Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Smile Of Thankfulness On Being Gifted The Nikon D3100 Marziya Shakir

Marziya Shakir in the formative years of photography shot on the Nikon D80 gifted to her by Glenn Losack her Guru as a Hanukkah present she was just two years old ,,, it was a camera that Glenn had used sparingly as he bought a high end one for himself.

Both of used the Nikon D8O for a very long time my Nikon D80 was messed up with blood from my kama matam and vermilion shooting Ganesh and Durga visarjans ,, both colored red ... faith and devotion.

Than a friend from Dubai ZH gave Marziya the D3100 this was her camera completely till my daughter walked away with it saying she needed it more than Marziya.

Than a friend a lover of photography impressed with Maziyas skills gave her the Canon EOS 60D ,, he gave me the Canon 7 D ,, I added the vertical grip for a better grip as I shoot with a permanently damaged right hand and I have blogged all my life on the internet with one finger of the damaged hand.

So both of us are irrevocably Canon users ,, we wont ever use a Nikon ,, even if someone gave it to us free ..

Of late both Marziya and I dont shoot pictures .. now we both are promoting teaching her sister Nerjis Asif Shakir.. 2 year old..how you hold the camera is how you shoot pictures ...need I say anything more ..Marziya was 3 and 1/2 year old and now she is 5 in the first standard,,

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

One thing is certain my grand daughter wont ever be bought up in the decadence of camera clubs ,,, salon competitions and degradation of photography .. the same pictures same look ... same shit , same following the old farts of renaissance ,,and fucked F stops ...I have kept my grand daughters pictorial soul free of all the fences barriers barricades ..
I was once bought up on camera club culture .. but I have moved million miles away a blogger a poet and still an amateur photographer unlearning photography from my grand kids ,,

The Malang Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Two Street Photographers And Ma Durge

5 October 2010

Pictures are born in the cosmic mind of the camera burnt by the power of the third eye embedded in the human soul and its flowing steam like consciousness .

Let me tell in the first place I got a chair and made Marziya stand on it and shoot the Durga pandals and I assure you and also challenge you that you will never know the pictures I shot or she shot..

This is the start of our journey beginning with Noutanpali Sarbojanik Durgotsav Pandal Bandra from here we went to Ram Krishna Mission Santa Cruz and finally Rani Mukerjees North Bombay Sarbojanik Durgotsav Pandl at Juhu .

And Marziya shoots with ease confidence and maturity and only one month away from her third birthday.

Neither did she complain or grumble ..and this is my new set on Ma Durga at my Flickr photostream.

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan ..Only A Few Days Away

Last year my wallet , my memory cards were stolen at Nagpada ..during the visarjan from my satchel..all the pictures i had shot of the morning arti .. everything was stolen,, i had no memory cards when i reached 2 tanki, i lodged a police complaint at nagpada but returned home sad and dejected ..i dont know about my visarjan plans this year .. but once i shot visarjan girgaum chowpatty with mr Shreekant Malushte perhaps i might do it again ..standing on the drums at the traffic signal near opera house..

doviđenja- firoze i will be back says da mir pan

Da Mir Pan From Croatia -Shoes Created By Him

Love Is God - God Lives In India Among The Poor

Da Mir Pan At Bandra Bazar Road ,, The Beggar Poets Humble Abode

Da Mir Pan And Zlatko from Croatia at Carter Road Bandra

Da Mir Pan and Zlatko were two back packers visiting Mumbai on cycles from Croatia , they were robbed of their money and belongings while coming from Goa to Mumbai ..

When they reached Bandra , they were totally directionless , and I met them accidentally , they were not being allowed in the Internet cafe because they had lost their clothes being dressed shabbily,this is the flip side of unfriendly Mumbai sometimes .

I took them home , wife made a fast meal for them , than came the issue of putting them up for the night , this was a sticky one , they wanted to stay the night over in my building compound, I know the building folks would object , so I directed them to St Peter Church Bandra , Fr Jaun allowed them to stay in the courtyard for a few days , they played music on the roads to get a ticket to reach Turkey and they would cycle to Croatia.

However the stay at the Church was not taken kindly by a few as both Croatians were dressed as Hindus , and wore saffron.. so I spoke to Al the Tattoo artist who is a great loving soul , he put them up at his Bandra pad..

And finally good Samaritans in Mumbai , well wishers lovers of music , helped them get a flight ticket to Turkey, they tried to meet me the day they left but I was out on an assignment ,, and so they entered our lives and today I am connected to Da Mir Pan on Facebook..

Yes this world is very small..and my grand daughter Marziya Shakir who was 3 at that time bonded with them.. shot them.. fed them from her school tiffin,, so caste color creed mean nothing .. if you are not human , humble hospitable than you lose out on the greater essence of humanity.

I dont know if Dam Mir Pan will visit India again but I am sure if he does , he will certainly visit my humble house ,, Devo Atithi Bhava .. God Is Guest.

Da Mir Pan Zlatko and The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Zlatko Da Mir Pan And Me

Round The World On A Cycle Da Mir Pan From Croatia And The Malang