Friday, March 6, 2015

The Kebab Seller Will Be Hit Hard By The Beef Ban

Most of the non vegetarian food stalls selling paya ,kheema ,khichda  use beef as the main ingredient .. even the poor mans biryani is made of beef.

And now with the beef man these stall owners small restaurants  at Bhendi Bazar and other Muslim areas like Madanpura etc will be badly hit.

Even the Khichda sellers at Bohri Mohalla and street corners at Crawford Market Minara Masjid too will have problems as their business will be badly hit ,

And this ban will give rise to corruption give power in the hands of crooked cops food officials ,, I mean 5 years jail and Rs 10000 fine ,,

And instead of bringing in stringent laws for rape sexual violence on kids going after the Muslim butchers is really in bad taste.

The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao Facing A Grim Future

This was shot a year back and my grand daughter was 2 year old , she shot the ear cleaner but she was more interested in feeding the pigeons ,, and now as the Bandra Talao is going to be renovated what happens to the ear cleaners and the pigeons.

According to Mohomed Kassam ear cleaner he has been cleaning ears here since 40 years and he says the Municipal officials have asked him to go go back to his hometown..and he is not alone there are three more ear cleaners and this is the only profession they know .

And why is it that progress and development is hitting the underbelly of the Muslim poor ,, surprises me this morning I saw the butcher helpers looking at a life without hope after the Beef Ban.

And today the busy beef market looked like a morgue .. no activity no beef.and I dont know what the future holds for them.

But the butchers are a huge well organized body , with maximum political patronage and support but what about these poor Muslim ear cleaners ,, cleaning ears for Rs 20 ..

This is their last stand and I shot this video last evening.

ear cleaners 

Dam Madar Malang And The Rafees At Dongri .

The Rafaee in pink kurta is the new Murshad of the Chancawalli Rafaees Mashukh AliBaba .. son of Late Sikandar Wali Baba .. the person who introduced me to the World of Rafaees or known as Rifai Silsila.

The old rafaees I knew Hassan Ganda , Farukh, Faiyaz Ali have all moved to fresh pastures become heads of their own orders or joined other rafaee orders .

I have been documenting the Rifais for over 15 years or more ,,and they are like the fakirs of yore .

They have patrons donors who help them and invite them to the various Urus in Mumbai and the perform the body piercing acts known as Zarb.


The Poor Man Will Miss His Beef Paya

This morning there was total silence at the Beef Market of Bandra Bazar Road .. and this image is an old one shot in June 2014 .

I mean now you wont see these images and what happens at Bakra Eid , the poor Muslims who could not afford a goat or a lamb pooled in money to buy a bull and made their sacrificial offerings .

The Muslim bhatiarkhanas , the caterers who took up poor wedding orders for Bade Ki Biryani , will feel the pinch and pain.

I dont eat beef but it does not mean I should be upset if others eat beef , my Christian friends eat pork and it does not matter to me and some of my friends are pure vegetarians but when the visit our homes we make soya bean biryani for them or with jack fruit that appears as mutton ..

I was speaking to a few beef butchers this morning they were all upset with this ban.. today it is beef tomorrow it will be the skullcap our hijab and the azan they will ban that is what the butchers were telling me ,

For them it is hitting them below their belt most of them will be rendered unemployed jobless .. like the ban on bardancers ,, but this ban has a political overtone by a Hindu RSS color to a ban that affects all Muslims Dalits Christians and poor tribals too.

Beef Banned In Maharashtra ..5 Years Jail Rs 10000 Fine

Beef Ban