Thursday, August 29, 2013

I became a Malang away from sectarian strife religious hate

i became
from dogma
one way debate
i found peace
among the malangs
aligned to my cosmic
fate ..away from
muslims killing muslims
powered by
petro dollars
of suicide
killing unborn
bombing mosques
holy shrine
a different
of islam
that the
true god
did not create
man made mischief
of the mullah politicians
for lust of power
real estate ..
imperial hegemony
to evil within as they
prostate ...
peace brotherhood
a lost world
from this satanic
force we must liberate

Said My Wife Why Do You Shoot The Same Thing Over And Over Again

so the first time
this year i did not
shoot the dahi handi
at ranade road ..
cosmically constrained
the flesh was willing
the spirit contained
within the four
walls of my homely
domain ,,,mumbai
is despicably horrid
horrendously humid
without rains .
i am caught up
in a vortex of poetry
bound in chains
so i think i will
go out to kurla
shoot the beggars
the homeless living
lifelong in pain
at Flickr after
exceeding 1 TG
no batch uploads
screws  my brains

$499.99 per year
2 Terabytes of photo
 and video space
All the benefits of
 a free account
breaks the heart
hits the brain
dear ms marissa mayer
for a hobbyist photographer
incorrigible blogger with
a rapidly falling rupee
is a mindless thought
insane ..please consider
be humane .
.the old pro
flickr account
for $25  per year
unlimited uploads
if you could kindly
bring back again

I Am Back In My Prison Cell At Facebook...

I join Facebook 29 August 2013

i had deactivated my facebook
account went into a shell of
loneliness a sabbatical
i took ,, did not take any
calls burnt my old
phonebook.. sat at home
helping the grandkids
breed finches set up
a tropical fish aquarium
beef liver heart spinach
mixture i learnt to cook
when i wanted crap my
thoughts in 140 words
twitter was where i looked
pulling the flush was
re tweeting ,,i decided
no more social media to
stay off hooked

but than a friend
gave me hope
gave me strength
thanks to her
faith in my blogs
i am back in a
prison cell at
my poetry
my pictures
my pathos
my passion
i changed
my hulia
my malang
once again
the morsel of
the forbidden
fruit i partook
one sided love

Docummenting Another Mans Religion And Faith Is Documenting Hope Humanity

I Am Back In My Prison Cell At Facebook...

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