rituals to purify and master the body and mind.”

The Kama Sutra: The Book of Love
A Definition of Kama Sutra
By Suzie Heumann

Almost everyone has heard of the Kama Sutra. “Kama” means all things pleasurable, such as sexuality and sensuality; it also encompasses eating, gaming, cultural activities, activities with friends. Kama is the name of the Indian God that represents the sexual nature in man, much like Eros did to the Greeks. “Sutra” means a short book or aphorisms. Thus the Kama Sutra is an ancient manual of love. The Kama Sutra is most often associated with sex and sex positions. That’s not all it offers, though.

The Kama Sutra details many kissing tech…

Hijda Goddess Filmi Story Bhuta Kola

Hijda Goddess Filmi Story Bhuta Kola
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Hijda Goddess Filmi Story Bhuta Kola
I met her at Moti Katra she is a Hijda performer Mujra dancer, had danced to Gajra Re at some private show at Ajmer , there was a married man from Mumbai staying in the same hotel, was totally besotted by her, he took me aside and said I will pay you Rs 1000 for her picture, I ignored him, I dont sell pictures my pictures are downloaded free on the Net..
Later again he took me aside said if we do meet in Mumbai please dont mention , but I have fallen in love with her..I told him it was none of my business, do what you have to do, this is on the lane at the chai shop of the Hijda paradise transit lounge called Moti Katra…

So love has strange way of manifesting itself, this is the uniqueness of love no dichotomy of gender confusion, you live love period..I knew a man who had fallen in love with a picture of a woman, he would talk to her endlessly, write poems,, she was t…

“Everyone is entitled to my opinions”…DFDuck

“Everyone is entitled to my opinions”…DFDuck
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 image courtesy Df Duck

I have applied a herbal bandadge to the remains of my hand wound, the pain is still there , reminding me of my mortality my religious bravado.
The bandage applied by my lady cook, is called Dab Dabav lep.It seems to have alleviated the pain to some extent, as I want to stop the intake of the pain killer prescibed by the doc.
This moring I had a surprise in my Gmailbox.


Was just thinking of you. Were you ears ringing?

Not even sure if this is your email address.. I’m guessing.


Df Duck is a Buzznet friend , I hold him his opinions in the highest esteem.
He is a multifaceted personality, well read, seen life at close quarters.He loves Music, he talks Music, he expounds life as a Note in Music.
I was thinking about hm, as he was of me strangely.This is cybernet embedded in mysticism beyond Time and Space .

I miss Tom “do you like it “one day I am sure to get his message to…

Death is preferable to Guantanamo Bay

Death is preferable to Guantanamo Bay
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Death is preferable to Guantanamo Bay

Where man is treated worse than an animal everyday

American Justice today..portray

The Eunuch World watches

A World Soccer Match

and the Winner USA

And gagged mouths and manacled souls on display

Forceful feeding on a tray

And if the prisoner commits suicide

It is an Asymmetrical Attack they say

And glum face not an emotion betray

All human feelings astray ..

Kill him slowly the American way

Say hallal to this easy prey

Oh Lord Jesus , just a infidel and

Go ahead and slay

Orders of the Supreme Commander

You must obey.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

An Iraqi bouquet

And undiscovered cache

Says the man from Bombay

Where there is a will

There is a way

The head of a monster

And feet made of clay

You too will fall from the pedestal

One day

The Black hole of

Conscience to my dismay

Lebanon , Syria Iran

another Victory Day

A world going to Dogs

in a mild mannered way

Its not about…

Keith Kanga ..Atomic Forest My Childhood Friend Obituary

Keith Kanga ..Atomic Forest My Childhood Friend Obituary
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Keith Kanga ..Atomic Forest My Childhood Friend Obituary
Keith Kanga was rich far too rich..and they dont make Keith Kangas any more.
And the Jehovahs Witness destroyed him.
His grandmother was fundamentallist Jheovahs Witness and an obssesive one I do not wish to denigerate her Memorry.. but she killed her only grandson..feeding him with hate for all religion all Gods but Jheovah..
And I was the softest target as I loved Keith Kanga far too much, and that was a problem, as Keiths parents Gwendolyn Kanga died very soon after the Death of her husband Dossabhai Kanga a Parsi affluent industrialest who owned racing horses and the New Era Printing Press..and he left big time money.. and his death was too much drinking, social drinking, and I remember after his death Keki Uncle Rusi Uncle and all Keiths Parsi relations patronising his mother.. his mother like a screen goddess..far too beautif…

