Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Love You She Said

in his
red hot
she was
only a one
night stand
in his horny
head she
was the
of flesh
on his bed
they could
not would
not be wed
on the
they had
just met
did their
love survive
yes it did
as a picture
on the internet
as she held him
tenderly delicately
her body went wet
he had her eagle
spread in his net

If Walls Could Speak

pain in silence
so to speak
not in english
hindi sanskrit
hebrew or greek
the mighty carried
on the shoulders
of the weak ,,
as time plunders
each time he
sneaks only
a coward offers
the other cheek
walls of doom
deleted walls
created by
dwarfs and freaks
as they fall crumble
before they peak

Some Walls Stand Up Without Bricks Or Cement Concrete

some walls
refuse to fall
at anyones
feet a wall
of hope
a wall of
from a
be praised
an echo
of resurgence
on the street
a single call
for the poor
the mighty
the elite
to shoulder
a single
fleet in
dust and heat

. 'the sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of awall'- louis kahn.

dedicated to my friend alex

Tender & endangered Cow/Horse of Dimness
hands that voluntarily move and sketch
hope goodwill good friends they fetch
perspective prolonged outstretched
within lines curves blur a thought
he etched ..poets who paint
with light ...home wretched
thoughts that move
rants that retch...

she fell ... and she went on falling - effects of drug abuse

The Smile Of Humility

the press lady of moti katla ,,,

Ajmer Sharif

The Sufi Monk

Jawani Dhal Jati Hai Budapa Chad Jata Hai ,,,Khuda Se Milne Ka Waqt Kareeb Ata Hai

The Humble Soul Syed Masoom Ali Baba Madari Asqan

Dam Madar Malangs At Ajmer

Apko Ajmer Ana Naseeb Ho..

Hum ghareebon ke aaqa pe behad Durood Hum faqeeron ke sarwat peh lakho salaam

Jis ki tasqee se rote huwe has pare
Us Tabassum ki aadat peh lakho salaam

blind muslim beggars at ajmer

for shoes slipper
sandals feet
that cry ..
to keep them
happy owners
blind beggars
seeking hope
socketless eyes
one mans poison
another man dies
ajmer city of hope
a paradise ..ask
he wont deny
the saint of
the poor a
lord in disguise
khwajah garib
nawaz ..a boat
for those who
are capsized
food for poor
destitute needy
through your
prayers wishes
he supplies

Indian Railways Ajmer And The Urus Of Khawajah Garib Nawaz

You Travel Indian Railways At Your Own Risk..

Am I Really Safe ,,,, Mother

am i really safe
its your love
i need i crave
promise me
you will send
me cooked food
from home not
the midday meal
at school totally
poisonous unsafe
i promise to behave
mother i had a dream
watching you from
a silent unmarked
grave ..lying among
young warriors brave

Vo aaye hamare ghar , khuda ki kudrat hai...... kabhi hum unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekhte hain.

Welcome To Ajmer ...Hospitality Comfort Courtesy Indian Railways - Urus Khwajah Garib Nawaz

Ajmer Where God Lives On The Streets Outside The Railway Station With The Poor Pilgrims Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz

Ajmer Station During The Urus Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz

How Safe Are We As Poor Pilgrims Of India

Outside Ajmer station where I shot this on arrival from Mumbai , drug addicts drunkards were moving freely , waiting for the naive traveler ,, and are we safe ? I dont know , poor people are not even entertained by the cops . driven away mostly so outside is as bad when you enter a crowded train hounded by eunuchs ready to do bodily harm ,rogue TTs or rogue railway cops waiting to fleece the passenger at any given excuse I have seen much during my travels ,, I know the voice of the poor is never heard at all.

At times I too have been a victim because the TT thought I was a beggar , but than on seeing my Press Card moved away..simply because I travel barefeet ..I am not a social activist but a lot has to be done to make train travel safe from rowdies hooligans rogue elements who travel to make a fast buck on these pilgrim routes.

Ajmer Station During Urus Of Khwajah Garib Nawaz..

Indian Railways Has No Time Or Facility For The Poor People Of India

And even though they are aware about the pilgrms coming to Ajmer for the Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz which is held every year , the situation of the pilgrims , has not changed much , they were destined to suffer as the poor in India are treated worse than scums by a insensitive proper toilet facility, no proper food , prone to food poisoning sickness disease..there are agencies doing their best here , but it is not enough as Ajmer Sharif Urus is the greatest pilgrimage movement in India.

And the pilgrim deserves basic safety basic comfort ...I have been coming here since 2005 , and nothing much has changed for the poor pilgrim..spiritual tourism is as important to the economy as well as overall prestige of our country.. with Hon Minster Mr Chiraneevi at the helm I am hopeful of things changing for the better ...

For Indian Railways Being Human Is A Million Light Years Away

Whether Ajmer Urus or Maha Kumbh the plight of pilgrims at the Station , or outside the station is a painful sight ..I did not shoot Dehradun Station so I cant say much about it during the Uttarkhand disaster ..

Indian Railways .. big bucks .. but all in all service sucks our bad luck..we are stuck..

I Am Considered A Beggar Too

at the maha kumbh
i begged on the banks
with my naga guru
a few coins leftovers
from the hands
of the hindus
at ajmer i begged
with the rafaees
the public gave
me alms they
thought i was
a beggar too
at vijapur
a young boy
bought me
gave me a Rs 5
coin shining new
a cup of tea
as added brew
i touched his head
blessed him
for his humanity
told him thank you
as hope in my beggars
bowl.. it tuned into
the only gift of
great value
essence of
life ..i share
with you