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Why Main Stream Media Hates Us Photo Bloggers."?

Main stream media hates all bloggers per se
This is envious Hate that goes into deliriums seeing news sodomized by newbie wannabe bloggers.
Guys who know nothing about the perseverance that went into becoming a journalist, those stringer days, those cub reporter days, those chilly nights outside Bhabha Hospital during the Mumbai Train serial blasts , that was a tough one , a few decapitated heads in a corner, a few limbs resting still searching for the main body.
Than comes the Blogger , Photo Blogger , shoots the train of events in one single night, from Bandra station to Mahim station, from Mahim station to Matunga, all on barefoot, blonde hair , heckled by the cops, shooting weeping tears in the viewfinder.
The Terrorists destroyed metal concrete but not the iron in the Soul of Man. Yes this photo blogger shot the blast, came home at 3 am, washed rushed to Bhabha Hospital people wide awake, hovering over the list of injured dead hung like a dooms board.
The local MP requested me not to …