Saturday, April 3, 2010

Father Forgive Them

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father forgive them
they know not what thy do
out of dust
you created blood flesh sinew
you gave them love
they chose hate
instead of love for you
they placed evil
on a pedestal
they worship
his gilded statue
i am the life and the resurrection
is a not a part of their menu
man has changed drastically
mutated as a file
you cant UNDO

Sometimes I Wonder If My Feet Could Talk

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would they grumble
would they complain
would they tell the
world he is insane
my feet in humility
that have kissed
the earth felt my pain
walking in muck
on fire in blood
on a treacherous
be it ajmer
the haji malang
the holy saint
or following
lalbagh cha raja
durga ma
a nirvana
caste color
or creed
to be ordained
following jesus
reaching hussain
my bare feet
a cosmic moment
not at all vain
they came
they will go
from this
of deceit
the only realty
in every grain
to this
accursed world
they do
not want
to come
back again
a dead poets
their only

Children Bless My Rings

they holistically
heal my soul
repair my
broken wings
bless my rings
are more intrigued
by chunky ear rings
children are the soul
of my rhyme and writings
children s world
a world of god
without unnecessary
children my souls
spectral lighting
children innocence
no bitching
no back biting

Satish Malavade My Press Guru

I touch his feet , I consider him a great photographer humble down to earth, I have learnt from him ,the way he shoots street life and the way he interacts with his on Good Friday it was nice meeting and bonding with him..we have one thing in common e are both great friends of Ravan from the Shivaji Park Ram Leela.

Wake Up Facebook Dudes

Facebook should place a spaceball on our pictures like Flickr does so nobody downloads them some of us are possessive about are pictures and our girl friends too..

One of the reasons I have blocked 59 albums posted at Facebook from everybody's view..merely saying our pictures are copyrighted does not help, that is why many photographer friends from Flickr joined me here ran away from Facebook never to come back unless Facebook dudes bring in necessary safeguard our material.. we should have the option on who can download our pictures hijra pictures i took pains to shoot are all over the cyberspace without a courtesy link or link back to source.

my poem of pain piercing my eyeball

All this on my Facebook Wall
i have scrawled but will they read it
while my pictures are stolen
i get mauled as photographers
we might be a community small
but our material should be
safeguarded says it all
but all this to the facebook
developer dudes
is breaking our head
on a dumb deaf stonewall
money is the name of the game
dont play ball you are as short
as you are tall humility
is measured in kindness
love for all a barefeet blogger
on good friday requests
on his facebook pictures a
spaceball or a fire wall
call me a dickhead
or a screw ball with
my feelings my sense
of idealism dont play
hard ball.

dedicated to Marc Zuckerburg..
Cybernetic Jesus Christ of Facebook
its now your call in your court
lies my ball

Women Washing My Bare Feet on Good Friday

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my soul
my feet with
a human
love divine
the women
who washed
my barefeet
gave me
a new life line
i was humbled
saw the pangs
of my mortality
with humanity
their act
the poem
of my life
its heart and design

I shot the 14 stations of the cross on good friday barefeet , so the women of Vakola fish market washed my feet with cold water..

The Hand of Peace

one of its kind
one piece
side piece
with a fragmented
of a mind
god gave me
on lease
the streets
of humanity
my nirvana
karmic release
a thirst
that wont
that steals human souls
through a single eye piece
Thanda Thanda
Cool Cool
Mast Mast Cheez

Nicole The Best Actress I Have Seen

This little girl in red and pink, Nicole stole my heart with her true to life performance at the passion play on Good Friday, she is a natural born actress , I could not stop shooting her, her gestures her pain transported me to Jerusalem..

She made me relive each moment I shot, later she was very tired , and I spoke to her this is my humble tribute to the little kids on the Lenten walk, their walk became my walk, and their pain became my pain.

For those of you who have tuned in late I shot this event from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm barefeet , though there was some respite sitting on the event truck, I was shooting every station , and my feet are badly burnt..I thought I would go to work after I came back from this event but I could not move a bit.