India is for Indians not for Taslima Nasreen

India is for Indians not for Taslima Nasreen
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Times of India march 13 2007
Taslima blames Bengal for delay in citizenship.

Bangladeshi writerTaslima Nasreen on Monday blamed the West Bengal
Governmentof ‘coming in the way of the Centre granting her citizenship status’

Its time we say good bye to bad rubbish
To begin
Send her back from where she came
Let nothing come in between
Let her burn the Hijab in Bangladesh
A thought that the ideals of
Muslim woman hood demean
Sensationalizing hate
A woman who a Muslim has never been
Yes I mean Taslima Nasreen
She does not have the qualities
To live or settle among us Indians
It’s not at all in her gene
Her corrupted mind
To inflame hurt
Religious sentiments
With more such rants
Her overstaying our
Is bad for our secular hygiene.
Once you are infected
Of what use is an untimely vaccine

March 13th, 2007

Why Cant Americans Simply be Americans.

Why Cant Americans Simply be Americans.
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

This morning Mumbai Mirror a widely read Mumbai tabloid, had the following headlines:
Qaeda warns of attacks worse than 9/11..some excerpts from the article.
“Dubai An American member of Al Qaeda warned in an Internet video, that US PresidentGeorge W Bush should withdraw all his troops from Muslim land or face attacks worse thanSeptember 11.”
“Adam Gadahn, a convert to Islam who had been indicted for treason by a US jury, issued a list of demands and warned that that they were not up for negociation.”
“Your failure to heed our demands means that you and your people …. will experience things that will make you forgetabout the horrors of September 11, Afghanistan, and Iraq and Virginia Tech” he said in the video posted on Tuesday.”

“You are losing on all fronts and losing big time “said Gadahn who is the English language spokesman for Osa…

tortured motherhood

tortured motherhood
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 tortured motherhood
weeping in vain ..
throttled hopes
a womans domain
pain as nirvana
a child to maintain
her man
he came under
the wheels of a train
sleeping with porters
two lives to sustain
doomed drudgery
bruised words
cant explain

May 10th, 2007

The Beauty and the Hag

The Beauty and the Hag
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Once upon a time
said the hag
i was there
beautiful and fair
my bosom a
bright eyed pair
my attitude
never may care
i was falling in love
falling out of love
i swear
i was a diva
beyond compare
today i
sarlabai have aged
like a tear stained tree
in autumn all bare
my silvery tinsel dreams
turned to nightmare
with my wrinkled woes
the world of beauty
i scare
i beg on trains
on stations
a broken earthenware
i plead to god to call
me away from this
paper thin
world of hate
but god is asleep
no time to hear my plea
or my prayer
oh god
how can you be so unfair
next to her sat beauty
with her usurped crown
to meet her debonair
some crafty
marwari millionaire
both beauty and the hag
their wailing womanhood
to share
while i the
photographer poet
pedestrian philospher
with this capture
a metaphoric
of womanly

May 11th, 2007

Mothers Day Not Again !

