Friday, February 11, 2011

All Roads Lead To Mahim On Wednesdays

I Am Only On Flickr and Twitter ...At Other Places I Have Phased Out

Freedom Is A Friday On Tahrir Square

Caught In a Leopards Lair

Superman V/s Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

The Rings Are My Signature Collection

The Original Mucchad Panwala of Bandra Hill Road

I Got Sick And Tired Of Her Calls

My Bejeweled Hand Gets An Upgrade

In Memory of Fr Tort SJ

Fr Tort a loving Jesuit from Spain settled in Mumbai and part of the clergy of St Peter Church Bandra died suddenly , I could not make it to the funeral so I shot these pictures the following day.

May His Soul Rest In Peace .

Hussain Is Humanity

Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

I Shall climb the Haji Malang Mountains barefeet .. provided he calls me

Now You Know Why I Dont Shoot The Kala Ghoda Festival

Time Tried But Could Not Stone Him To Death

As He Watches His Unfulfilled Dreams Moving Away

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he had loved
he lost it all
now on the streets
with broken balls
a moving specter
he recalls
she threw
him out on
the streets
a house of
weeping walls
a silence
in a deathly pall

Do Dilon Ki Dastan

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lipti hui ag
jalta hua daman
unke hont
muh main
dabaye hue pan
do jism ek jan
guru parampara
ki asli pehchan
hijda bhi
khuda ka
banaya hua
ke phool
ek baghban
kuch lamhe
zinda rehne
ka haq
upar wale
ki shan
yeh hai unki
aur unka

haji malang
baba ka bulawa
khudai elaan
khuda ki jannat
meri mannat
zindagi aur maut
sirf hindustan

to laxmi narayan tripathi my hijra guru

If You Teach Your Child Photography He Might Save The World

He Shoots Me So I Shoot Him

The Only Friend I Have In Bandra

Street Photography Is An Art Form Too

The Common Man His Wife And His Only Child

Painting With a Camera Man as Another Brick In The Wall

The Only Thing That Grows Rapidly In A Garden of Politics is Corruption And Scams

Mahatma Gandhi Has Turned His Back On A Corrupt Nation

Hijra Beauty In A Hijra Veil

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neither man
nor woman
neither male
nor female
born frrom
a tear drop
of hope
to regale
on a bed
of thorns
my soul impaled
hijra beauty in a hijra veil
on the soul of a mans libido
i prevail a prisoner languishing
in my jail i blackmail
holding him by his shirt tail
walls of freedom he cant scale
embedded under my thumbnail
his cries his fears his wanton wail
a parallel line now derailed

The Hijra Made What God Could Not Make

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cursed as a man
restless feminine
his honor he could
not forsake
his ancestry
his namesake
hijra grew tits
on a barren branch
that could never break
the hijra became a woman
for fuck sake keeping
humanity all awake
no menstrual
no pregnancy
no headache
neither man
nor woman
a thirst to slake
an original
but also a fake
neither this
neither that
so much at stake
the hijra passion
molten lave
an earthquake
a creation
within a creation
make no mistake
the hijra serpentine
bitter sweet
poison unlike a snake
causing havoc
a million
lucid fluid
also opaque
testicular fortitude
turned into tragedy
a castrated
a jailbreak
cleopatra like
a keepsake
smiling at god
in sheer
for the golden

dedicated to the hijra goddess laxmi narayan tripathi my hijra guru.
pride of the hijra race hijdaeroticness dignity and grace
the hand of the poet is an optical illusion between time and space