Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Pictures Are Part of a Silent Movie

The Hijab in Mumbai Has Become A Fashionable Garb Too..

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon..Farewell Mehdi Bhai Lucky Hotel Bandra

God Gave a Great Path Called Islam .. We Have Strewn it With Beggars

The Doomed World of Muslim Beggars

MTNL Broadband Even God Bears The Brunt of Their Bad Service Each Time The Connection Goes Off

My Picture World Is Powered By The Cosmic Eye Shiva

Discover The Girl Behind The Spam


Behind Ever Hijra Lies The Soul of a Fancy Woman

The Dream World of The Beggar Hijras of Bandra

The Eunuchs Future Is a Million Light Years Away In India

She Followed Me From The Turner Road Traffic Signal Till Hill Road Bandra

She wanted 100 bucks and I was not that generous , than she said she was hungry wanted to eat usal pau, bread and gram curry costing Rs 19 I handed her Rs 25 , but she wanted 100 bucks that I politely refused , I shoot pictures of hijras I give money as charity and wont be extorted by anyone..

When we came to the Hill Road signal I made her pose at the Globus shop window..these are the beggar hijras , among them are disillusioned youth who crosss dress and beg like hijras these guys are known as hijra impostors .

I visited the Kamatipura hijra lanes met a lot of youngsters who came here to Mumbai with dreams of becoming an actor than gave up and became pretty hijras ..they requested me not to shoot them because it would hurt their families .. and I shot them with my minds eyes .

I visited the cubicles at the Hijra cages Peela House saw the creaky beds the stench of urine , bedsheets dried semen and at that time I was not a photographer .. than I met Heens and Salma both hijras very beautiful and began shooting their world , of pain ..

Its been a very long time I have not gone to Peela House I will one day for sure , connect with the denizens of this nether world.

I prefer shooting the beggar hijras , humble down to earth destined to doom and no steps leading to a better future ..but one thing is certain I meet hijras I dont stalk them or pursue them at all.. this gift is called Hijra Vardan.

I have mobile numbers given to me by the hijras I never call them at all, my documentary of hijras is Gd assisted .. I shoot them when I see them.

I have lost my earlier adventurous spirit and my earlier freedom I cant move freely ..but somehow I do get to shoot hijras because they are just a walk from my new work space ..

I Shoot Eunuchs Because This World is Full of Them..

Flickr Customer Care Needs To Re Invent Itself..

226,096 items / 1,869,864 views

A Flickr member has taken most of my hijra pictures from my Flickr photo stream despite the so called impregnable Space Ball that even a child can hack into and posted them as her own..

I bought this to their notice and reported abuse on all the pages that my pictures show up on this Pakistani hijra lovers page ..

And Flick response would send shivers down a spine totally uninteresting, totally carelessly worded and throws your problem became into your court .. and that I am a Pro Member with 200000 images educating cyberspace hardly matters because at the end of the day I am just a sniveling black man.. a shit photographer who shoots fucked crap..on the streets .

I think their response would be different if this happened to an American or a German or an Englishman.. I hate to say it but this is what I feel..

[Flickr Case 2098766] Re: I see an app or 3rd party site misusing Flickr photos

Hello firoze shakir photographerno1,

Thank you for contacting Flickr Member Support.

The Flickr team greatly respects the intellectual property
of creators. Issues of infringement are handled for us by
the specialists within the Yahoo! Copyright Team. Please
click the "Copyright/IP Policy" link that's available in the
footer of every page to reach your Yahoo! Copyright Team,
where you will be able to file a Notice of Infringement.

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any other
questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

Flickr staff

My response

I knew you would send me this reply as an easy way out, and in the meantime my pictures are blatantly stolen by none other than another Flickr member who posts them as her own and your Space Ball is all full of crap onc can easily hack through it
Sorry you guys at Flickr Suck..

I am shocked at your attitude you would have not said this to me if I was a American German or an English Man
After all I am nothing but a piece of black shit and my pictures are nothing but crap..
Thank You

The New Ice Candy Man.

Unki Dil Ki Dukan Par Limbu Mirchi Latakte Hain

226,088 items / 1,869,674 views

ham unki gali se
se jab jab guzarte hain
unki bewafai se darte hain
aj bhi unki ruksati ke bad
unke shaohar ke darwaze
par khoon se ham
apna nam likte hain
jo kharide nahi jate
bazar main woh
bhi bikte hain
hame tatolo toh ham
ghor andhere main
bhi dikhte hain
utpatang nukte
ham apne ap ko
shayar samjh
kar likhte hain

My Boss Is Camera Shy

he lives
in the soul
of a silhouette
i dont know why
he tells me dont
shoot my pictures
my poetic ass
he will fry
lava like
my boss
is a nice guy
i shot his
on the sly
when he
was cool
calm composed
starched shirt levis
page 3 icon
of mumbai
dreams of
dim sum
peking duck
sweet and sour
chinky eyed

Oh God Who Wants Eyes A World Full Of Corruption Full of Lies

72 nubile virgins
wait for murderous
marauders to
be fucked in
faces covered
like women in hijab
some disguise
the soul weeps
leperously cries
innocence slaughtered
on the altar like sacrifice

Maria The Leper Lady of Boran Road

226,082 items / 1,869,613 views

My hands shake when I take her pictures because I know she knows I am shooting her , she is very perceptive , she has stumps of hands and she keeps a container within a container , so whatever she gets as alms she pushes it in the bottom container as there are crooks who will drop a coin and filch the notes that lie within the container ..

Her daughter Mary is not a leper but begs at the Bazar , and Marys children have been educated by Maria and both are doing well, I have shot Maria extensively .

My American friend Glenn Losack is very fond of her and her grand children..

Where she sits in a narrow path the light is very harsh but does it matter to her or to my camera ,,, I shot what I saw Maria and her spectral spirituality and her solitude ..and the soliloquy of her lyric less silence

I am trying to get used to the EOS Canon 7D as a street photographers camera , it is heavy and takes time .. but I am enjoying every moment shooting with it ..

My 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir is at ease using both Nikon or Canon..

And today she got her first Laptop as a gift from my Boss as both of them share their birthday on 24 November .. both are creative talented and born visionaries ..

My Notoriety To Fame Is I Shoot Pictures And Dont Give Copies or Prints

Mehdi Bhai Lucky Hotel Khuda Hafiz

Syed Bhai Mehdi Hussaini of Lucky Hotel Bandra died on 27 Feb 2012 ..

I was returning from town and Safar Bhai approached me and informed me of the sad news ..I was shocked to say the least as I had met Mehdi Bhai at Jaorah HussainTekri two years back when I had gone there to shoot Chehlum and this picture was taken there ...

Mehdi Bhai was a very devout god fearing Man and devout Shia , he used to narrate me the miracles that had taken place at the various rozas or Shrines at Hussain Tekri Jaorah..

He will be certainly be missed by his family relatives and friends ..

May His Soul Rest In Peace

Khuda Hafiz Mehdi Bhai my dear friend ...

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