Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer From Mumbai

Carrying The Burden of Her Heritage of Hard Work

Muslim Beggars God Forgot


Hoor, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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an androgynous goddess
a transvestite in flight
high heel stilettos
a love soured online
that she went down
on me time and again
kept calling me a swine
hook sinker and line
in the beginning
the facade of
elusive imagery
suited me fine
a madness entwined
than came the
parting a vacuous
moment hard to define
a padded bra
slithering panties
hung on a clothesline
she was a dream
imagined not mine
a phased out face
in a book droplets
of wine unfinished
candle light dinner
on a fateful incline
on the pyre of peace
to fires consigned

Rajiv Soni And Firoze

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Rajiv Soni and Firoze
Will they ever meet
unless their elusive
destiny they cheat
one with shoes
the other barefeet

one a writer
the other a blogger
26 November
in mumbai
humidity and heat
blisters cold feat
in the dictionary
of dreamers
you will never
find the word

the sound of silence reechoing in the soul of a tweet

Get Well Soon Fr Jaun SJ

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there is a solemn silence
at st peter church
since you have gone
hospitalized at holy family
all your friends faces sad
sorrowful forlorn
the helpless the homeless
through your blessings
seek a new dawn
come back hale heart
healthy fully recovered
my dearest spiritual mentor
fr jaun christian yet
human insan

The Engry Old Man

Mere Pass Twitter Hai...

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra Reclamation

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This image has received 1725 views , posted without text I am updating it now as my tribute to the hardcore fans friends well wishers of Advocate Ashish Shelar ..

Advocate Ashish Shelar is an upright man, and though involved in politics he is honest , transparent and clear cut in his views , he does not blow his trumpet, he does not play to the galley and is equally respected by all communities , he has never played the politics of religion and so among his followers and his friends you will find Muslims at grass root levels including creative and business folks like me.

Muslims necessarily dont help Muslims a lesson I learnt the hard way , I recently was faced with insurmountable personal problems at work and at home , i mentioned it to Advocate Ashish Shelar and he went out of his way and helped me without any excuse or reservation speaks volumes of his helping nature..

I also approached another Muslim leader of my area and told him my woes and he smiled and showed me the door , I am not a political person but I am an honest person , I said nothing and walked away..yes I walked away a million miles from this Muslim leader .

So Advocate Ashish Shelar and his wife need no testimonial from me ,, they are human and understood human pain, they no I have no other agenda I am a blogger who shots my surroundings , actually we are almost on the verge of leaving Bandra Bazar Road for good because of problems that pursue us since a very long time.

I have for a long time documented his Ganesha Pandal and it is unique in Bandra for its historical and temple significance , and it imparts a message of peace and humanity.

Because of the injury to my legs,diabetic ulcers on my feet I could not shoot the daily events but I did shoot it when the opportunity arose.

I shot Lalbagh Chya Raja passionately the pandal and the Visarjan procession barefeet on the same injured legs , I shot the GSB Seva Mandal Kings Circle I also shot the Wadala GSB Ganesha Samiti.

I shot Sudesh Dubeys Ganpati pandal and a few of those clustered around Bandra

I shoot my culture my mother lands Hindu ethos and mutual coexistence ., and for me Lord Ganesha is a bond that holistically heals all sufferings and add hope where no hope existed,, and the greatest religion is the religion of Man and Peace ,

And I shoot Ganesha with your eyes not mine own..,the you would see humility and in praise to to the city of my dreams and yours Mumbai.