Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bakra Kurbani In a Hut In The Slums ..

Katl Karne Ke Pahle Pyase Ko Pani Pilana Swab Hai,..

Bakra Qurbani In A Hut In The Slums

I shot here last year too, and this time while heading home after namaz I was lucky to get them cutting the goat.

The guy knew how to cut goats so had not called a butcher , the cutting rate in Bandra starts from Rs 500 and reaches almost Rs 1500 depending on the location

It is difficult to find a butcher on the first two days of Qurbani, even those who are not butchers become butchers the demand is greater than supply.

Here the room was very small , a single room about 80 sq feet , and whatever the social status , he will do the qurbani , he is living in a hut but in a premium area of Bandra West.

I have a injured leg so I did not go to Behrampada to shoot the Bull Qurbani, but this morning Marziya Shakir my 5 year old grand daughter shot the Goat Kurbani on Canon EOS 7D ,and Nerjis was along with us ..

I shoot Bakra Qurbani I love to shoot blood and gore..

Bhai Ham Katar Main Hain..Maut Ko Eid Mubarak Karne Ke Intezar Main Hain

Unki Dahleez Par Na Jane Kitne Sar Kate Pade Hain ..

marne ke liye tayaar ,,
besabri se khade
huen hain.

The Girl Child of The Poor Man Was Doomed The Day She Was Born

a bud
in the garden
of despair
she is considered
a thorn she is
lucky if she
dies in her
mothers womb
still born
her world accursed
begone her fate
deleted doomed
battered shattered
fucked forlorn
before she steps
out she is killed
torn dusk
she has lost
her dawn

My India Is Not Part Of India Tourist Travel Brochure

The Jains of Bandra Wish Me Happy Eid...

I Complete 250000 Blog At Flickr .com

250,009 items / 2,059,711 views

I thank all of you ..I joined Flickr in June 2007 and it has been a long wonderful journey , met some great friends and I am happy they are still my friends ..I miss those that touched me and passed away , those that  interacted with me and than shut their accounts , those that are there on Flickr but are not active anymore.

I thank Flickr management customer care for their exemplary service but I would request them to take the issue of stolen pictures breaching of the bad SpaceBall tool in their hands instead of palming it of to a heartless insensitive Yahoo Copyright too difficult to deal with..

I think Flickr should place a invisible watermark that the picture has been uploaded in  a certain account and if the same picture is on another persons stream without permission he should be taken to task... I dont know if it will work but we need a tool that does not fail us we have taken pains to shoot our pictures , most of the hijra pictures on a few  streams belong to me but thy blatantly go scott free , because of them I have removed all my 20000 Hijra pictures blogs and poems on the transgender ethnicity from public view .. Only Friends added by me can see them.

One sided contacts adding me to their profile should end .. I dont want to be  a poster boy for molesters and porn artists.

I think Flickr should copy some of the saner points of Facebook,.

All in All Flickr is the best photo management site ...

The Beggar Poet of Bandra ..Barefeet ..A New Tweet

Everyday At 8.10 am Thanks to MTNL Broadband My Internet Goes Dead

And they tell me they have no clue I told them check my weblog , but they are too lazy to that ..and I grumble complain simply because it is better to suffer a known devil than go for a newer one the older one before this You Telecom was worst...

People He Voted To Power Changed Their Lives - His Life Is Yet To Change

Bandra ..

Bole Toh Bandra ...

Bandra The Quintessential Peaceful Queen of the Suburbs

Amchi Sundar Tikau Bandra

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