Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mukesh Tourist Photographer Of Ajmer Sharif

I Leave Ajmer Sharif To Catch My Train To Mumbai

This is my last lot of pictures of my Ajmer Urus 2015 documentary train Aravalli Bandra  Terminus was at 11.55 but I left early at about 7.30 am I had decided to walk to the station and shoot pictures on the way , the other reason was if  left later it would get overcrowded and I have an injured hand , my leg is recovering from a fracture .

These few frames were shot by Mukesh a tourist photographer of Ajmer Sharif ,, I have known him for many years ,,My suitcase was very heavy I had bought a lot of sweets for my workers and friends new dagger from Pushkar and my laptop .. for downloading my stuff .There was no WIFI at Peersabs house only at the Dargah .But I did not use the internet or read the papers or watched TV at Ajmeer Sharif I simply shot pictures I had carried a single camera ,, the videos I shot mostly on my Motorola G ,,

I want to complete this lot as I will be shooting another religious event soon..and my pictures are like a storyboard.

A Beggar In Ajmer

a skull cap on his
head long hair
invoking khwaja
garib nawaz karam
kijiye in his prayers
moving feet also
rushing towards
the dargah hardly
care they have their
own problems they
bear powdered faces
at this spiritual fair
with my cosmic eye
i saw pain seeking
comfort everywhere
tears glistening on
the dead soul of
humanity than my
thoughts went over
to the children women
ravaged people of Nepal
reliving a deathly nightmare
i invoked the sultan of hope
to help them get back on
their feet those that god
had spared ..their world
holistically heal repair
buried under a rubble
even that little dog
gasping for air ..

I felt the tremors of the earthquake in Pushkar as I was cut of from the internet newspapers TV I hardly knew the impact of this deadly earthquake ,,

This poem is dedicated to my childhood friend my dear classsmate  actor great humanbeing Sunil Thapa of Nepal..

The Muslim Beggars Untouchables Of Muslim Society

i looked deep into her
eyes she held my
camera vision in a vice
she took me by surprise
begging on bakra eid
much before the goats
were  sacrificed ..waiting
for alms some generosity
compassion she stood
by the roadside ..her pain
within the cosmic darkness
of her hijab she tried to hide
misplaced muslim womanhood
now a beggar once a smiling
bride ..what is her story why
is she begging in silence
her tongue tied ,,forced to
beg because of calamitous
circumstances lost illusions
her dreams much before they
were born had prematurely died

qabool qabool qabool taken for a ride
triple talaq a sword hanging on her head
''Doth God exact day-labor, light deny'd,"

Dam Madar Beda Par ,, Syed Masoom Ali Bawa Madari Ajmer Sharif Urus 2015

Dhapliwala in the Trains