Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Plight Of Bandra Bazar Municipal Conservancy Staff

Benn Bell my dear Friend

My oldest online friend 
Our freetime on
we holistically spend ..
Rules that affect 
humanity we would 
Love to Ben d 
Sometimes I wonder 
If Benn and I were 
Neighbours a thought 
I do not wish to apprehend 
He too would be dressed 
Like me a Malang shooting 
Misery cavorting with hope 
On a tapestry of life's street 
Poetry together we would 
Blend ..broken fences 
We would jointly love to 
Mend ..

Kalu My Friend The Coriander Seller

I have known Kalu for many years since the time I came to stay here at De Monte Street off Bandra Bazar Road ,

I was going to Belle Vision to collect my glasses I met him in the bazar with the last few bunches of coriander I bought them all as it was late past eight and he starts work early in the morning ,,h sells the coriander bunch for rs 20 but rich ladies will bargain wanting it for Rs 10.

I like Kalu he hardly talks to anyone , he has poor eyesight and wears the same faded frayed blue long shirt everyday ,,

In the afternoons he has his frugal lunch outside a closed shop at De Monte street than he takes a short nap on the shops parapet ,,

He has been abandoned by his son ..but he lives on his terms ,,,he goes to a Dargah on Fridays is a staunch Hindu,,

Today I took my picture with him he is the hero of this story ,,
I use my photography to bring to life stories of people like Kalu who touch me with their humility and selfless struggle I mean Kalu would die before he begged ,,
My photography would be in vain if I shot selfies if I shot other mundane uninteresting stuff ,, peoples photography is my genre and the essence of the poetry of my soul.

I would give up photography completely if it changed my inner angst and humility ,, .

The camera is my textbook.. it creates stories that you read ..please dont treat my stories only as visuals  and I tell my street stories through a mobile phone