Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai.. Shoots Poems With A Camera

Me Shooting Me

The Shia Head Cutting Street Photographer

Girish Mistry Blessed Me With Spectral Light..

Humility Is The Essence of Good Photography..

All Photographers Are Not Bloggers ...Blogging Is Sufism of Photography

This Guy Was Born With a Camera And Studio Lights

The Only Mystery That Cannot Be Solved or Dissolved .. Girish Mistry

photographers are born... in the dark room of a mothers womb


Girish Mistry Wont Deny It But He Is My Guru Too

The Beggar Poet and His Guru Girish Mistry

Climbing Haji Malang Barefeet

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This is humility and people who love kissing the ground with their bare feet ..walk up the mountains to touch a paradise called Haji Malang.

You leave your car , your motorbike your arrogance your conceit your attitude at the Malangad foothills to connect with the Sufi Shrine of Haji Malang.

There is a palanquin for the disabled and the sick, for the lazy rich, it a costs bomb.. the distance is over 7 km.

I had bought Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York to this Holy place two years back , of course those days I did not know the owners of this mountain the Ketkar family , Kumar and Abhijeet are the ones I know and connect with , they are my host and take care of me as their family member speaks volumes about their humility too, they dont charge me a cent for lodging or boarding ..

And I blog about the mysticism , the androgynous get away for the Hijra spirituality..Haji Malang is made up of various Chowks of spiritual hierarchy, I am close to the Malangs , the Rafaees and the Siddis..

Climbing the Malangad mountains does not tire me I shoot pictures of the monks bawas on the way up, the beggars the most leprous unique lot, other pilgrims ..this is a spiritual territory and landscape for the Hindus Muslims and other communities too..

I have been shooting this place since 2005 or earlier..there are Mandirs too in this region and an influx of Naga Sadhus.

The place is a hill station , the water freezing cold but I would sit under the tap and be transported to the waters of Hardwar and the Maha Kumbh..

Almost everybody knows me here and calls me Bawa or Photowale or Camerawale Bawa..but the most touching was the tribals who would kiss my hands and touch my feet.. and thereby purify me and my restless soul.

I was mostly with the dread headed Malangs of Haji Malang , they are from Karnataka close to Gulbarga Dargah.

I felt peace in their presence , I sat with the Siddi head and my friend Altaf Siddi was there too..The Chancawalli Rafaees were there but most of the bawas are at the Chand Shah Wali Urus their home base near Powai.

They did a great dhamal..there is another Rafaee lot and these guys were awesome too.

I shot the Hijra Sandal of Gopal Haji and Babita the Najafgarh hijras.. my German friend Dorothea was not there ..but I met another wonderful person a very close friend of my Hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi..photographer Anita Khemka ..

I connected with Heena Hijra of Peela House had lunch at Ma Madhurimas house , the hijras at Haj Malang were not in large numbers as most of them were attending the Hijra Sammelan at Hyderabad.

I met Mona the child eunuch with her eunuch sibling Nandini, these are very touching pictures I shot of a dance and song recital at their house..

I met a young Hindu boy a devotee of Haji Malang Baba who had chopped his little finger and offered it to the Holy Saint , I did not shoot any tonsure rituals this time ..

I could have stayed a few hours more shot the Sandal of Sultan Shah Baba but I was missing my grand daughter Marziya Shakir so I chose to come down..and return home.

I did the Kaif at the Dargah of Sultan Shah Baba in the style of the Whilrling dervesh of Turkey it just came and this was a trance with a mourning element as I am a Shia and in a few days I will be celebrating Chehlum in Mumbai..the 40 th day of Mohram ..

The Hijab..

Hijab or ḥijāb (حجاب, pronounced [ħiˈdʒæːb]) is the Arabic word for "curtain / cover" (noun), based on the root حجب meaning "to cover, to veil, to shelter". In popular use, hijab means "head cover and modest dress for women" among Muslims, which most Islamic legal systems define as covering everything except the face and hands in public.[1][2] According to Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality;[3] the word for a headscarf or veil used in the Koran is khimār (خمار) and not hijab. Still another definition is metaphysical, where al-hijab "refers to the veil which separates man or the world from God."[2]

Since the 1970s, hijab has emerged as a symbol of Islamic consciousness. Muslims differ as to how "hijab dress" should be enforced, particularly over the role of religious police that are enforcing hijab in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

the hijab
a second skin of faith
covering a woman's body
a serene and spiritual garb
that hurts those
that see it as a barb
the hijab is also
a garment of modesty
in spite of being black and drab
if people who wear it are happy
why should one back stab

