Friday, August 2, 2013

Ganesha Calls Me To Parel And Lalbagh,,,,

After a very long time , I met Mr Vijay Khatu my friend , he was not well , lying at his workshop at Parel..this is one of the largest Ganesha workshops I think, I shot extensively , and than moved towards Lalbagh Ganesh Gully to shoot Mr Rawles workshop, I shot both his main road workshop and the one behind the bus stop..I did not the shoot the ones at Kala Chowkie I was too drained out..

I came to Lalbagh Chya Raja Pandal met my dear friend Raju Langewal treasurer , he was surprised to see me in shorts and tshirt without my turban and ornamentation..
I shot Lalbagh streets and my favorite Goddess Gauri at Swapnil and Pritams outlets at Lalbagh..

I shot the shutters of Lalbagh Chya Raja Pandal..the festival is almost a month away...

Marziya Shakir 16 Month Old And The Malang

Marziya Shakir 23 Month Old And The Malang..

Marziya Shakir Shot Pain Without A Camera 23 Month Old - Appu My Friend

Marziya Shakir And The Malang

Zinnia Fatima My Third Grand Child 5 Month Old..

Dr Glenn Losack.. My Brother

The Beggar Poet Malang

in a world
of pain pestilence
garbage dung
where the old
pay for botox
to look young
where dreams
from fans hung
self strung
where deformity
of body soul mind
punctured lungs
where bombs
detonate where
muslims kill muslims
even during ramzan
teeth bites its own
tongue ...
a cause that bestirs
an hornets nest
far flung

rest in peace
freud adler jung

The Malang Shot By Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Marziya Shakir shot me is fine but to add depth to her shot she added the girl in the frame and my 5 year old grand daughter is a good photographer blessed by Dr Glenn Losack MD her only acknowledged photo guru , the other Guru is Viola from Denmark,, I am not considered a Guru .. only Dada or grandfather .

And I am happy that she knows her mind and follows it , Marziyas picture of Mr Shreekanth Malushtes photo outing with his students at Bhauji Lad Museum and Rani Bagh has come in a local newspaper too.. but a more poignant photographer in my family is Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 year old and waiting in the wings Zinnia Fatima my third grand daughter 22 month old..

Ours is a camera centric family barring my daughter we are strictly opinionated Canon users ..we would not take Nikon even if it was given free to us..

We used it i our hey days actually over used and got abused by their technicians ..decided no more Nikon.. Only Canon.

I Got A Call For Help From A Sikh Gentleman Yesterday

I normally dont pick up calls from unknown numbers , but this one I did , he was polite , a father in serious trouble , his daughter was seriously ill, according to him he had a woman working at his house a Bangla woman and she had left due to some reason or other , he had discovered a small black doll with a lot of pins on the head...

His daughter was suffering from severe black outs and pain in the head , he had met a lot of shamans , tantriks bawas and gone to Meera Datar too, but she is not recovering .. he thought perhaps I knew someone who would help him..

I told him not to fall for anymore bawas , all this was one way or other about making money , I told him to invoke Guru Nanakji , have faith in his belief and go to the Gurudwara instead and I told him she would be cured , because as a Muslim I too would invoke his Holy Saint to help her recover .. and he sounded a bit relieved , he said there was Ilm .. I told him yes but today it was in the wrong hands have seen a lot charlatans how they hoodwinked simple people even at Dargahs , and if these people could not change their own evil ways con people how could they ever heal others..

There are good healers but sadly they are only a few .. so he requested me to save his number and he would update me on her mental health.. so this is life..and being a grandfather with three grand kids all girls I know the pain I suffer when they fall ill..

I could refer him to Malangs but I wanted him to heal her with his own fatherly love through Guru Nanak Sab.. Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai..

I prayed for his daughter and asked my grand daughter to pray for her .. Nerjis is a healer too..

The Blind Beggar Boy Of Boran Road Bandra

A part of his life is a set on my Flickr photo stream, a very tragic story of a blind beggar boy from Murshidabad W Bengal..I hope it does not separate from the mother state a new state eponymous to beggars .. but most of the Muslim migrant beggars I have shot specially the ladies dressed in black sarees are from Murshidabad.

Well I digress the blind beggar of Boran Road Bandra , Boran Road is a road from Hill Road that connects to the backlanes of Bandra Bazar Road .

The Blind Beggar boy through local Sunni mosque sponsors has had thee unsuccessful eye operations , and after some rest came back to begging again..

I have not spotted them this Ramzan the blind beggar boy and his bearded guardian who takes care of him.