And I would do it again only to share this moment, kids encouraged me on the way, this was what kept me going , at Vakola market a few ladies washed my feet with cold water , at Mathuradas Colony I was given biscuits and a cold drink..

So I shot the 14 Stations of the Cross on Good Friday 2010.. to show and share the ethos of the Christian community, I owe them a lot I studied in their schools and they were partially responsible after my parents to make me what I am - HUMAN.. and a better Muslim that I could ever have been..believe me sometimes it is your Hindu neighbor who makes you a better Muslim and a better human being too..

I must mention here not once did the priests where I studied berate my birth or religion , they never pushed their beliefs on me nor was I ever asked to convert..yes I am a good Muslim because of my upbringing in a Catholic school, though my principal Fr FX Fernandes now dead who never much like me a secret he has taken to his grave, , always did tell me why I did not join Anjuman e Islam every time he caught me making mischief , but could not do anything about it as I always ranked first in the class jumping from 4 th directly to the sixth standard at Holy Name High School Fort.

I have no issue with anyone on matters of faith , though I was a bit upset when the videographer hired byJoe Dias treated me badly as I had unaware to his presence entered the frame of his shot I apologized to him but he kept glaring at me and than I told him if he was Subhash Ghai shooting a film , I would have shown him my rough street side too, but I ate my anger as this was not the message of this walk and continued..

He did not once apologize to me at all and I am old enough to be his father luckily I am this was the only place that I lost my cool,and you would too if you were shooting this in the scorching heat barefeet..

Well my uploading of these pictures is very slow , and this is a very long series all part of a genre called barefeet street photography.

All About Good Friday

Good Friday Definition and Summary

Good Friday is the Friday of Holy Week, and commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Good Friday is a fast day in the Catholic Church, and falls within the Paschal Triduum. In 2010, Good Friday falls on April 2 (dates in other years).
Basic Facts About Good Friday

Liturgical Color(s): Red (formerly black)
Type of Holiday: Fast Day
Time of Year: Friday of Holy Week within the Paschal Triduum, and within the traditional 40 day Lenten Fast
Duration: One Day
Celebrates/Symbolizes: Jesus' Passion, Crucifixion, and Death
Alternate Names: Good Friday of the Lord's Passion, Great Friday
Scriptural References: Matthew 26-27; Mark 14-15; Luke 23; John 17-19

Good Friday is the Friday within Holy Week, and is traditionally a time of fasting and penance, commemorating the anniversary of Christ's crucifixion and death. For Christians, Good Friday commemorates not just a historical event, but the sacrificial death of Christ, which with the resurrection, comprises the heart of the Christian faith. The Catholic Catechism states this succinctly:

Justification has been merited for us by the Passion of Christ who offered himself on the cross as a living victim, holy and pleasing to God, and whose blood has become the instrument of atonement for the sins of all men (CCC 1992).

This is based on the words of St. Paul: "[Believers] are justified freely by God's grace through the redemption in Christ Jesus, whom God set forth as an expiation, through faith, by his blood... (Romans 3:24-25, NAB). The customs and prayers associated with Good Friday typically focus on the theme of Christ's sacrificial death for our sins.

The evening (at sunset) of Good Friday begins the second day of the Paschal Triduum. The major Good Friday worship services begin in the afternoon at 3:00 (the time Jesus likely died). Various traditions and customs are associated with the Western celebration of Good Friday. The singing (or preaching) of the Passion of St. John's gospel consists of reading or singing parts of John's gospel (currently John 18:1-19:42 in the Catholic Church). The Veneration of the Cross is also common in the Western Church. This is when Christians approach a wooden cross and venerate it, often by kneeling before it, or kissing part of it. In addition to these traditions, Holy Communion with the reserved host is practiced. In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, no Masses are said on Good Friday or Holy Saturday, therefore the reserved host from the Holy (Maundy) Thursday Mass is used. This is called the "Mass of the Pre-Sanctified." Many Churches also offer the Stations of the Cross, also called the "Way of the Cross," on Good Friday. This is a devotion in which fourteen events surrounding the death of Jesus are commemorated. Most Catholic Churches have fourteen images of Jesus' final days displayed throughout the parish, for use in public Stations of the Cross services. Another service started by the Jesuit Alphonso Messia in 1732, now less common, the Tre Ore or "Three Hours," is often held from noon until 3:00 PM, and consists of seven sermons on the seven last words of Christ. This service has been popular in many Protestant churches. Good Friday, along with Ash Wednesday, is an official fast day of the Catholic Church.

