Monday, June 10, 2013

Zindagi Nahi Milegi Dobara ...Hawa Ke Jhoke Se Phat Gaya Gubbara

Ek Taraf Ham Unche Hain Dusri Taraf Jhopadpati Gali Aur Kunche Hain

Gandagi Haari Bhasha Hai .. Bhagwan Bhi Hamse Nirasha Hai

Ab Kahan Jayen Hum..

ab kahaan jaayen ham ye bata ai zameen
is jahaan mein to koi hamaara nahi
apane saaye se bhi log darane lage
ab kisiiko kisi par bharosa nahi
ab kahaan jaayen ham

The Writing On The Wall..

made pictures
with bad scripts
cannot keep
the audience
glued in movie halls
heavy marketing
cannot save
it at all if a movie
is bad it will fall
the public cannot
be conned with
your claims empty
or tall..friday
the day of reckoning
for bollywood ..
good or all balls

An Mute To Mute Kahan..

The Street Barber Is The Best Story Teller In The World

the poor mans clothesline .. made of hemp or twine

Palkon Ki Chaaon Main

The Way Of Peace ...Om Mani Padme Hoon

When The Rains Come .. A Kick On The Homeless Bum

I Can Go Out Now And Shoot Her Getting Wet

post her picture
on the net but
i would embarrass
her helpless facing
the vagaries of
nature ..caught
in a vicious net
my muse you bet
it was the final
of the world cup
cricket match
when we
met a pre destined
moment of my doom
still in her debt
a loaded dice
the game was set
her heart was willing
but her soul was
not a room to let
so we parted
those phone calls
her lilting laughter
i try to forget
yet she enters
my poetic
to mock me
humiliate me
though i have
lost all interest
i hate love stories
all the best

one day
some other time
some other place
we will meet
tete a tete
my restless angst
noir bete ..her heart
a silent stone
on her heaving chest
one who flew over
my cuckoos nest

Hajamon Ke Hajam

bahut mashoor
sare bambai main
hain inka nam
sar ki safai
ka karte hain
behtreen kam
lete hain sai dam
banganga ke asli
hajamon ke hajam
gali ke shane
policewale sab
karte hain inhe
salam nam hai
inki babu bhola
urf shivram
internet ke
wasiyon ko
inka pyar
aur pranam
leke aiyega
tadke subha
ya sham
din main
1 se 4 tak
ye karte hain
aram ..jai
shree krishan
jai siya ram

Ya Ali Madad

Dunya ne Deen ko ek Latifa bna liya,

Jab chaha,jis ko chaha khalifa bna liya,

Jab se Rasul-e-Haq ne kaha "YA ALI MADAD",

Ham ne to bas isi ko wazifa bana liya.