Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MAY 7th the LOSACK sibs all born on the same day

MAY &th all born on the same day

My brother, sister and I are all born on the same day May 7th.
different years.
the chances of this happening is over 50 million to one
thank god im getting younger

My Best Friend Dr Glenn Losack MD

born on may
along with
his brother
same day
in a mystic way
a great human
a great photographer
furious physician
who comes
to india on
shooting beggars
lepers shias cutting
ther heads scourging
their backs on ashura day
his pictures evoke pain
invoke the almighty
is all i can say
at my house
with my grand kids
he loves to play

sister i dare not wake you from your sleep

a job we have
to do as darkness
creeps .. i know
you are hungry
drugged to sleep
our pain only
skin deep
what we sow
others reap
our parents
controlled by
the beggar mafia
our worth
dirt cheap
what we earn
every coin
single cent
they keep