Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bachein toh aglay baras hum hain aur yeh gham phir haeJo chal basein toh yeh apna salaame aaqir hae

Salam qaak nasheenoun pah soghwaroun kaGhareeb detey hain pursa tumhare
pyaroun ka

Salam un pah jinhe sharm khaye jaati haeKhule saroun pah aseeri ki qaak aati hae

Salam us pah joh zehmat kashe salasil haeMuseebatoun mein imaamat ki pehli manzil hae

Salam bhejtey hain apni shahzadi parKe jisko soump gaye marte waqt ghar S...arwar

Musafirat ne jise bebasi yeh dikhlaayiNisaar kar diye bachhe na bach saka bhayi

Aseer hoke jise shaamiyoun ke narghe meinHussainiyat hae sikhana Ali ke lehje mein

Sakina bibi tumhare ghulam haazir hainBujhe joh pyaas toh ashkoun ke jaam haazir hain

Pahaad raat badi der hae saverey meinKahan ho shaame ghareeban ke ghup andheray mein

Zameene garm yateemi ki saqtiyaan bibiWoh seena jis pah ke so-ti thi ab kahan bibi

Yeh sin yeh hashr yeh sadmay naye naye bibiKahan pa baithi ho qaime toh jal gaye bibi

Janab maadarey besheer ko bhi sab ka salaamAjeeb waqt hae kya dein tassaliyoun ka payaam

Abhi kaleje mein ek aag si lagi hogiAbhi toh goadh ki garmi na kam huvi hogi

Na is tarah koi kheti hari bhari ujdeyTumhari maang bhi ujdi hae goadh bhi ujdi

Nahin andheray mein kuch soojhta kahaan dhoondeinTumhara chand kahan chup gaya kahan dhoondein

Nahin layeenoun mein insaan koyi Quda hafizDarinde aur yeh bewaarisi Quda hafiz

Salam turn pah shaheedon ke bekafan laashoSalam turn pah rasool-o-Batool ke pyaaro

Bachein toh aglay baras hum hain aur yeh gham phir haeJo chal basein toh yeh apna salaame aaqir hae

Salam e Akhir written By Aal’e Raza Marhoom.

Our Pain Is As Fresh As Blood On Our Backs .. Ya Hussain Alvida

Rest In Peace -Pramod Guruji

This morning Iike every morning I went through the obituary of Times of India and realised my good friend art director Pramod Guruji had left this world .
On 18th February 2008
Pramod Guruji died.
A brilliant , creative and a very human personality.
A premature death...
I met him and his brother Vinod at famous Studios when I worked as a free lance model co-ordinator for a Raymonds ad being shot by Chippy , Nadish Naorojee , visualized by Frank Simoes Advtg when Frank was alive and Urshilla Kerkar was handling the visualization of the same.
This was my first brush with advertising..
Pramod helped me and without him I dont think I could have never succeeded in this new found profession, that was short lived anyway.
I met Pramod off and on, and he was always there to help you in any difficult situation related to films.
I offer his wife Dinaz my sincere condolence and hope God gives her and his family and Vinod Guruji the strength to bear this irreparable loss..
People like Pramod traverse the Universe once in a life time.
May his soul rest in Peace.

Was My Freedom Struggle In Vain.. Scams Corruption and Pain..

Musafir Hoon Yaaron Na Ghar Hai Na Tikhana Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai Bas Chalte Jaana

"Freedom lies in being bald"..apologies to robert frost

the flesh
the sou
a moment

Nanha Munna rahi hoon, Desh ka sipahi hoon, Bolo mere sang jai hind!

Lal Bagh Chya Raja

65 Independence Day..Is Also India Against Corruption Day

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for your childs
birth certificate
for your relatives
death certificate
for your flats
stamp duty
for your shop
license for
 a new
for almost
under the table
you have to pay
touch sahibs hand
offer his peon
a trauma you
face everyday
an elected
that promotes
scams corruption
a passion play
the common man
his hair black
overnight turns
gray be it anna
 hazare or saffron
 hero baba ramdev
 from the soul
of our motherland
wont ever go away
whatever you say
matrix of  evil is here
too stay netaji lete
hain dete nahin
bharat mata ki jai
kal 15 august
azadi ki yad
main garib bacchey
bechenge tiranga
sadkon pe
mad dhad
danga fasad
 bachaye hame
in sab se
to god almighty
this beggar poets
passionate prayer
the poor man first
lost his house
than his job
than his wife
begs from
door to door
in his underwear

Baba Ramdev Saab Wishes Me Eid Mubarak In Advance

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Before I begin I must add this picture could not have been possible without Bhavesh Rajnikant Panchmatia production executive.. I was at Famous Studios to meet Kailash Kher and Baba Ramdev was part of a musical show ..

