Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maryamma Feast Worli Sea Face 2009

I start a new set on Flickr , as I write this you can see the hot ground burning the bare ass and sole of my feet.I had asked a bystander to shoot this picture along with Laxmans common man a statue on Worli Sea Face.

This was the starting point of the Maryamma feast held by the Tamil Hindus of Madras Wadi of Worli opposite the Atrium Mall.

This is a very exciting and long series , I was given the information to this place by Suresh BMC of Nehru Nagar Juhu.

But luckily though Suresh could not make it , I befriended Shanmugham , who like Davendar Bhima of Nehru Nagar Juhu was calling the shot here at Worli Sea Face and was the main exponent in putting the hooks and the rods on the participants..
Without his help and cooperation I could have not achieved this pictorial quest.

I shot this from 5 pm till 11 pm a 4.90 GB Card on 17 May 2009

My feet were in one bad mess , my clothes were also in a mess as I slept on a bloodied floor to shoot into the sky , guys hung from hooks..

Before the event the Tamils slaughtered a live chicken there were many strewn on the road.

This is one Maryamma Feast I wont forget , while removing the rods at the Madras Wadi Temple a lot of guys bled, a lot of them went into a trance like possession..when the Goddess enters the body..

Paka Dala

Paka Dala, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

photo le le ke thaka dala
arre dada phir ek bar
tumne paka dala
meri phuti kismet
pe laga diya tala
tumhare gale mein
dher sari mala
hathon mein anghuti
nange pair chalnewala
bhendi bazar ke rehnawale
tum ko kehte hain
camerawale malang bawa

Caught Between the Camera and Deep Shit !

a grand father
who takes my pictures
whether I crawl , play
stand or sit
marziya shakir
caught between
the camera and deep shit
my future path
with images over lit
genetic gyrations
that mutually co exist
every day the beginning
of a new script
on his flickr photo stream
clearly writ
76,673 photo blogs / 395,898 hits
dance of democracy
they call politics
a gang of fools electing
a foolish gang of dimwits
in a single snake pit
Jai Ho
Bhae Ho
Janta gives us a clean chit

Allah Be Praised!

Through his bounty
His Omnipresence
His Omniscience
my world is graced
my little heart
and soul embraced
Allah be Praised
through the doors
of Hussainiyat
a new dawn surfaced
Hussain is Humanity
between Ashura and Karbala
our ancestry traced
tears sorrow our blood
equally spaced
1400 years journey
we chased
bought through our mothers womb
a pact a pledge delicately placed
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
cut copy and paste
once and for all
on the soul of humanity
evil replaced

New Facebook Sucks !

developer dehydrated
deep in denial mode
demented ducks
a new facebook
on our face chucks
our bad luck
most of the time
it hardly works
quizzical quirks
all the way to the bank
Whiz Richy Rich smirks
new challenges
profits and perks

The Hand that Won

insaniyat ka haath
sab dharm ek
na koie jhagda
na jaath path
tum aage aage badho
hum sath sath
allah ho akbar
god is great
jai bhole nath
praja tantra ki jeet
aur bhrastachar aur atyachar
ki math

Happiness Upclose

daughter of asif
grand daughter of firoze
to place her
between two parallel lines
god chose
gods bounty
a happiness up close
a glimpse into her world
a child of destiny
into our destiny she grows
pictorial memories
through the lens
into the parched soul
of our consciousness overflows
a little light that into our lives
over glows
the fragrance the innocence
in the journey of a rose

The Finale Maryamma Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2009

As I reached the gates to head home I saw the trolley guys entering the facade of Nehru Nagar Juhu , I took this last shot, jumped into a rickshah .

My session was over..I could have shot more had I hung around till the end, but I was tired, my feet ached , thirst and hunger never bother me as I have complete control, also being a diabetic I did not have any other natural urges , like searching for a public urinal in the melee.

The Tamil community is very hospitable kept asking me to have a cold drink that I completely refused..

I had shot over a 1000 +pictures from 4 Pm till 11 Pm.at Flickr

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