Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thank You Dr Shashank R Joshi Endocrinologist Lilavati Hospital Bandra

I am being treated for my diabetes by eminent endocrinologist Dr Shashank R Joshi at Lilavati Hospital , despite rigorous walking my blood sugar was not coming down , and Dr Shashank R Joshi had told me that if this trend continued I might have to take insulin.
So he changed my treatment for one last time and it worked , my last blood sugar reading 2 weeks back was
Fasting 179 and PP 200 ..
earlier it was bordering on 300 ,,
I took my blood sugar test yesterday and my walks and my tennis has helped me tremendously ,, for my tennis I have to thank Coach Surendra Pawar and his boys who make me work out on the MET Tennis courts with a lot of patience because of my age and my stiff legs .
I have been playing tennis for a month for about 20 minutes and than I walk about 4 to 5 km every morning , sometimes I walk the same amount in the evening too.
My blood sugar fasting now is 132 .7
Post Prandial now 146
So I must thank Dr Shashank R Joshi .. too his medication has changed and added impetus to my failing health.. and wellwishes of all my family and friends.

The Story Of The Neglected Marathi Manoos

He stays at Chinchpokli road Bandra gets up at 4 m to get vegetables from the wholesale market and than sells it from door to door to his regular clients in upmarket tony Bandra ,,,

He tells me that though he charges them reasonably they bargain a lot ,sometimes he climbs up the stairs as the lift is not working and the house lady does not buy anything..

What is his future ,, what is the future of his children their children , even now most of their kids daughter in laws carry baskets on their heads selling vegetables all over Bandra .

I dont know which party or government has done anything for them perhaps they are not net savvy as the dabbawalas ,,than I wonder what is the future of the dabbawalas , their children their childrens children.. and I give up having lived in Mumbai for 61 years since a year old from the slums of Kurla  .. our dad was a tailor , he worked his way through and gave us the choice to be what we wanted to be ..but he educated us within his limited resources and no political party did anything my parents were traditional Congress voters if they were alive they would die a million deaths before voting for scam tainted Congress again,, and in the next elections we will hit the NOTA button,,None of the Above ,, this has nothing to do with Acche Din or Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas ,, yes even we are a disillusioned lot like the Marathi Manoos children of the soil.. we are just transplanted saplings from another soil..