When I finished with Kailash Kher and was on my way out I saw the press conference of Baba I took permission from Bhavesh to shoot it..

As soon as the press conference got over Baba Ramdev Saab spotted me instantly I am Xmas Tree on Diwali day thanks to my sartorial serendipity.
He asked me in Hindi .. Bhai Ap kidar ke Bawa ho.
I told him Dilon ke Bawa .. And I also told him I was a Dam Madar Malang who promotes Hope Hindutva as a Message of Peace and Humanity before I could say anything further he pulled me and hugged me..
So this my tryst with an icon of India Against Corruption and yoga.

My shop help who was holding my camera instantly shot the picture..

Baba Ramdev Could Give Bollywood a Run For The Money

i will renounce life and become a fakir too.. when my time comes

Seth Agar Mandi Garam Karni Hoti Toh Ghar Ka Chula Kya Kharab Hai

"Pagar badao... pandrasau rupiye me ghar nahin chalta, saala imaan kya chalega?"

I told this to my new Boss He gave me the Sack.. full of Money I Quit

street photography is mind over matter humility on a platter ..

Sethji Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthaa ta- the beggar poet

She is Learning the Tricks of the Trade

to her aid
we capture
moments before
they can fade
through bandra
we paddle
we wade
a camera in
hand inner
god made
we shoot
we capture
we raid
our surroundings
garbage invade
we shoot
a spade
as a spade
grand daughter
self made
his humility
as moments

nerjis asif shakir 1 year old street photographer canon eos 60 d user

My World of Illusions

Me Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 1 Year Old Canon 60D

Two Street Photographers of Bandra ..Canon 60 D Users

"Freedom lies in being bald"..apologies to robert frost

the fucked flag children of mumbai..

pathar ke sanam tujhe hamne mohabat ka khuda jana

Patthar Ke Sanam
Tujhe Humne, Mohabbat Ka, Khuda Jaana
Badhi Bhool Hui, Arey Humne,
Yeh Kya Samjha, Yeh Kya Jaana.
Pathar Ke Sanam

Chera Tera, Dil Mein Liye,
Chalte Rahe Angaaron Pe, Tu Ho Kahin,
Tu Ho Kahin, Sajde Kiye, Humne Tere Rukhsaron Ke,
Humsa Na Ho Oo.
Koi Deewana,
Patthar Ke Sanam, Tujhe Humne, Mohabbat Ka, Khuda Jaana,
Patthar Ke Sanam.

Socha Tha Yeh, Badh Jayengi,
Tanhaiyaan Jab Raaton Ki,Rasta Hamein,
Rasta Hamein, Dikhlayengi, Sham-E-Wafa Un Haathon Ki,
Thokar Lagee Ee.
Tab Pehchaana,
Patthar Ke Sanam, Tujhe Humne, Mohabbat Ka, Khuda Jaana,
Patthar Ke Sanam.

Aaey Kaash Ke, Hoti Khabar,
Toone Kise Thukraya Hai,Sheesha Nahin,
Sheesha Nahin, Sagar Nahin, Mandir Sa Ik Dil Dhaya Hai,
Dha Aasmaa Aa N,
Hain Veerana,

Pathar Ke Sanam,
Tujhe Humne, Mohabbat Ka, Khuda Jaana,
Badhi Bhool Hui, Arey Humne,
Yeh Kya Samjha, Yeh Kya Jaana,
Pathar Ke Sanam.


chalte chalte the beggar and the memsaab

Bhai Bhai Tiger ,,,

Ek Tha Rasta Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Bhai Bollywood Ka Ek Hi Tiger

Being Tiger .. Is Being Salman Khan

The Last Stand of the Dam Madar Malang

sala main to sahab ban gaya