Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why does Facebook Block my Blogspot Links beats me.

I have just sent them a message ..this is my oldest presence on cyberspace much before I joined Flickr ,, this is my blog space but I now use Flickr Facebook also as my blog platform.

Director Mr Ikram Akhtars Actors Factor .. Acting School For New Comers

A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

This was shot last evening , before I entered the MET Gardens for my walk ,,and this is is the split image tool on the HTC Desire 826 ,,I was getting bored sitting at home I thought I would unwind my legs and I had played a bit of tennis in the morning thanks to Coach Mr Surendra Pawar ,,of MET Bandra Reclamation.

I normally did not walk in the evenings as I used to be busy with my work..but during the rains the fashion line is slack..I am more busier in Diwali than Eid ,,

Well I had walked about 4 km.. i sat chatted with my Tennis coach and came home,, after all the normal chores I hit the sack.. I was really tired I got up by 9 pm as I has called my masseur Bhura as my legs were in great pain.. Bhura comes from town he hails from  family of professional masseurs from Aligarh.. he his brother ,their relatives give massage to select clientele at Warden Road Napean Sea Road and Walkeshwar.. Bhura has been coming to my house since 12 years , I met him through my brother Firdose Shakir who introduced me to him. Firdose and his family are now in Birmingham UK.

Bhura gives full body massage for about an hour , a very polite fellow in his late 40s , he touches my feet before he stats work.. the kids know him very well , they have grown up in front of him.. he is highly respectful.. and with the North Indian values of culture and courtesy.of Aligarh.. he is a Hindu hardly matters ..not to me or my family.

He starts with my legs that takes the most time , than massages them with coconut oil ,the calf thighs , after that he makes me turn over again my feet my calf my thigh and my back.

Last he does both my hands and finally the head massage that North Indian masseurs are famous for ,,he charges me reasonably but I keep increasing his fees ,in keeping with the money he spends to reach my house at Bandra from Kalbadevi where he stays .

He has never asked me for extra money.. and now after all these years he is a part of our family ,,,,the grandkids call him Uncle Bhura.

After Bhura left at about 10 pm I simply crashed without having dinner I had my dinner at Sehri time 3 am...than got up at 8 am but skipped walking this morning ,,

Marziya is keeping her third fast so we all get involved with her ,but she fasts effortlessly , she has gone to the Mosque for her Arabic classes with my wife ,, she is very close to my Wife who has taught her the namaz , most of the scriptures and the ethics of day to day life ..with relevance to our culture and values ,,she wears the hijab at the Mosque.

At home she watches Doremon Cid and other stuff ,,we dont watch TV atall no serials no news ,, the TV is for cartoons only ,
No movies at all, nor do we take them to cinema.

Its a simple frugal life at home,,,their father is a web designer programmer so they are totally net savvy and have their own I Pads ,,. During Ramzan they dont go to the garden ..

I have not shot any pictures or videos being cooped up at home all day ..