Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slums Give Way To Towers .. Thanks To Builder Political Power

African Ruby And Shivas Eyes

The Pathos Pain And Poetry Of Street Slum Dwellers

Most of these migrant workers were bought from neighboring Southern states as daily wage workers and once the work got over , the migrants who got the feel of Mumbai, children begging bought in more income , so the migrant workers decided to stay back, build their commune pay the local hoodlum and the authorities hafta , protection money and once they got ration card other identity prof they became citizens of Mumbai.. than came the bulldozers to drive them out , than came the politicians to fight for them as this chunk was part of vote bank politics that is part of a faulty democracy.. the flaws in democracy no social leader tried to eradicate , and make it a working system.. than corruption came seeped in, and its tough to now get rid of it ..

As a street photographer I shoot pain of the homeless all be it Indian legal citizens .in this lot you wont find illegal Bangla Deshi citizens ...

The Ragpickers Slum Colony On The Highway

The Ragpickers Slum Colony On The Highway

God has encroached on most of public places in India

FedEx delivers to your doorstep

Street Slums On Mumbai Highway

Street Slums On Mumbai Highway

slumdog millionaires

I Shoot The Poor ... Their Homes Next to the Sewer

Poor People Have Branded Pain As Clothes

Dogs Are Much Happier Poor Than Human Beings

Street Slums On Mumbai Highway - Jeete Hain Shanse ..Aitbar Aur Imanse

When The Sun Shines .. Gives A Smile To The Clotheline

Bekar Lachar .. Waqt Ka Bimar Sadak Chap Common Man

Mumbai Slums From The Highway

The Flickr Share Button Has Gone Away With The Winds

Instead of making Flickr .. blogger friendly , easy durable and in keeping with moving times Flickr has regressed taken a hundred steps backwards.

Earlier the Share button opened a window of your Blogs connected to Flickr from where you crossblogged to your favorite sites ..

in my case it was as follows

Now it is only Twitter and a single Googleblog .. Firoze Shakir poet .. the rest is History.

Why this has happened everybody is clueless even Flickr Customer Care has no idea as robotic as they are totally breastfeeding on Yahoo ...we post our pictures on Flickr , they are stolen from Flickr despite the faulty Space Tool yet Flickr has no solution go to Yahoo Copyright a totally uniterested platform of old retired lawyers who dont understand the pain of photographers whose pictures are stolen.

If only Yahoo Copyright could learn to be humble and human but they are caught up in mess of Legalese .. and I am coomplaining because I have over 260000 images shot under duress , I took pains just like all of you to get my images and than see most of my Hijra pictures on another persons photo stream with my name my title .. and I can do nothing .

But I did I removed all my Hijra pictures barring a few from Public view completely .. only a handful of friends whom I know since my blogging days can only see them.. a human documentary that none can see .

So its time Flickr changed .. be it a Pro member or an ordinary member we love Flickr the best photo management site but going backwards .. Flickr could easily be Facebook but it wont becauese it Shares but does not Care .

Think Flickr Think
Stay Afloat
Dont Sink
Now our blogs
we cannot link
a SHARE button
with a garbage
like Stink
keeps me
awake 40
winks krazy
krazy Kinks

I Take The Highway To Canon Master Service Center Andheri East

I took a ricksha , the driver a kind old Muslim guy we had a nice chat while I took street shots from the reach the Canon Master Service Center ..

I Am Finally Learning To Smile In The Face Of Adversity

My bad times are not yet over I am now a free man not under the thumb of any boss , I work for myself on my own terms .. I work as and where , without enslavement ,,

I am still clearing off my old debts , I have yet to see sunshine in my life , and the grand kids help me get rid of my poetic morbidity and shooting pain as the genre of my photography is not the easiest human emotion to document.. beggar kids , demolished homes garbage and more additional pain of living ..dying waking up to face another day sepulchral and funereal most of the time.

And I am hoping to join up with the Naga Saddhus take a break for about a week , shootng the cultural inheritance of my being... and I dont wear saffron anymore as I have taken the dark shade of black as Malang sartorialist , I may wear a white shirt as I have many leftover from my last corporate avtar, but I hope to wear my long black Malang gowns at the Kumbh.. with less jewelry .

Most of my silver jewelry got stolen ,.. so I am not taking any chances ..

I cannot think of living away from Mumbai.. I had an option of getting married to an American Lady but she was not keen on India .. and I did not want to walk barefeet in Alaska so .. I took a Chill a Pill and of late became poetically celibate .. as I wait.. deleted doomed .. in a crate .

I Get My Cameras Checked At Canon Master Service Center Andheri

I am planning to go to the Maha Kumbh hopefully , with my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of Juna Akhada .. so yesterday 5 Feb 2013 I decided to take both my cameras Canon 60D And Canon 7D for cleaning as both the cameras are under three year warranty..

And I am now a hardcore Canon user , earlier I swore by Nikon , but Nikon was a rip off , I cannot forget the shit of a camera Nikon D70 they dumped on us totally defective ..and the Nikon service centers those days were about minting money at the drop of a hat.

The ambiance at the Canon Master Service center Natraj Rustomjee Andheri east is beautiful, both the service center staff cordial courteous helpful, Lalit helped me with my video settings and gave me some good advise on my batter pack on the Canon 7D ..

I was offered a nice soothing cup of sugarless tea I am a diabetic and in about half an hour while I waited both my camera bodies my three lenses duly checked cleaned were handed over to me.

I inquired about the Canon 6D full frame and they said it was a god camera no complaints but I wish to get a windfall and than one day eventually buy it..

I hope when I have more time to take both my grand kids to the slums and demonstrate to to the slum kids there how to shoot pictures .. and than it pains me will they be able to endear this expensive hobby... a great career option too for the kid when he wants to stand on his two feet.

My Guru Mr Shreekanth Malushte had given slum kids disposable cameras donated by Kodak and let them shoot pictures that were a long time back exhibited at the Municipal Art Gallery along with our pictures too.. I remember I posed for the poor kids as their model.. a rare specie of a model of Mumbai colorful barefeet .. and a photographer to beat.

Shooting Life From a Cab

Shooting Life From a Cab

Shooting Life From a Cab

Shooting Life From a Cab

This Family Lives on the Outskirts of Haji Malang ..

I Shoot The Degradation of Man on The Soul of Humanity

The Common Man Does Not Exist He Is a Figment of Politics

tum mujhe bhool bhi jaao to yeh haq hai tum ko meri baat aur hai maine to mohabbat kee hai

Marziya Shakir Shoots Two Upcoming Street Photographers of Bandra

If Walls Could Speak

on the streets
three walls
come tumbling
down one
on its feet
like on
a mound
of a graveyard
a mourning
but from
the mound
the soul
will rise
you can
but the
of resilience
you cannot
a body
a souls
its karma

to roland w luthi
east and west
do not meet
wants betrayed
by lust of needs