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Bandra Bazar Road ..The Most Intriguing Road Of Rustic Bandra

This was shot during Ramzan in 2011 .

And this lady is a psychic , she talks to herself  but if she saw  me  she would start muttering and making angry eyes at me I could never understand her and I think she lived somewhere in the slums of Lal Mitti.. sometimes she was with a bearded man a silent reticent person who rode a scooter .

I have not seen her since a long time , sometimes I would see her in the fish market and the moment she saw me she would look heckled , like a cat who raises her fur seeing danger ,, she was defiant but also scared of me for no reason.

I never talked to her and never did try to approach her as to what was her ire against me ..and here in Bandra Bazar road  that touches almost all the bylanes far too many , Chinchpokli Road Demonte Road Jain Mandi Road Ice Factory Road and exit out towards Bandra Reclamation and the various slums that adjoin this area Indraji Nagar Rajiv Nagar and far too many and from the Shia Mosque the road branches out Waroda Road , Ch…

The Shastri Nagar Slums Bandra Should Get The First Prize For Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Bandra The Eternal Queen Of Garbage In The Suburbs

A Better Night Life Is Good For The Elite What About A Good Life For The Dabbawala

The Dabbawalas are used by filmmakers to promote their films ,by advertising agencies to promote their brands and by politicians including Mr Anna Hazare . they supported his JanlokpalBill agitation and cause .

But honestly what is the future of the Dabbawala ,,how long will he ply his cycle to deliver food on time .. carrying cartloads of tiffins on his head pushing them in the trains and he will do it till he dies or retire .. whatever he earns which I dont think is much , what about his children will be they be dabbawalas too or do they not deserve higher education become pilots doctors scientists and make their humble parents proud.

I think society and the government has taken the Dabbawala for a ride , like the Dhobis of Mahalaxmi ghat they cannot escape their fate famous for the wrong reasons.

Will the Dabbawalas not want to change their status in life , be taught educated even now as adults .. why not ,,,become computer savvy and make a mark on their own destiny.. but because …

The Dabbawalas Bandra Station

This morning I came for some work at the Bandra Slaughter House slums from Carter Road by 211 bus  I had got off at Bandra Station ..

And I decided to shoot the Dabbawalas I had a long chat with them and after several pictures on my mobile phone I shot a video too.

And the Dabbawalas are the true humble icon of Amchi Mumbai totally dedicated to their work.. here it takes them one and a half hour to collect the tiffins that one set of Dabbawalas bring on the trains and hands it over to the Dabbawalas of Bandra from where it will be distributed on cycles ,

The tiffins close to offices near the station are carried in a cluster on their shoulders .

I shot a lot than headed to the winding lanes of  Shastri Nagar and entered the Slaughter House slums for some work.

And here in the Slaughter House slums the AmAdmi Parts posters with Mr Phiroze Palkivala and Mr Arvind Kejriwal greeted me  at two places ,, I shot them both..

And this is my 1000 blog on the Dabbawalas of Mumbai.

The Chaiwali Lady Of Bandra Reclamation

At the corner of Bandra Reclamation off Lal Mitti this lady has her tea stall and she is here by 5 am ..and this part near her tea stall is the taxi ricksha stand ..

Most of the ricksha guys who finish work late in the night sleep in the rickshas and after completing natures call at a Mound opp Rang Sharda .they all collect here for tea .. she charges Rs 6 full glass.

I have known her for many years and that is part of another interesting story ,, a poor destitute the Umbrella lady used to sit at the side of her stall under an Umbrella , the most iconic silent figure on Bandra Reclamation.. She could barely stand up so she did all her lifes chores at that place even bathing..and she never begged , people gave her food tea and money.

Both my grand daughters Marziya  and Nerjis would give their pocket money to her , and they would shoot her too.. Every time I passed her I would give her money,,, she never spoke to me at all.

One day a few months back I did not see her I assumed she mus…

This is old time charm of Bandra


Life is not a bed of roses ..


There is a fountain inside you. Don’t walk around with an empty bucket. ~Rumi