Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting The Red Carpet Ready For The Next New Minister

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raja ne baja diya baja

the corrupt
will never be tried
as the system is
corrupt itself
in all its manifold
within the soul
of governance dwells
heaven for the corrupt
for the poor grovelling
in the shanties
a living hell
2 G Spectrum
Adarsh 1 or 2
some more scams
time will unearth and tell
the cat no cat will bell
for a few silver dollars
the country you
buy and sell
mother india
cries undraped
face smeared
the sounds
of an early
death knell

to a poet from a poet

this was inspired by a youthful poet in time.. to him the soul of my poem in rhyme

This Dog Has More Spirtuality Than Man

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born to bark bite
growl he manages
his canine temper
he is more saner
than man
he belongs
to all religion
but by some religion
he is considered
more dirtier
than man
the only divide
in the world of dog
the stray and the pedigree
was created by a racist man
one lives royally
in salman khans house
the other searches for
leftover from a garbage can
the only salvation for the dog
he is not part of the original
sin of man

He Works Hard Does Not Complain

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every two weeks
an arduous journey
he charts
he goes to ahmednagar
to buy desi eggs desi murgis
brings them by bus
sells the at the corner of
de monte street on a cart
his mornings thus he starts
listening to old
film songs
that break your heart
he sells at a fair price
at this street side mart
he works he does not complain
though his life
is falling apart
this is the muslim man
living in mumbai
peacefully a cog
in the wheel of humanity
a vital part
he will be remembered
by all his hindu friends
when the time comes
for him to depart
a picture into
the soul of reality
street art

Will Their Lives Ever Change

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seeking a better future
for their kids in fair exchange
the grass root ethos
of maharashtra
in numbai way out of range
promises are made to them
during election time
by all parties but
their life has yet
to change
sincere honest
truth can be bizarre
very strange
jai maharashtra
hope unchanged
pain pathos poetry
burden of living
finally like logs
on the pyre

This One Is Truth From the Soul of My Camera

The Unsung Hero Of Our Life .. For All Time Mumbai Postman

The Hijab In Deep Thought

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a global conspiracy
a devious plot
to get rid of the hijab
comes to naught
an unwanted attack
a racist ploy a blot
for what on a muslim
womens garment
her freedom of sartorial
expression her lot
her spirituality
her religiosity
her ideology
through a snap shot
i caught as an
may the detractors
of the hijab
see reason
live and let live
the hijab
in deep thought
a frenchmans
the soul of humanity
holistically healing
a power he forgot

The Only Thing Imam Hussain Never Got Before The Slaughter

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ironical it may seem
on the soul of islam
a silent scream
no it was karbala
a sacrificial lamb
not a dream
he gave his head
but not his hand
to the yazidi regime
not wanting
to see muslims killing
muslims he wanted
to come to hindustan
a land of
ram and rahim
where humility
was a code
of honor supreme
nothing in the extreme
your heritage
is part of your bloodstream
from the chains
of slavery
it was hussain
the soul of islam
raised the message
of his holy grand father
to the highest esteem