Sunday, August 24, 2014

In Every Street Corner Of Mumbai Drug Addicts Perverts Are Waiting To Destroy Childhood

wherever you go they lurk
but the cops look the other
way they are badly overworked
beneath the skywalks drug
addicts smoke freely faces
with evil smirk see the fear
in the girl childs eye scared
a system failure law and order
dead governance uninterested
tears on the soul of my artwork

In India Even God Cant Save The Girl Child

In Mumbai a five year old
child raped brutalized
a broom inserted in
the nether region of
her womanhood
forever traumatized
what was her fault
assaulted left to die
our law order gone
down the drain even
rape is politicized
tourism is more
important billions
of dollars while a
little child  cries
when a girl child
is born her god
 dies mumbai
loss of governance
dance of democracy
innocence chastised
to vote you to power
is not the worth the
right to franchise
you play with our
lives building your
mansions towers
of babel touching
satanic skies