Saturday, May 30, 2009

HIJDA EUNUCH BLOG 300000 Views in 11 Months

I began my Hijda Eunuch Blogs at Word Press in June 2008..and today I complete 300,757 views in 11 months..This is my tribute to the Hijras, transgender , eunuchs and to the cross dressers of India including the Gay.

I have a domain name

The Cat Girl

the cat girl
near my shop
stood a while
my pedestrian soul
she gave me a smile
born muslim
in a society
where the climate
is hostile
the girl child a burden
no back up file
get her married early
a thought worthwhile
not the system
but a child's future
endlessly on trial
for Help
it is only Allah to dial
or spend the rest of her life
on a trash pile
path littered with pain
every square mile
it is womanhood
that a male dominated
loves to revile

to my dearest friend Fred Miller
who can change his form but not his style