The Eastern Churches have different customs for the day they call "the Great Friday." The Orthodox Church begins the day with Matins (Morning Prayer), where the "Twelve Gospels" is chanted, which consists of 12 passages drawn from the Passion narratives. In the morning, the "Little Hours" follow one after the other, consisting of Gospel, Epistle, and Prophet readings. Vespers (Evening Prayer) ends with a solemn veneration of the epitaphion, an embroidered veil containing scenes of Christ's burial. Compline (Night Prayer) includes a lamentation placed on the Virgin Mary's lips. On Good Friday night, a symbolic burial of Christ is performed. Traditionally, Chaldean and Syrian Christians cease using their customary Shlama greeting ("peace be with you") on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, because Judas greeted Christ this way. They use the phrase "The light of God be with your departed ones" instead. In Russia, the tradition is to bring out a silver coffin, bearing a cross, and surrounded with candles and flowers. The faithful creep on their knees and kiss and venerate the image of Christ's body painted on the "winding sheet" (shroud). For more information see The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church and The Catholic Source Book.

The celebration of Good Friday is ancient, and some of the practices associated with Good Friday are attested to by Egeria in the 4th century. The day gradually became a time of penance and fasting as the anniversary of the death of Christ. The name "Good Friday" possibly comes from "God's Friday," although the exact reason for the current name is unclear. The custom of venerating the cross on Good Friday probably originated in Jerusalem in the 7th or 8th century, and continues to this day in many Western Churches. Pre-sanctified Masses are referenced in the documents of the Quinisext Council, which was held in AD 692, which means the practice pre-dates the seventh century. The Council mentions pre-sanctified liturgies as occurring primarily during Lent. Various churches observe Good Friday in addition to Catholics and Eastern Christians. Anglicans, Methodists, and Lutherans all observe Good Friday to varying degrees.
Worship and Prayer Resources

Prayers for Lent

Traditions, Symbols, & Typology

Veneration of the Cross
The Stations of the Cross
Preaching/Singing of the Passion

Cross and Crucifix

Old Testament Typology Foreshadowing the Crucifixion
Abel's Murder
Joseph's Imprisonment With Two Thieves
Martyrdom of Isaiah and Jeremiah
Isaac on Mt. Moriah
Good Friday Games and Educational Materials

Lent Crossword Puzzle (html)
Lent Crossword Puzzle (pdf)
Interactive Lent Crossword Puzzle
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Western Catholic Fast Guidelines for Good Friday?
Fasting means eating only one full meatless (no animal flesh) meal on this day. However, one may still eat a breakfast and even a lunch in addition to a full meal if the two additional small meals do not add up to a second full meal. Snacking is not allowed. Drinking coffee, tea, juices, etc, between meals is permitted on fast days. The requirements are slightly different for those of certain ages. Fasting is only required of those from ages 18-59, although parents are expected to teach their children the reasons behind their fasting, etc. Those with health conditions are excluded. Note that some Western Bishop Conferences, Eastern Catholic Rites, and Orthodox Christians have different fasting guidelines, so it is wise to check with your local parish about expectations. These are simply the minimum expectations. Additional forms of self-denial, within reason, can also be spiritually beneficial.

2. What is the Paschal Triduum?
The Paschal Triduum, often called the Easter Triduum or simply the Triduum, consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. This includes the Great Easter Vigil, the high point of the Triduum. The word Triduum comes from the Latin word meaning "three days." It begins the evening of Maundy Thursday and ends at Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday. Thus the Triduum consists of three full days which begin and end in the evening. The Triduum technically is not part of Lent (at least liturgically), but Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are still reckoned as part of the traditional forty day Lenten fast. The Triduum celebrates the heart of our faith and salvation: the death and resurrection of Christ, and is thus the high point of the liturgical year. For more information, visit our page, All About the Paschal Triduum.

