Monday, May 19, 2014

Thank You Mr Thomas Smith

With due respect
your kindness
your invitation
I politely refuse
herewith  ...
Happy in India
with a new dawn
of Acche Din
Good Days
our new
democratic writ
my motherland
my hope every bit
I dont need your
permit ..I would
be a fish out of
water in Australia
my old lady my
legitimate kids
would throw a fit
my sartorial serendipity
my tailoring kit
to your kind offer
i cannot submit
but i know a lot
of people who want
to leave India so
this offer to those
disgruntled souls
you could transmit
on my part i am
happy being an Indian
do not want to be
a cosmetic Aussie
migrant American
or Brit ..

I am happy with Bandra
Dadar Mahim Juhu ..
most beautiful areas of
my poetic love closely knit

So Thank you ..Mr Thomas Smith
You asked for it ....I call it Quits

The monstrous Bandra skywalk it would shock you if it could talk

the government
in power did not
build bridges that
could touch peoples
heart going after
 bar dancers
misplaced priorities
from the face of
active politics
stealthily you depart
today a sad scenario
a coalition falling apart
what went wrong what
made the public upset
the apple cart ..introspect
soul search re start
builder politician nexus
corruption at all level
you fell short you took
the mumbai voter to
be a fool your MP s
MLAs  corporators
thought they were
over smart ..the kettle
as black as the tea pot
rising prices falling
living conditions
overall unhappiness
total rot ...from the
hips that you shot
progress development
on the soul of Maharashtra
total blot ..the rich became
richer the poor disappeared the slums that you
usurped and bought
to build towers condominiums
eyeing their homes and plots
you tied yourself in knots