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Ala Re Ala Govinda Ala

Ala Re Ala Govinda Ala, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. mach gaye shor nagri mein
ala re ala govinda ala

ek don teen char
jatkar saheb che pore hoshiyar

govinda re gopala
bol bajrang bali ki jai

Today is the most vibrant moment where Maharashtrians , will keep the Swine Flu on the back burner and participate in the Dahi Handi festival..

I missed it two years back as I was in Bangalore , but I have shot it year after year.

Last year I was the only guy from Bandra to have shot the world record breaking dai handi at Thane ..and met my dear friend Purvesh Sarnaik his dad Pratap Sarnaik had organised the event and two teams won it I am told , but I shot the Talwadi Mandal

This festival and the Ganesha Immersion , I try not to miss..

And Mr BW Jatkar had once come along to shoot this with me many years back..I shall certainly miss him and my new set is dedicated to him, his memories and his friendship that I cherished..

Krishna Janmashtami …

Drunken Streets of Despair

Drunken Streets of Despair, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,307 items / 528,781 views

she drinks gets drunk
to forget her inborn pain
her husband who also drank
died of a tumor of the brain
she sleeps drunk on the street
she will be there even when it rains
sorrow and despair her both
feet bound in chains
at the end of the day
only her degradation
into the gutters of life
drains ..she has a new born
child too
this is what hurts and remains
as seen through misty
camera eyed window pane

Life is an Optical Illusion

Life is an Optical Illusion, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 87,198 items / 528,246 views

life is an optical illusion
clouds as reflectors
light from a single sun
a picture within a picture
within a picture
of my souls exertion
on a landscape of pain
a mindless excursion
the rise and fall
of the beast within me
blogs as dreams
night after night
i churn
a complexity of confusion
my inherited delusion
so much remains
on an unpainted
canvas of my mind