Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yes We Bleed In Ramzan Too

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mind you we are a minority
among the muslims it is true
we believe in the same god
his holy prophet his holy book too
yet we are exterminated
like vermin by muslims
treated on par with the jews
yes muslims love killing muslims
a eunuch silence prevails
in the community among
muslims of every hue
quetta lahore kill the shia
any place will do
ramzan the story of karbala
for you
barbarism is nothing new
those who kill the shias
the pact with yazid
their messiah renew
beshumar lanat
is what we give in lieu
weeping scriptures
tattered pages off the holy koran
in a bombed shia mosque
faith mixed with human blood
is what a suicide bomber
on the soul of Islam imbues
misplaced martyrdom
misguided jehad
nubile virgins the only excuse

Kya Ise Dekh Kar Apko Beeta Hua Bachpana Yad Nahi Ata Hai

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ek tasveer
ek bachpana
waqt ke beete
hue lamhe
un lamhon
ko wapas
dhaurata hai
ankh se behta hua
ansu hauz
main gir jata hai
ab ham is kabil
ho gaye
lekin bachapana
bar bar yad ata hai
ek tasavar ban jata hai
alam ka pani
main gota karana
woh phool zanjir kama
ek ek beeta wa pal
haqeeqat ban jata hai
moghul masjid
jahan khuda
khud apne bandhon
ko imam hussain
ki majlis sunata hai
farshe aza par
hamari nasal
hamare buzurg
ko bulata hai
sara sama
kap jata hai
anewale kal ka
hame zahoor
dikhata hai

to my dearest friend Abbas Kazimi
eminent Shia criminal lawyer and social worker

The Shia Child Is Unique

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she already inherits
her heritage
in her mothers womb
what others take years
to seek
their spirit was willing
their inclination weak
a love of the imam
this picture speaks
within the silhouette
of my shia soul
she peaks
gods touch
gods godliness
on her chubby cheeks
the fountainhead
of our future
the innocent and the meek

The Barefeet Shia Blogger of Mumbai

The Shia Ethos of Pain

The Shia Blogger Documents Pain

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be it your religion
or his religion
peace through
a human campaign
be it the 14 stations
of the cross
labagh cha raja
ja ma durge
or the chant
of ya hussain
all religion
are One

each in his own way sustains
through mutual coexistence tolerance
amity maintains

Why Do You Kill Us Shias Says This Shia Mother In Pain

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is is it because
we believe
in Allah
you shed our blood
like your yazidi forefathers
what do you gain
yes a few die but with
a larger force we
come back again
with our blood sweat tears
our matam our majls our juloos
trampling your 'yazidi domain
on the soul of humanity
as teardrops we rain
yes we are followers of Ali
children of Hussain

The Shia Child Understands Ghame Hussain in the Amniotic Waters of His Mothers Womb

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Labaik

Reliving A 1400 Year Old Pain on The Consciousness of Man

I Shoot Poems My Pictures Are Scriptures of Pain

The Shia Mumbaikar on 21 Ramzan

Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan Quwat-e-Parwardigar Lafata Ila Ali La Saif Ila Zulfiqar

kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai
Ali kaa naam sun kar ab bhii Khaibar kaaNp jaataa ha

baGhair hubb-e-Ali mudd’aa nahiiN miltaa
ibaadatoN kaa bhii hargiz silaa nahiiN miltaa
Khudaa ke bandoN suno Ghaur se Khudaa kii qasam
jise Ali nahiiN milte use Khudaa nahiiN miltaa

diid Haider kii ibaadat, hai ye farmaan-e-nabii
hai Ali ruuh-e-nabii, jism-e-nabii, jaan-e-nabii
gul-e-tathiir Ali
haq kii shamshiir Ali
piiroN ke piir Ali

dast-e-ilaa kyuuN na ho sher-e-Khudaa Ali
maqsuud har ataa hai shah-e-laa-fataa Ali
jis tarah ek zaat-e-Muhammad hai be-misaal
paidaa hu’aa na hogaa ko’ii duusraa Ali
“Bedam” yahii to paaNch haiN maqsuud-e-qaaynaat
Khairunnisaa, Hasan, Hussain, Mustafaa, Ali

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

On The Bleeding Streets of Pain

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on 21 ramzan
the day of the
martyrdom of imam ali
we mourn this
stalwart shia warrior
nade ali
his domain
our peak of eloquence
our first imam
respected father
of hussain

hardcore street photography as my lens gets splattered with blood and rain

The Shia Pain Continues

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From 21 Ramzan
a door that leads
towards Moharam
from father to son
the shia pain
his back bleeds
his chest bleeds
is head a fountain
of a river of blood
ghame hussain
his only excuse
a 1400 year
old protest
on the soul
of humanity to diffuse
who killed imam hussain
it was neither the hindus
nor the jews
accursed yazid
his gang of butchers
we accuse
the path we shun
the path we choose
our anguish
our pain or pathos
we let loose
a mothers pain
a mothers tears
a path as our virtue
yes we are shias
in black winding sheets
of sorrow yesterday
today tomorrow
it is true