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Bandra Bazar Is Famous In The World Tourist Attraction Of Mumbai

Bandra Bazar Is Famous In The World Tourist Attraction Of Mumbai

Bandra Bazar Is Famous In The World Tourist Attraction Of Mumbai

My Mate Bass Dickson Says Namaste To All Of You

Bass Dickson From Australia ...Shooting the Beggar Poet And His World

The Beggar Poet His World Shot By Bass Dickson From Australia

The Beggar Poet His World Shot By Bass Dickson From Australia

Bass Dickson Sees The World Through My Cosmic Eye

the mothers
as piece of shit
he gives birth
his first cry
the child
of the lord
of the flies
he lives
he grovels
he soon dies
the poor
the unfortunate
of paradise
72 nubile
were not
for him
for those who
kill humanity
their winning prize
the unborn child
an accidental
reluctant 'sacrifice

my world my surroundings my backyard go down under ,,

i wonder i surrender
i shoot the creations
of androgynous god
i shoot the third gende

The Barefeet Beggar Poet and his World of Pain

the soul
of humanity
profit or gain
a bareefeet
a shia hindu
dam madar
a follower
of ali
a lover
of hussain
with life
its anomalies
has no complain
life a river that
flows through
a drain
life a bad
as images
of a menopausal
a broken
window pane
the manacles
feet caught
in cosmic chain
on a parched
a drop of rain

ya hussain
ya hussain
ya hussain

He Shoots Me I Shoot Him.. Bass Dickinson

He Shoots Me I Shoot Him.. Bass Dickinson

Bass Dickinson Shoots The Beggar Poet While Jesus Watches

My feet were burning I was literally hopping so to speak but I had to show Bass my street world my surroundings my proximity to Jesus .. and than later I took a rickhsha and Bass shot the Turner Road Traffic signal where the beggars hijras hung out, they were missing ..

Bass Tastes The Humility of a Beggar Poets Home

The Man Who Came In From The Cold - Glenn Losack My Guru

man i miss
you like hell
i hope all is well
we shoot pictures
that dont sell
dirty bodies
dirty smell
we shoot
the streets
where they
shit pee
by society
they dont
wont tell
their poetry
of life
their death

Bass Dickinson Meets The Beggar Poet at Home

Bass Interviews Me For An Australian News Network Show

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I got a message a day after I had shot the Marriamman Feast the rod piercings ..

Hi Firoze
My name is Bass Dickson, Im an independent documentary film maker from Australia working for a news network from Australia. Im here in Mumbai for three weeks, capturing your amazing city. I am amazed by your work,it is stunning - truly!!! and am contacting you in regards to asking for a possible interview with you for an Australian news network about your work. Is there a mobile number I can reach you on if you are interested??? I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

So I called Bass over to my house , and had a great opportunity to talk to him about my street photography beggars hijras, he missed my 4 year old street photographer grand daughter Marziya Shakir.

Before we did the Interview Bass had lunch with me wife had made steaming hot spicy fried Promfrets , hand made chapattis dal and rice ..

Bass finished the entire fish he just loved it , the dal and rice he enjoyed , we talked on camera at home than I took him out on the streets of Bandra Bazar I was barefeet .so we jumped a ricksha too Turner Road to catch up with the beggar hijras but the were missing he shot extensively and than we met the contorted dwarf beggar , I sat on the kerb whil Bass shot us both... he is busy with the IPL so he had to catch a train to Pune .

Australians are great people hospitable kind understanding, Bass was a great ambassador of Peace..he said it hurt him too when racist attacks took place on Indian students down under but he was hopeful all this will change and I am hopeful too .. what has color of our skin got to do with our being Human..

But we have to be human first to live as one in this peacpul global village that has bought us closer through Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest and above all Flickr .. it was my hijra pictures that ade him search for me and tell my story to his people ..

And I feel sad that now none can see my hijra pictures poetry and blogs because of one woman called Nirma on Flickr who stole my hijra pictures and as yet has not removed them from her photostream., nor is she apologetic about her thievery and her brashness defiance beats me ..

You want my pictures message me and I would do the needful humanly why steal when you can ask..

So Thank you Bass for adding your Australian goodness to my house added a new luster to our friendship.

Our pictures were shot on the Canon EOS 7D by my wife..Mrs Photographerno1

This Ends The Long Marriamman Feast Series Juhu Nehru Nagar2012

This Ends The Long Marriamman Feast Series Juhu Nehru Nagar2012

it has taken me nine days to upload and post this lot shot on one day

Rod Removal From The Cheeks By Bhima My Friend

on google+ sometimes they love kicking my butt

luckily i shoot my own pictures i dont post shit on google+ nor do i post adverse comments on your pictures but some folks on google+ love kicking my multi colored butt ...luckily i dont feel like a blogger slut..but at times your vicious comments hurt

Rod Removal From The Cheeks By Bhima My Friend

My last and final segment of rod removal at the Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

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