Mothers Day Not Again !
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 once a year
they remember us
our wrinkles
our sufferings
our hair turned grey
their sense of shame
that they call it a
Mothers Day
they who threw
us on the roads
like human stray
bitter hardships
pain that has
become a mothers
thank you
children of a lesser god
may you too become mothers
one day
so your childrens children
will also
remember a mother
this way
on Mothers Day
maternal instincts
a bounced cheque
that does not pay
a mother sitting
outside her
childrens doorway
curdled milk
of motherhood on display
glossy society
paying lip service
on the tombsone
of a Mothers decay
a Memoriam Mass
called Mothers Day

May 13th, 2007

What goes up must come down

What goes up must come down
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 image from net

No bytes
No comments
A silence tight lipped
Life nondescript
Abhiash wedding
His time and his energy gripped
Away from the elections he badly tripped
His wings now cleanly clipped
Yes he and his party
Badly elephantly horsewhipped
Fortunes that were running high
Now nose dipped
A twist in the script
Mayawati Madam
Means business
Favors granted
All stripped
This time
She is much
Better equipped
All outstripped
Her enemies
Be ready to
Spend a life in a crypt

May 13th, 2007

The Hijab

The Hijab
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 beauty in the eyes of a hijab
sparkles and shines
but yet
more than your
dresses with
plunging necklines
slithering waistlines
why is it a simple
garment like the hijab
make headlines
a hijab
covering a Muslim Womans
modesty no other designs
says Taslima Nasrin Burn the Hijab
an atheist giving Islam
some new guidlines
she should not get
Indian citizenship
if this how she our
culture maligns
send her back to
Bangla Desh
no more Lajja-less bylines
the Hijab
our Motherhood
on Mothers day
the Hijab
a Muslim womans

May 14th, 2007

God Where Are You ?

God Where Are You ?
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 SITTING WAITING IN A QUEUE

May 14th, 2007

Red the Color Of Pain

Red the Color Of Pain
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 a pain
that does not wane
a pain humane
a silence
a sorrow
that is karbala
wont explain
a bleeding sand
in every grain
reflecting a name
ya hussain
ya hussain

May 14th, 2007

we play holi with blood on ashura day

we play holi with blood on ashura day
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I gave this picture a water color treatment , as I lost the sharpness.
I wanted this picture , the look in the kids eyes to live forever.

we play holi with blood on ashura day
our way..we wont let
another karbala happen any way
hussain and hussainiyat
you cannot slay
every yazid
has a price to pay
no more heads on a silver tray
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
the only way
because of this
the Truth that we obey
we as Shias from
your fraternity
had to breakaway
1400 year old pain
is not just a passion play

May 14th, 2007

Child Abuse Kiss My Ass

Child Abuse Kiss My Ass
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 everyday is ashura
everyday is karbala
we always say
a pain every ashura day
we portray
child abuse
your word play
our children
as greetings
to you convey
its their blood
not yours anyway
their childrens children
will be doing this
till doomsday
verily it was Yazid
on display
Hussain nor
that he could slay

May 14th, 2007

I present this picture and poem to shiv malik and the new statesman.

Poetic Pain Pulverized

Poetic Pain Pulverized
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 marrriage is a social farce
mans legal right to womanize
called holy testament
simply rape legtimized
if she does not bring dowry
humiliate dishonor tyrannize
a woman is bonded labor
one time use several time abuse
man with his lust will demonize
produce harvest dehumanize
thus made mother
on one day in her memory
as mothers day
futility of sinister lies
mother beneath her feet
lies paradise
with sufferings pain
you tranquilize
i give you
a picture
of a muslim mother
so you dont need to visualize
begging near gufra map
the mullahs path
why jeopardize
each majlis on the mimber
he will moralize
while a mother shed tears
for her pain and hussain
no money
for her burnt daughter
to be hospitalized
this is lucknow
the city of
my unfortunate birth
adab and tahzeeb
age old charm
that azadari e hussain
politics that
shia sunni riots
law and order

