Monday, May 27, 2013

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2

main shayar badnam..

the most famous worli gutter of mumbai

the common man disappeared under the weight of his problems

The Tamil Hope

My Poster At Madras Wadi Worli.. Thank You Shanmukhnand Bhai

Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi Slums Worli 2013

The Marriammen feast starts with a walk on fire the night before than the following morning sacrifice of goats poultry to Goddess Marriamen and by 7 pm because of the heat the piercings insertions of hooks in the back begin at Worli Sea Face ..

I was lucky shooting this event with my good friend Bipin Kokate of Midday of the few humble photo journalists of Mumbai he shoots with his camera instead of his mouth.. luckily we bloggers use the cosmic camera of hope and humanity ..

the famous worli gutter flowing into the sea

shanmukhnand my dearesr humble friend from madras wadi with champion swimmer

Shanmukhnand is a devout Hindu Tamil staunch devotee of Goddess Marriammen , he invites me here every year and so I get wings and come and shoot the feast and the peacloving people of Madraswadi slums Worli .. not just the Tamils but even North Indians like Babloo get their cheeks pierced .

This year it was a very grand affair and Shanmukhnand Sundar and two others with huge hooks in the backs pulled a a tourist bus from Worli Seaface to Madraswadi..

I was lucky to shoot this

the naryal pani at worli seaface is rs 35 .. take it or fake it

i am blessed .. this was my only sustenance while i shot the madras wadi marriammen feast

gully cricket worli.. only time when cricket is not corrupt

home is how you build it ...

this is worli where poor and rich live cheek and jowl..

Undertakers Prayer ... Give Us Today Our Daily Dead ..

Undertakers Prayer ... Give Us Today Our Daily Dead ..

House Of Jesus Is Getting Ready For The Monsoon

from the rains
in mumbai
even gods house
is not immune
from the agony
of may
cooling showers
in june
st michaels
church mahim
wednesday novena
offers a boon
spiritual solace
hope and the moon
busy street vendors
beggars buyers
crowded afternoons
for the mumbaikars
fed up of scams
corruption non working
system a jingle and tune

I Take A Cab From Bandra To Worli Seaface To Shoot The Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi 2013

Marriamman Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2013

This evening I was invited by Shanmukhnanada and Sundar of Madras Wadi Worli to their annual Marriammen Feast ..

I arrived at Worli Seaface at 5 pm, it was absolutely hot and humid , I waited for them to come , instead they sent a guy and I arrived at Madras Wadi shot the Marriammen Temple , and their poster had my pictures to gracing their feast ..

I shot the slums the Worli gutter and than again came back with them to Worli Seaface at 7 pm.. the cheek piercings with rods .and the inserting of the hooks in the back of the devotees .

This time there were several cranes with devotees hanging from hooks, guys pulling tempos cars , bikes coconut carts with hooks in their backs.

But the highlight of this feast was Shanmukhnanda Sundar and two other devotees with hooks in the back pulling a tourist bus.

I shot all this till 11 pm , than walked back to the temple to shoot the removal of the rods and the hooks ..

This is one feast of the Hindu Tamils I try not to miss but I only go when I am invited ..

This is my new series at

The guy in the picture had 3 rods one in the cheek, one in the back and the other in the chest,, I was lucky to shoot the removal all three rods at Madras Wadi Marriammen Temple .