Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are Hijras Prone to Pain

from a mans body
sculpted form
false femininity
are hijras
prone to pain
over reaching
the chaos
of hazardous survival
a life a lifelong strain
mind fucking
the human brain
like droplets
making love
monsoonal showers
kissing the window pane
to be or not to be
a hijra her refrain
building sand castles
over and over again

I see a visual and words my only wealth begins to out pour its generosity on pedestrian pain..I can see blemishes on a painted veil..and when I poetized this picture as a photographer I never knew that I would to embellish it with words..

And I dont know if you would believe this but I dont stalk hijras but they stalk me bringing their souls alive on my web page.

And for days months I wont spot a hijra and thy make themselves visible to me..Haji Malang and Ajmer are two exceptions.. They are like two lamp post lighting up the Hijra angst.

hijra remorse
hijra despair
on a gutter drain
neither man
nor woman
a knot on
a silken chain
a crooked line
an optical line
so plain
else makes profit
a recovery agent of gain
being or not being a hijra
a thought
a tough bargain

Khuda Ki Rah Main Bistar Bichaya Hai

jo nahi manga tha
woh usne dilaya hai
ma ki mamta ke alawa
maine kya nahi paya hai
mere sar par uska saya hai

A Blogger Never Sleeps

his pictorial soul
in a rusty camera
a blogger never sleeps
doomed destiny
what you sow you reap
trying to capture
a face beneath a veil
as it silently weeps
as the darkness
lonely like a hunter
on fleeting
moment leaps
a promise
she will
never keep
the camera
streets of

Trying To Grab Happiness

hope going up
in smokes
doomed destiny
different strokes
seconds minutes hours
memories evoke
rich in dreams
in reality broke
in silence
muted measure
she finally spoke
is sweet sorrow
as my soul soaks
of the Holy Saint
I invoke
a solemn promise
he revokes

Hardcore Cheek Piercing Attached to a Stool

Piercing The Cheek To The Stool

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A short pointed instrument is placed into the cheek and the jutting end is hammered into the stool , the rafaee than moves about with the stool attached to his face..