Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rishta mein ham tumara baap lagta hum, nam hai shehansha

Lal Bagh Chya Raja Office

They All Wondered Why I Was Dressed So Normal

For over 8 years I have been shooting Lal Bagh Chya Raja pandal and his Immersion or Visarjan dressed in saffron or black dress of a Malang , but of late I have taken to dressing a bit dapper they all were wonder struck..

And Mr Sunil Joshi and Raju Langewal have been my earliest supporters through their cooperative nature I have had access to shoot the Lord in all his glory and share it with all of you.. Mr Salvi and Mr Satish Khankar and other volunteers officials too have helped me in this regard of documenting Hope and Hindutva as a message of Universal Peace ..

Mr Sunil Joshi Lalbagh Chya Raja Adyaksh Recieves Mrs Punam Sinhas Contribution From Me

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Every year Mrs Punam Sinha mother of Sonakshi Sinha wife of Mr Shatrughan Sinha gives me a certain amount of cash as tribute for Lalbagh Chya Raja that I come and hand over to Mr Raju Langewal , but he had left for the day so I handed it over to their senior official Mr Sunil Joshi.. I take the duly signed receipt too

Later I shot the euphoria befor the arrival of Lal Bagh Chya Raja I shot the shops the market and ended with shooting Prakas Bros Gauri staue shop, friend Pritams father was very close to Henry ..Mr Shatrughan Sinhas make up man , both Pritam and his sister and her husband take care of this beautiful shop that has the best collection of Gauris ..

From Lalbagh Market I waked the lane outside shot the facade and the Ganesha shopping also visited friend Hemants Ganesh Color Lab , he too was not around.

Later I returned home wife too has come back from Lucknow and Nerjis Asif Shakir my 14 month grand daughter who got burnt accidentally is doing pretty well her injuries have almost healed ..

From Flickr To Facebook

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from flickr to facebook
a long winding path
of pain he took
a shia blogger
the angst
of his community
the pain of
his ethnicity
a thirst
choked on a brook
as a protest against
petro powered
sectarian engineered
sponsored terrorism
on the soul of islam
as guidebook
we condemn
when they
try to get yazid
of the hook
yes every year
of our lifetime
we remind you
with our blood
how karbala shook
ghame huusain
our spiritual textbook
our bleeding that you

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....