Thursday, December 20, 2012

i shoot a short film in a single frame

if you learn conceit through your camera give up photography

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.” ― Mahatma Gandhi, The Essential Gandhi

Beggars Too Have A Right To Live .. With Dignity

Photography Is Scrawling The Wall Of Life With Pictures

“Every impulse we strangle will only poison us.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

“I have no desires, save the desire to express myself in defiance of all the world’s muteness.” ― Vladimir Nabokov

is money the source of all evil.. gandhiji refuses to answer me

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. Robert Bresson

his life has not changed .. but he changed the lifestyle of those who conned him into voting for them

her life has not changed .. but she changed the lifestyle of those who conned her into voting for them

Appu My Friend ..Sometimes A Part Becomes Whole Too

I could manage only two shots , but I could have got out of the cab shot him , as I love shooting him , but I let this moment pass and in all humility as a Malang I can bring moments back by simply beseeching God who rarely lets me down as a photo blogger ..

So I have sets of people I shot be it Appu My Friend , Maria the Leper Lady of Boran Road, the Blind Beggar boy and the Umbrella lady of Bandra Reclamation.. but it is tough updating managing these sets and most of my pictures are street photography, I shoot all my pictures as a street photographer the sun as main light and clouds as reflectors ..

My grand daughters shoot like , perhaps later they will have their own style and form , but if we three shot a image you would not know the difference it is a blood thing..

Perhaps we see the world as Shakirs ... I dont know.

And I wanted Marziya to shoot Appu complete the cycle but there would be chaos on the streets the crowds etc so I think one day I will take Nerjis my 17 month old grand daughter to meet and bless Nerjis .. He did bless Marziya when she was a toddler ..

Appu My Best Friend .. I Spotted Him From The Moving Cab

I was returning from town with wife when I spotted but I was too tired to get out and there was a huge traffic snarl so I shouted out to him, his friend sitting next to him rushed towards me I gave Rs 100...and I gestured I will soon come and see him..

So Appu and I meet accidentally ,on the crossroads of life ,, and we have been friends for over 15 years now .. I am bad with names and numbers..

His sister is married he had told me she was a little child when I shot her at Chor Bazar and one Shabbarat at the Shia cemetery.

These are people I shoot and these are my idols ..I try to emulate their passion for life inspite of horrendous disabilities .

And bloggers are not just mere picture collecting guys , waiting to be applauded for what they shoot our images or picture blogs silently tell the story of grass that has got rotten at the other side of the fence of life.

Bloggers shoot dreams on the canvas of mans fucked seismic somnolent consciousness ..and I would rather shoot this than go to Ladakh to shoot snow covered mountains or to Africa and run after wild animals get one mug shot.

I shoot pain I am a disciple of Pain .. and for me as a Shia no greater pain than the pain of Hazrat Imam Hussain conveniently forgotten by the rest of the Muslims of this world.. we keep his message alive .. we share his covenant bleeding ourselves and scripting his pain on the sands of time..

I Can Spot A Muslim Beggar Without Seeing Them..

I Stand And Think On My Head

The Cops Are Busy Catching People Without Helmets ...

that the main criminals escape their nets
who will get caught the crooked lay bets
criminals are the only ones busy yet
minting money , raping stealing murdering
animals on two legs oversexed
what next step ahead of the cops
muscles flexed where they will strike
they dont need to text read the morning
papers DNA and Hindustan Times
neatly indexed ...hold your breath
dont unnecessarily get perplexed

Once Upon A Time I Shot This Street Side Slums As Slumbai Mumbai Now Demolished

In Mumbai It Is Hit And Run.. Nobody Is Scared Of The Cops Anymore

The Mother Fucking Cab Driver Knocked The Dhobi And Drove Away