Monday, May 28, 2018

I searched for Jesus in the Church

but he was away from all this opulence
he had broken away from the cross ..
a healer it made sense ..I found him
among the beggars dressed in tattered
clothes feeding a little child ,,sitting on a
broken fence ..I think it was Jesus for a
second I held mystically by the power of
my lens ..than he disappeared leaving
the poetry of my soul in suspense ...

The sartorial silhouette of a story teller from #Bandra. The Lama of Peace.

Caught on the net..

Dark somber memories
I try to forget the day she
And I met.. It was raining
She was shivering her clothes
All wet.. This was love at first sight
Different from the one on the internet..
The time was set..
A heart to let.. Her soaking eyes
Her cascading hair inkjet