Wednesday, March 18, 2015

umra ka lamba safar tay kiya tanha humne

Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar naa raha Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha

Nashe ki raat dhhal gayi ab khumaar na raha 
Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha, aitbaar na raha 

chale aaj tum jahaan se, hui zindagi paraayi tumhein mil gaya thikaanaa, hamein maut bhi na aayi

Meri Kahani Bhoolne Wale Tera Jahan Abad Rahe -

May you live happily ever after for having forgotten the story of my life

Temple Of Lord Of The Flies

lord of garbage
under the blue
skies a new
every day
our public
wealth in
that to
our leisurely
life adds
sugar n spice
bandra bazar
road garbage
dumps an art
form nice
friendly crows
mice gobbling
food meets
the eyes
of dead
to the lord
who bandra
folks deify

Asa Mi Tasa Mi Book Launch of Mr Shreekant Malushte

message from mr malushte
Thank you very much dear friends and students for coming and gracing the occasion. High regards to our prominent speakers, Padmashri Madu Mangesh Karnik, Dr. Aroon Titekar (former editor Loksatta), Dr. Avinash Supe (Dean, K.E.M.Hospital) and Mr. Ashok Bendkhale (Senior Writer).

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