The Turner Road Traffic Signal Revisited

The Turner Road Traffic Signal Revisited
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 The Turner Road Traffic Signal has lost its bounce its ebullience, this queen of Bandra traffic signal has lost its sons of the soil, the earlier denizens , the little beggar kids have moved away , towards areas that are much safer , away from the clutches of the cops.
They are not to bee seen at Bandra Bazar Road, nor have they visited my shop for a long time,neither did I see them at Mount Mary when I went there last with Marc.
But a new lot , mote tamer, more disciplined has made the Turner Road Traffic signal home , these kids are not from the Mound at Rang Sharda, they wear clean clothes , the leader of the pack is a sad faced boy who carries a pup as his lucky mascot.
I shot his pictures, but he is a smart one , he follwed me to my shop asking me copies of pictures I had taken the first time I saw him at the signal.
I gave him some money he was with his pal, I also warned them to be careful as the…

Paradise Regained Paradise Lost

Paradise Regained Paradise Lost
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 cranky creaky old age
sleeping on a cot
very quietly
clandestinely this picture
i shot
on the street
my favorite
gold spot
this picture
before I shot
already had the makings
of a forget me not
this is life
from the frying pan into the pot
faded sepi toned memories that
in her dreamless mind rot
accursed old age an after thought
waiting to meet the maker
on the other side
Paradise regained
Paradise lost
with an epithet
here lies an old lady
the world forgot
a tombstone
her only camelot
a dying plant
seeking after life
in a broken

This poem I dedicate to His Holiness The Dalai Lama..a noble human being beyond the borders of humanity.

May 16th, 2007

Cock Teased Cybernetic Love

Cock Teased Cybernetic Love
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 sweeping shadows on the sand
choreographed misery
of falling in love
with a blog goddess
a mythological
cybernetic apparition
living in wonderland
me at her beck and command
haughty , arrogant
intimidating word
powered fiesty
she takes my words
out of context
reasons I fail
to understand
yes recylced emotions
my flippant feelings
on the block secondhand
man is an island
woman a mirage
of a receeding mainland
dashed on her shores
my tryst with destiny
my testicular fortitude
shedding tears
a blogger a love
the last stand
far away a misty hanky
a waving unbraving
ladies hand
it is human
to be human
feel the agonies
of an unclaimed
my dreams touching heavens
my feet sinking
in earthy quicksand
on my multi colored posterior
made in india
a home made brand
for love
in a foreign land
that she was
only cock teasing me
this she never told me
American women
a script
more confusing than
mere shorthand

May 18th, 2007

Old Age Overexposed

Old Age Overexposed
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 old age overexposed
old age uncomposed
a bit of dodge
a bit of burn
tears drying
in her urn
she who
calls herself
alaskan fern
the myth of a
the blog goddess
is not my concern
as I twist and turn
once you leave
you dont return
live let live and learn
as you yearn
vomitted words
as poems churn
that they spurn
to upturn
number of hits
is just what you

May 20th, 2007

Of Shia Mothers Shia Kids

Of Shia Mothers Shia Kids
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

I keep telling you through my various posts on Moharam, the incomparable contribution of Shia motherhood to the life line of Shiasm.It is our Mothers who keep Hazrat Imam Hussains covenant of Hussainiyat alive, no Mullah can translate Shiasm the way the mother does , not by words by actions, of taking her brood from one Majlis to another, she is the fundament of our Faith, she is the unshakeable Fountainhead of our Faith.For me Shia Womenhood is collectively a Motherhood of Faith.
I was standing above Maulana HassanZaheers house watching the Juloos of the Fourth Imam and the 18 Taboots at Imambada Meeran Saab, the women were all ears to Maulana Kalbe Jawads Majlis, he recites to the galleries of Shia womenhood, he has in his discourse something to impart to our women..yes women need guidance to in a changing cybernetic world.The Mother has to carry the chi…

Old Lucknow at Curfew Time

Old Lucknow at Curfew Time
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Old Lucknow
A dying thought
behind the curtains
you can spot
tehzeeb adab
reclined in the dalan
on a cot
as they
give way to
die and rot
pitched battles
as shia sunnis
that they fought
a few deaths here
a few deaths there
is all they got
politics of power
sectarian violence
brings religion
to naught
the poor
the underprivilged
their unchanging lot
the azan silenced
in a gunshot
curfew shoot at sight
like flies they swat
a sinister plot
to defame Islam
cut the plant
break the pot
why cant both
factions live and let live
as an Islamic
our defiance
our rituals
age old traditions
the government
its time to all
this human ugliness
of Hate
we put a stop.

