Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 30 Wedding Anniversary Coach Surendra Pawar

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Mumbai Is The 9 Cleanest City But That Does Not Include Bandra Bazar Road

This Man Is A Hindu but gets his Strength from Jesus Christ .

This is his street stall at Bandra Bazar Road and he sells fruits ..his clientele are most of the old time Christian ladies they bargain haggle but buy from him he will politely offer a slice of the musk melon and that touches them ..
As I was once his neighbor I lived for one month in a house opposite his stall ..in a winding backlane the building was inappropriately called White House it had the biggest bandicoots moving about freely ..he gives me fruits without bargaining he gives me for much less and the other reason for his kindness is that he is fond of both Marziya and Nerjis .
So let it be known that Jesus belongs to almost everyone in Bandra ..even those who buy fruits from him are blessed by the Lord .
So there are lots of crosses in Bandra and every cross has a precious story to tell..
The Cross is not about religion it is about faith hope humility and humanity ...and the Cross reflects the glory of the poor..The Cross is the essence of Bandra living in mutual co existence ..and in Bandra tolerance is very much alive a Mosque comfortably within the sounds of a Sunday hymns from the neighboring St Joseph's Chapel.
And when I said I want to live and die in Bandra I truly meant I don't want to die in Babri or Dadri no not even in Delhi .. I want to die where God lives on a Cross in Bandra ..

My 7 km Walk Today..God gives me pictures on a platter

I have just reached home and I saw this mentally challenged beggar on a cart being driven by another beggar ,, I gave them some money and shot a few frames ,,the cart pusher was in a hurry but the mentally challenged beggar told him to let me shoot him through gestures and sign language ,
Now there is a cosmic story of retrieval here ..I saw them yesterday but I was in the bus ..I have never shot them before but I forced my inner consciousness with a vow that I will shoot them come what may .. and I was carrying some shopping bags when I spotted them at the bazar.. I placed the bags on a shop counter and began shooting them on my mobile phone ,
There are many instances I get a second chance always to shoot a moment that I liked and it eluded me.
Photography is nothing short of mysticism.. and if you have the power of the third eye of Shiva in your lens eye you can perform miracles so to speak... metaphorically ,
Well my back story ..I went to play tennis at 7.30 am did not shoot the garbage and today was my tennis coach Mr Surendra Pawar s 30 wedding anniversary ,, shot pictures video.. and after my tennis session walked out from Bandra Reclamation to Turner Road and finally Carter Road .. had a sprout soup.. at Nitins mobile herbal juice stall.. met my dear friend Mr Jagan Chawla he is recuperating from an ailment ,, and continued my walk chatting with my friend Minaz Khan I shot pictures too and a video of a lonely guitarist ,,
After reaching the open air toilet end of Carter Road I walked back till the Otters end Minaz and I parted I walked towards Chimbai corner St Dominic road and entered Waroda road via Nagrana lane .
I had completed 7 km in two hours ,,,

Jesus Lights Up Bandra Bazaar Road

Bandra s quintessential beauty is the gift of the East Indians ..they kept the Asmita and Mahima his glory his munificene alive building Crosses thanking the Lord for his Mercy .
And by constructing crosses they reminded others that Jesus was there at every corner in every gaothan of Bandra there were many fishing villages in Bandra but I limit my story of crosses to the Bandra Bazra even in its old quaint narrow bylanes there are crosses .
And ever since I became a photographer I began shooting documenting the crosses made my grandchildren shoot them too and made them aware of Jesus .
The two crosses at Bandra speak of Jesus who is one with everyone not just monopolized only by the Christians ..a Hindu fruit seller sits next to the cross and he tells me the Cross has bought him good luck ..he has never had a bad day ..and because of his sincerity of thought I buy fruits from him .
Than there is another Marathi vegetable seller she too sits next to a cross and guards him ...she hardly talks to anyone once I was shooting her picture she was about to blow a fuse I told her I was shooting Jesus. .she smiled and said in Marathi tu changla Manas ahey means you are a good man despite the fact I don't buy vegetables from her ..
There is another Cross and the lady a Gomes takes care of it she cleans the cross and it reminds me of a mother washing her little child ..such motherly care but she is very shy .
There is a cross at Boran Road that late Daniel took care of it they have Novenas there I call it Daniels Cross opposite the Sunni Madrsa.
There is a Cross that is threatened for demolition by the BMC but it stands with hope ...and was once known for the open gutters overflowing it's base ...a Muslim family kept paying people to clean the gutter as the Cross has bought them a lot of luck .
So every cross has a story and I am just telling you a few of them ..The cross that I was close to was my first house at Bandra 21 De Monte street I shot it prolifically ..this cross has a lot of Hindus paying respect to it and a Muslim beggar always stood besides Jesus and begged .
There is another lady who comes here talks to Jesus empties out her heart and I watch from a distance ..and Jesus patiently listening to her silently advising her with love and direction .
I am not a words man I speak through pictures but here I made an effort to tell you a story ..and stories have to be told as stories are the essence of our childhood ..stories that we heard as kids from our grandparents etched deep on our souls ..and it is these short stories of Bandra where I live that I made both Marziya and Nerjis shoot so they too will have stories to tell their children and grandchildren .
Happy Morning From Bandra where Jesus truly lives .

Happy Morning Make In India Garbage Dump At Bandra Bazar Road

I decided not to shoot a video today ,, I was not poetically inspired so to speak.. the dog belongs to one of the scavengers who feeds him bones meat etc from the dump...

From here I cut through the old beef market via the path leading out from the Bandra Sunni mosque to the MET Tennis courts ,, the sad part is that the Municipality has taken over the open grounds and the tennis courts and as there is no security both the places are in a bad mess somebody broke the tennis pole ..earlier there was the MET security and I can tell you that the Municipality is incapable of running the parks and public gardens ,, they only need places where they can make money and I wish somebody proves me wrong ..

The Municipality needs to be discarded and some new corporate entity should take over our citys civic problems management .. people that are responsible and accountable ,,
The Municipality has done nothing to enhance Modijis Swach Bharat project .. our garbage spilling all over is a eye sore .. and I hope after the inauguration of the Bandra Art Gallery our dynamic PM Modiji should have visited Bandra Bazar Road .. and I am sure the Sanghis would have whitewashed this place and made it spick and span..

Well after the tennis session I walked from MET grounds to Bandstand via Good Luck a free cup of black tea from the owner Hamza bhai.. and I shoot pictures while I walk I paid my salaams to Amitji s picture on the Deewar at Bandra on the way to Bandstand and skipped Carter Road .. returned via Waroda road Bazar road and back passing this dump .. to my house ..