The blind beggar boy is a real fight back story, he is mostly silent , just smiles never talks and I dont even know their names , never felt the necessity to ask them.

These are famous Bandra Bazar beggars ...

I Stopped Shooting Beggars ... These Are All Old Reworked Images Thru Aviary

As I mentioned earlier I hardly take my camera out, and it is not laziness , just a passing phase of not shooting images at all...above all I hate taking my camera in the rain , holding the camera in one hand and the umbrella in the other damaged hand is not my cup of tea.. and I have shot most of the beggars in my area...the new ones who come here during ramzan are not as photogenic as the ones I have shot,..

My 2 year old grand daughter Nerjis , Marziya and even my youngest grand daughter 22 month old Zinnia Fatima all want to shoot with the camera on the tripod.. so there are these crazy sessions at home .. with the fish tank in the backdrop and me giving demonstrations to all three of them.

The fishes are fed by Nerjis Asif Shakir..

And honestly Aviary is not the best photo editing tool but it serves the purpose of poetizing my old pictures and mellowing them mono chromatically ..if that is the right word..

Poetry is a inner thing words are redundant ,,, poetry is soundless bliss words are only the stepping stones into the image.

I am not a Photoshop buff at all... honestly I like to shoot what I see , without minus or plus.

Life is a bore .. I wanted to go to shoot 21 Ramzan in Hyderabad but I was flat broke so I decided to sit back at home and shoot my grand children doing the Amal.. work in the rains is a droplet ... though it only floods the streets I mean the rains of Destiny.

I came to Mumbai Bombay when I was a year old .. with my mom and we stayed in the shanties of Kurla bakhar in 1954 .. so now living in Mumbai has become a lifetime of sorts..cant imagine living anywhere else not even Lucknow the city of my birth from where I was uprooted ..without memories save of both my dear grand mothers .. Khurshed Baji my fathers mom from Vazirgang next to Khakhan Manzil.. and Nazmi Begum my moms mother widow of Daroga Nabban Sab descendant of poet Mir Anees.

My dads Khurshed Baji mom was a widow too..a Shia lady who married a Sunni gentleman and made him a Shia too.. says a lot about her faith defiance and her path to promoting the True Faith of Ahle Bayth.

And all night there has been the 23 Ramzan Amal at home.

Muslim Beggars Are Like Fallen Leaves

god took away
the fruits ..
fallen leaves
as one dies
another one
grieves ..
love killing
for their beliefs
the followers of
the three caliphs
dont see eye to
eye with the
followers of ali
so kill punish
persecute them
tyrant judge jury
as a muslim i am
ashamed perplexed
hurt what i see
i distant myself from
hate , from all kinds
of hurtful bigotry
one mullah of a sect
has an issue with
another mullah of a sect
so suicide bomb the soul
of humanity and the muslims
of the world enjoy watching
this murder mayhem..
completely the custodians
of the holy cities ..
dont want shias others
only one god who they
consider wahabbi and salafi
allah ho akbar is a war cry
instead of peace brotherhood
if you dont agree .. with their
views obsolete diagonally

Before God Gave Me A Camera He Gave Me Eyes ...

to see
feel sensitize
shoot without
telling lies
the cardinal
truth in one
size ..make
others realize
muslim beggars
pain humanize
mother and child
sacrifice ajmer
begging unashamedly
by the street side
self respect does
not feed hunger
with each shot
my soul my god died

Muslim Beggars Keep The Covenant Of God Alive

invoking his name
every minute they
thrive ..they keep
faith they survive

Mama When Will This End ..Begging On Streets At Every Bend

we stand out
wherever we go
with our surroundings
we do not blend
the broken fence
of our life no
carpenter wants
to mend ..a
broken down
garden of
dying blooms
we must tend
our fate is
our chosen
enemy also
our friend

Jesus Wonders Why Muslims Cannot Live With Other Muslims In Peace

muslims kill more
more ...muslims
more than any
pestilence natural
disaster or disease
one calls himself
puritanical he must
kill the one who is
heretic -god he must
appease ..forgiveness
mercy humanity are
not part of his thesis
suicide bombing
holy shrines mosques
schools hospitals
killing innocent people
unborn reprieve
muslims love killing muslims
in ramzan wonders jesus
gospel truth and belief

The Kashmiri Beggars ..In Mumbai

from the vale
of kashmir
in an urban
jungle they
polluted air
barely alive
a rs 1 meal
wont suffice
begging at
the urus at
their migrant
fate a loaded
dice ..kashmiriyat
a memory what a
sacrifice ...cry
my beloved
country they
pay a price

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