To Recite Fatiah On The Beggar Poets Unmarked Grave They Come

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his dead flesh
infested with
maggots was
willing the
poets fucked
soul went
numb a
street shooting
bum deaf deafer
dumb she whom he
loved is getting humped
by another beach bum
libidinous empty drum
who lives off
her crumbs
she who was
his only
muse abdicated
his poetic throne
his dreamless
of his washed
away hope
an empty
bottle of
old monk rum
his solitary

Once I Was a Boss Now I Am a Fucked Slave

a castrated crab
a hermit in a cave
i have to abide
by fucked rules
i have to behave
in prison clothes
clean shave
get my index
finger printed
my pictorial ass
god save
aah for old
times my freedom
i lyrically crave
i am the joker
in the pack
a crazy
kings knave
he rants
i rave
as my posterior
bleeds festers
wave after wave
i will soon be dead
lowered into
an unmarked grave
i have become a
coward once
oh once i too
was brave
let it be known
to all and sundry
those who fucked me
i forgave


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Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2

Maula labon pe hay dua, dekhe zahuur nuur ka,
ai meere asre karbala, keeje zahuur karbala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2

Giryaa kunaa hay ghamzada, nauha kunaa sitam zada,
misle kamaale bandagi, qatle yazido hurmala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2

Zulmo sitam jahaan mei, aala shiyaar hogaye,
kitne jawaan o peer yun, haq par nisaar hogaye
Ro ro ke bandagi yehi, kehti hay sarko peet kar,
joro jafaa jihaad mei, kaise shumaar hogaye
Giryaa kunaa hay ghamzada, nauha kunaa sitam zada,
misle kamaale bandagi, qatle yazido hurmala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2
Maula labon pe hay dua, dekhe zahuur nuur ka,
ai meere asre karbala, keeje zahuur karbala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2

Azme zahuur nuur ka, izhaar kijiye zaraa,
maula sipaahe karbala, tayyaar kijiye zaraa
naagaah hay jiske dour par, ehle yazid-e-karbala,
is khaibare yazid ko, mismaar kijiye zaraa
Giryaa kunaa hay ghamzada, nauha kunaa sitam zada,
misle kamaale bandagi, qatle yazido hurmala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2
Maula labon pe hay dua, dekhe zahuur nuur ka,
aey meere asre karbala, keeje zahuur karbala
(Al Ajal ya imam, ya imame zamaan) x2

Noke sina pe bandagi, mushkil huwi ye zindagi,
fikre yazid chaarsu, chaayi hay banke teergi
Mehrab pur sukuun hay, khamosh har zubaan hay

i hit my school teacher .. to teach her a lesson .. the new mantra of education

if you never broke your hand you never had a good childhood

he had dreams he sold them to buy his last supper

the common man .. has been fucked put to sleep for the greater cause of good governance

Man Was Born In Paradise Does Prison Time on Earth

When a School Kid Dies it is the Principal and the School That is to Blame

Women Love To Buy Junk ...Most of them Pick Up Husbands From a Junkyard Too

As The Mullah And The Muslim Society Is So Used To Seeing This That They Dont Really Care

the umbrella selling boy-when i told him i will post his pictures in the papers he covered his face

when i told him i will post his pictures in the papers he covered his face

God Had a Bad Hair Day He Accidentally Created The Hijras

in dogs paradise .. dogs keep human beings as pets

jesus as a street photographer clicks more pictures than i do

Muslim Beggars God Forgot

he is busy
trying to end
the fight
his peace
his brotherhood
his messengers
heritage they
wont share
for truth in
islam they
do not care
misplace martyrdom
rogue mullahs
the unique pair
a house under
repair .. broken walls
minarets echoless bare
time earsplitting pain
cowards in hijab
where the devil dares
ongoing nightmare

Behind Her Is The Cosmic Wheel of Fate ..Badkismati Khali Pet

Zindagi Bhi Ek Sazae Maut

Mother When I Grow Up.. I Wont Forget Your Sacrifice

Allah Be Praised Your Gift of Life I Have Raised

Online Beggar News Update ..For a Better Tomorrow They Wait

all over the muslim
world muslims
love killing muslims
no love simply
sectarian hate
in neighboring
across the border
bombs detonate
destroying the
soul of Islam
peace brotherhood
accursed cosmic fate
inherent barbarism
the only tribal trait
while in hindu
countries muslims 'live
peacefully though
some beg at allah s gates
building mosques
madrasas is more
more important
than building hope
the beggars empty
bowl empty plate

If You Have It You Flaunt It..

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...