Friday, October 10, 2014

For The Eminent Photo Journalists Of Mumbai Eid Is A Hug

editorial constrains
says the editor this
is what the public
wants hearts it must
tug.. cute children
hugging each other
on the prayer rug
good strong bear sure to get
wild open smiles
on their mugs ,

media photography is half empty half full jug
the poor photo journalist shoots with a shrug
stealing the same old emotion year after year
like an incorrigible thug.. mind minus spark plug
bandra poster boys amused by these shutterbugs
holding each other from drowning smug and snug

When Bandra Station Becomes A Zone Of Peace

as the soul of those
bowed in prayers
from the misery of
worldly woes
seeks release
only god only god
to please faces
touched by breeze
the flesh was willing
the spirit at ease
hope rises along
with those on bent
knees .the road
becomes the house
of god only brotherhood
only love only peace

a billion prayers ..on his dahleez