3. Why Does the Church Celebrate the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus on a Friday?
It is long-held Tradition, based on the Biblical texts, that Jesus died on a Friday and rose from the dead on a Sunday, which would place the Last Supper on a Thursday night. Scripture tells us that Jesus rose from the dead "early on the first day of the week" (Mark 16:2, RSV). It was on the same day (the first day of the week) that Jesus met his apostles on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:1). John also confirms that Jesus rose on a Sunday (John 20:1). The early Church Fathers universally held that Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday, and worshiped on Sunday, "The Lord's Day." The Fathers also testify to the Institution of the Eucharist on a Thursday and a Friday crucifixion of Jesus. Even though Jesus tells us that he was to be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights, in ancient Jewish reckoning, this included partial days. Thus, Jesus was saying that his time in the earth would span three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Saint Justin Martyr (writing in 150 AD) testifies to both Sunday worship and a Friday crucifixion of Jesus:

But Sunday is the day on which we all hold our common assembly, because it is the first day on which God, having wrought a change in the darkness and matter, made the world; and Jesus Christ our Saviour on the same day rose from the dead. For He was crucified on the day before that of Saturn (Saturday); and on the day after that of Saturn, which is the day of the Sun, having appeared to His apostles and disciples... (First Apology 67)

The Didache (70-90 AD) also mentions Sunday worship, and fasting on Fridays (likely connected to Jesus' crucifixion that day):

Let not your fasts be with the hypocrites... but fast on the fourth day and the Preparation (Friday)...But every Lord's day gather yourselves together, and break bread, and give thanksgiving after having confessed your transgressions, that your sacrifice may be pure (8, 14).

The Apostolic Constitutions (late 4th century) verifies the same chronology. Note that, based on Scripture, this document provides the rationale for the dates of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

And on the fifth day of the week (Thursday), when we had eaten the Passover with Him, and when Judas had dipped his hand into the dish, and received the sop, and was gone out by night, the Lord said to us: "The hour is come that ye shall be dispersed, and shall leave me alone" (V:3:XIV). being the day of the preparation (Friday), they delivered Him to Pilate the Roman governor, accusing Him of many and great things, none of which they could prove...[Jesus] commanded us to fast on the fourth and sixth (Friday) days of the week; the former on account of His being betrayed, and the latter on account of His passion (V:3:XIV, XV).

But when the first day of the week (Sunday) dawned He arose from the dead, and fulfilled those things which before His passion He foretold to us, saying: "The Son of man must continue in the heart of the earth three days and three nights" (V:3:XIV).

Virtually every Church Father who addresses the issue agrees with the traditional dating of a Thursday Last Supper, Friday Crucifixion, and Sunday resurrection. This includes those Church Fathers and writings mentioned above, but also Ignatius (105 AD), Pseudo-Barnabas (120 AD), Clement of Alexandria (195 AD), and many others. This chronology is firmly based on Scripture, and universally verified by Tradition.

Walking With Jesus Barefeet

humidity and heat
on the streets
of mumbai
with the christian
feeling their pain
their pathos
with jesus
a sweetness
by little kids
jesus 's walk
makes my
own walk
14 stations of the cross
reliving the last moments
of jesus as images
without conceit
the soul of humanity
within a heart beat
the poor the rich
all part of jesus's
he will be tried
rise ascend
his fate
he did not cheat
(Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum)
"Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."
at the 14 Stations of the Cross
on Goood Friday
face to face
on Mumbai
back roads
we meet.
of our caste color or creed
a single word called peace
each other we greet
each one feeling the pain
of the other making
a memorable moment
all souls feast

Meaning of INRI

INRI is an acronym of the Latin inscription 'IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM' (Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum), which translates to English as "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."