This is a balcony of an old age house on Nakhas in Old Lucknow..

May 20th, 2007

Americans Maharaji Buzznet and Me

Americans Maharaji Buzznet and Me
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Americans are crazy, in a nice kind of way, they enter where angels fear to tread, this has nothing to with President Bush or his foreign policy, a very dangerously damning foreign policy.
I talk about the average cybernet connected American man, for me each morning my monitor window opened into America , yes for me Buzznet was America.
At Bloggerspot window opened no vistas, only an emigeration check window that told me Word Verification required, I immediately pulled down my Indian trousers took the Bloggerspot stamp face up on my ass..
Buzznet Memories , each morning I would whistle through my post, entertaining, overexposing my world, that if it tickled the cyborgean eunuch Buzzbot at the Buzzznet court my picture got featured, comments started coming in..
I was comment connected .
The first person whould be Free Philly Ghost Dogged Ben Bell, than Mahayani, sometimes Scarlet Lark, if my post was poetic in w…

Me My Tears Word Press Hijdaeroticness

Me My Tears Word Press Hijdaeroticness
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

The picture of this post has disappeared so I put the profile photo of an alaskan fern

These are pictures my cybernetworthiness,the initial period of teething as a blogger, great friends to help you through, specially Yorrik ,Friar Tuck ,Dread Heading from Woolongong, my tryst with poetic culmination of a love for the American Alaskan Fern,the stirrings in the loins of my testicular fortitude, that is my hybrid hyperbolic mind , spasm sprouting seeds of ensuing mindlessness..yes blogging added a engraved image to my pictorial salon saturated ass… this is an important gallery , it is my profile page , what makes me tick…I was the only Indian at Buzznet in this little effervescent , scintillating group of great thinkers, photographers, better than me , who honed me in my art of a heart of a blogger.There was bashings , on my multi colored ass to…
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Time: 05/31/2007 7:27 PM
I Have The Pussy….
Ben Bell

This is my Buzznet friend Ben Bell at his wittiest, a very sharp camera eye, he sees what you see everyday, but he see s it differently , I am quoting words that Yorrik described for my own photography.
Benbell I wish there were a few on Word Press too, is a human photo blogger, this comes from his adherence to the Buddhist faith.
He was one person , who would go through all my pedestrian pictures of beggar kids, add Ben Bellism , of a comment.
I , today here at Word Press miss those comments.
Our posts are nothing without well wishes that come as comments.Comments are the soul of appreciation to our writings, I firmly believe.
When I joined Word Press I tried in vain to add the comments link, on my copied posts that I was copying at WP ,I did not once have that premonition that I would be deleting both my accounts at Buzznet .I could have kept the Commen…

Bollywood Masala Castrated Crab Curry

Bollywood Masala Castrated Crab Curry
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This was a keepsake picture of the film shoot Old Is Gold I took with the fighters dressed as Eunuchs , after Mr Shakti Kapoors work got over , I left with him , in his car, this is a longe route, but I did not have the strength to go by ferry, and it is tedious trip.

Its about 5 pm, now I went home for lunch with my wife, showered ate took a nap, came back to the shop.The rains have disappeared, and a few days back it had rained and there was a lightning attack and a 19 year old girl died her friends got severly burnt at Girgaum Chowpatty.And life is just beginning at 19, new hopes , new dreams, and this a freaky aspect of Death..hits you like Ripleys Believe it or Not.

Today the match is between USA and Ghana, and USA must win to keep the hopes alive in going into the next round. Ghana wont give in easily, the lions of Africa.But I know if USA play an agressive game to Win, they will make their coach a…