Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes Jesus Speaks To Me

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my camera lens
entering through
the window panes
of my soul
it with incense
his humanity
touches me
breaking all
reaching the core
of my existence
does it matter
i am a Muslim
if i enter a church
do i become
a Christian
or i become man
a man
without pretense
its the bigot
who loves
building a fence
to keep me
away from
my neighbor
matters tense

live and let
others live
is what really
common sense
a new path
hope harmony
a common goal
we commence

dedicated to fr tony of sacred heart church santa cruz west

Humanity Thy Name is Jesus Christ

he touched
people with hope
he touched
people with life
he gave man
a second chance
so his soul
could survive
from the fires
of mortality
to a new garden
of Eden
once again arrive
be happy
bountiful thrive

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"
(Matthew 5.43-45 ESV)

14 Stations of The Cross Good Friday 2010

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This is my new set at Flickr I shot this morning barefeet in the hot burning sun, to show my solidarity with my Christian brethren.

I have been shooting this for a few years now , and this was 21 Live Stations of the Cross presented by Joe Dias the founder of this event, a very humble low profile God loving and God fearing Man.
As this is a very long series I covered on foot , though the event truck guys let me sit with them most of the time , but yet I wanted to feel the pain of the Christian community and this was totally inspired by little kids who walked with their parents making this a very memorable moment of spirituality, so the credit for making me brave my soul goes entirely to kids , who encouraged me and I am crying as I write this when I reached Vakola market women washed my feet with cold water.. they had cleansed me for a life time.I shall never forget this moment in my life it will stay as the poetry and drama of my spiritual awakening as a human being.

The procession began at 10 am from Sacred Heart Church, Santa Cruz West , inaugurated and blessed by the parish priest Fr Tony and Fr Neil.

Here the Gethsemane episode was the first station of the cross capturing of Jesus by the Roman soldiers , than it went to Kalina Vakola and ended at St Charles Church at 4.30 pm.
All the pictures you will have to see at Flickr I will post this single post to my other websites . including Google Buzz Facebook and Twitter

When I got into the rickshah I was wet , I removed my tshirt and reached home , in a really messy state , my 2 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir scrubbed my feet and her touch is holistic healing too.

I am at home and after placing the pictures for uploading shall leave for work..
i just called Joe Dias and thanked him for his love his hospitality and his volunteers who helped me along to shoot all this.

One of their hymns I share with you .

Thou art the potter , I am the clay
Mold and make me after thy will
While I am waiting yielded and still

Wounded and weary help me I pray
Power all power surely is thine
Touch me and heal me Savior Divine..

Locked Out Forever

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beyond the doors
nothingness lies
locked out forever
a poor born child
with shut open eyes
on wings he flies
his future is bleak
tears and cries
naked to the core
his human soul
on a long drive
sometimes dead
sometimes alive
against all odds
he must survive
like a sacrificial goat
playing hide and seek
with a butchers knife

The Office Worker

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the street is his office
this is where he works
morning to evening
his work he never shirks
no weekday off no perks
running behind cars
at the traffic signal of life
he gets a few coins
he gets a few smirks
the street is his school
within this framework
no homework no play
no feasts no fireworks
poetically connected
to your starched soul
through my network
a flesh and bones
living waxwork
every system needs
a thought to prop it up
as a bulwark

streets of silence
stark and dark
poverty is sale-able
no price tag no trademark
on the soul of humanity
merely a pock mark

Their Pain That You Can See But Not Feel

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burnished souls
searching for
the mornings
first meal
they beg
but dont rob
dont steal
their fate
time has sealed
hopes stuck
in a cogwheel
their pain
you can see
but not feel
a few coins
that you throw
at them
their life's
their inner wounds
from your eyes
they conceal

The Children of a Darker God

These are the children of a darker God,
spare the child and break the rod
destiny of the destitute
a double edged sword
living in death
death like living
enchained to a
dissipated lord
master and slave
like two peas in a pod

An Accident

I was born as an accident
life a see saw
I came I saw I went
In case I die it
would be a karmic accident
sent here on earth
for my forefathers sins to repent
maundy thursday
stations of the cross
the holy month of lent
desolate dissolute man
he came he saw
his death he need not invent
an accident god sent
hopes as large as mansions
trying to fit in a tattered and torn tent
silent scriptures bleeding sorrow
a garden man woman an apple and a serpent
a biblical tale of a beginning that on
the soul of our spiritual consciousness
will never end
as you sow so shall you spend
choked as a gutter on a riverbend

Lost Childhood

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lost childhood
games as kids
we played
on the soul
of our memory
shall never fade
from one layer
of the mind
into another layer
we wade
children of a lesser
puppets on a string
he made
the playground of life
where despair misery
flesh and soul
pedestrian passion
privation pathos
on parade

Missing Dr Glenn Losack MD

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He is in Manhattan New York
working on his pictures
for all to see
of children of a lesser god
their karmic malady
eyeless in gaza
souless in mumbai
a few coins
in the mouth of an
empty pitcher
tears waterless
no remedy
missing dr glenn losack md
his ghost intermingling
with half a bodied man
islam mohamed
of haji ali

I shot this picture at Sandhurst Road Station..

Blind Man at Sandhurst Road

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The blind man and I had a dialogue I share with all of you..

BM :from the darkness of your mind
so many poems , how do you download?
I wish I had your gift standing here
making poems said the blind man of Sandhurst road .

FS :I looked into the scary sockets
that were once his eyes windowed
I asked him what he would do
if god light to his eyes bestowed ?

BM :I would die Mr Poet he bellowed
I am happy in the world of my darkness
I live I am by his light shadowed
every time I fell he picked me up
a path of love and humanity
he showed.

FS: He kept talking to me
words like a burst river stream
from his inner depth flowed
I wished I was blind too
just to see God without 'his veil
my poets soul echoed
I closed my eyes for
a few seconds
became the blind man
of Sandhurst road

To my daughter Samiya who is teaching me to write the filmy script of my life I guess I have mellowed

This is the first poem I write as a blind a picture I upload

Building A Brave New Mumbai

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there will come a day
when all the poor people
will be thrown
out of the slums
the next government
in power
will see that no poor
to this city come
mumbai once the
city of rags to riches
will only be a rich
mans kingdom
the fucked poor
will get a kick
on their bums
no beggars
no hawkers
no scums
a new order
on the soul
of humanity
i sum
even pictures
serve as words
of wisdom
the message
the poem

Dreaming of a Brand New Car

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beggar woman
on the road
dreams of
a brand new car
god taking pity
on her in her dreams
has made her a
film star
he has given
her a silver gray
but when shes wakes
from her reverie
she will be back
on a road
made of tar
wondering why
gods ways
are so bizarre
would this
have happened
had she shut
the doors
of her dreams
not left them ajar