This was written as the "crime" that Jesus had committed on the top of the Cross and is mentioned in John 19: 19, although it was not just written in Latin (as the Romans, who spoke Latin, were the executioners), but we are told that it was also written in Hebrew (for the Jewish people to read) and Greek (which was the universal language of the whole Mediterranean area at that time - as there were many foreign visitors in Jerusalem at that time for the Feast of the Passover.

John 19: 19-22: 'Pilate wrote a title also and put it on the torture stake. It was written: "Jesus the Naz·a·rene´ the King of the Jews."

Therefore many of the Jews read this title, because the place where Jesus was impaled was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, in Latin, in Greek. However, the chief priests of the Jews began to say to Pilate: "Do not write 'The King of the Jews,' but that he said, 'I am King of the Jews.'" Pilate answered: "What I have written I have written."

Latin became the Language of the Roman Catholic Church. But, in Latin, they used the "I" for the Letter "J" (both in Jesus and Jews), their word for King was "REX", and they used the "V" for the "U" . So the sign would have been something like this one

IESVS NAZEREVS, REX IUDEA, Or using the first letters of each words: INRI

The final language on the sign was Hebrew which is the Jewish language. Now the first word was Yehoshuah (Jesus). The first letter of that is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It is the little yod, which looks like an apostrophe. (Hebrew is read from right to left.) Yehoshuah and according to the Bible it was "Jesus the Nazarene." The next word was ha Nazarite. The next word would be "and," which is what we call a wha. It is like a little line with a hook on top. The next one would be the king of Jews Hamelech Yudio. What you had on the cross reading from right to left in the first letter, are the four letters of the Tetragrammaton YHWH. YHWH is the covenant name of God in the Old Testament Hebrew which did not have vowels (today we know this as Yahweh). In John 19:19-22 the chief Priests wanted Pilate to take the sign down because the sign recognized Jesus as Yahweh or God.

The Barefeet Blogger Jesus and Joe Dias

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This was shot by a friendly photographer instead of one he shot several frame as, he is a Canon user I am a Nikon guy.

So this was at the beginning of the First Station of the Cross , much before it started Jesus in condemned to Death ,at Gethsemane which was the garden of Sacred Heart Church.Santa Cruz West.

The guy playing Jesus is Allan D'souza.

Searching For Hope Beyond The Arch

human souls
as they march
searching for hope
beyond the arch
a blogger capturing
divinity in an image
poetizing the pain
of good friday
barefeet parched

The Barefeet Blogger Shoots Good Friday

This is Fr Tony Parish priest Sacred Heart Church, the interior of this church I shot today as I had reached the venue of the 14 Stations of the Cross and Good Friday, the commencing point a bit early I was here barefeet by 9.30am.

I love shooting churches but my attire and my persona make it impossible , I am not know in the churches beyond where I stay.

I wanted to shoot Don Bosco Matunga but I have no contacts , I was lucky I shot Afghan Church thanks to late Fr Stephen Nazareth , he put in a good word.. I was close to Fr Stephen Nazareth , he was one of my teachers at my school Holy Name High School Fort.Later he shifted to St Andrews Church we kept in touch and than i met him before he passed away at st Joseph Chapel RC Church.

I shot Wodehouse Road Cathedral thanks to Fr Ivo.. my past is embedded in the church the sacristy and the adjoining school Holy Name of course.

Another priest who helped me grow was Fr Leslie Ratus he too passed away.

Thanks to Monsignor Neris Roderiques of Mount Mary Basilica I have shot the Mount Mary Feast every year, I miss Fr Drego of St Andrews too..

Once I used to visit Bishop Simon Pimenta who was my contact since my Holy Name days.

The only place where I have no hassles soothing Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is St Peters Church, Bandra hill Road.. this is my home away from home I always felt that this was one church God lived and through my camera lens I captured the poetry of his divinity.

So Fr Juan and Fr Gerard are the two priests of St Peter Church who are very close to any visiting photographer I bring to this Church to shoot the beauty of the Lord that sprinkles in through stained glass windows.