Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Life Of An Old Muslim Hawker

he is an
illegal hawker
selling his wares
on the stairs
2 rupee discount
if you buy a pair
he is not a burden
to his family or
to society seems
unfair ..but he
is not begging
cheating robbing
a thought to share
what appeasement
you talk of ..what
have you given him
a thought to spare
even so called muslim
leaders using the
community as a vote bank
ultimately do nothing
for their welfare many
unemployed muslim youth
taking to crime robbery
murder rape a thought
that scares ..something
must be done to save
humanity all caste color
creed community ,,
but our politics has no time
to change the broken cosmic
wheel or repair....

ham sab ek na koie hindu
na koie muslim na koie gair
sudar lane main phir kyon
lag rahi hai itni dair .....
shabba khair ..

He Sells Apples On A Cycle

so when
the municipality
van comes ,,
to catch illegal
their goods
by the handful
he will have
the last say
indian shrewd
mind very
calm careful
with new ideas
to beat the system
completely full
man earns by
the sweat
of his brow
for the municipality
it is not a matter
to be thoughtful
if he is caught
they take away
his apples
his cycle
till he pays
the fine in full
he will get
back the cycle
all the apples gul
corruption bribes
our system
totally bull

gul means disappeared hindi

Kurla West Bazar Is A Sea Of Burkhas

I come here very often to go to Kurla East Fish Aquarium product whole seller market I cross the No 9 public overhead bridge from the station and reach the east.. I come to Kurla West by ricksha.

And I often wonder why Muslim ladies with children in tow just love to shop and window shop.. the market is horrendous for humongous traffic snarls no traffic cops and Muslim areas are basically untouched by Municipality everywhere in Mumbai go to Null Bazar or Madanpura and you know what I am saying.. I talk through expreience and having seen Mumbai when it was Bombay.. more peaceful more comfortable and everyone was Bambaiya.. Politics changed it all.. we are now more regional than Indian we are now more Hindu Muslim than Indian..

And so I wonder the Muslim man breaking his soul to make ends meet and his wife splurging it on knick knack cheap stuff on the roadside at Kurla West .

From BKC coming to Kurla West station side is coming to a hell hole I think Bandra is million time better inspite of garbage littered all over the bazar and maybe the Bandra slum Muslim woman is much shrewd cleverer than her counterpart at Kurla West.

This was the first time I took shots of Kurla Bazar,,,

The Great Actor Mr Prem Chopra Of Bandra Pali Hill

Mr Prem Chopra ..The Great Actor And Humble Human Being

Prem Chopra (Devanagari: प्रेम चोपड़ा) (born September 23, 1935)is an Indian actor in Hindi and Punjabi films. He has acted in 320 films. He has a soft spoken diction despite being a villain in most films.

Prem Chopra was born in a Punjabi Hindu family in Lahore on 23 September 1935 to Ranbirlal and Rooprani Chopra.[1] He graduated from Punjab University[disambiguation needed].[1] Chopra is married to Raj Kapoor's wife's sister Uma, and they have three daughters.[2]

The Hindi Cinema world is proud to have as one of its most luminous icons’, the enigmatic and legendary Prem Chopra. During his illustrious career, he has left an indelible mark that has been difficult to supersede or even emulate… and the journey continues with fervor.

Prem Chopra was the third of six children born to Ranbirlal and Rooprani Chopra in Lahore. After the partition, the family moved to Simla where he along with his four brothers and one sister did their education.

Destiny had hinted to him of its plans early on in life. Even before he graduated from the Punjab University, the actor in him had begun to surface. An active stage performer in college, his talent got recognition even then in the form of many Best actor felicitations. This encouraged him to spread his wings and try his luck in Bombay’s prolific Hindi Film Industry. However to get into films was no mean task. Struggle was the name of the game. But hardships bowed before his strong intent even as he battled hard to find his bearings.

In order to survive in the fast life of Bombay, he took up a job with the Times of India while trying to gain a foothold in the Film Industry. During his stint with the Times of India, he worked in Punjabi films including Chaudhary Karnail Singh and Sapni and Hindi films such as Woh Kaun Thi, Shaheed, Main Shaadi Karne Chala and Teesri Manzil. While doing Upkaar, a film in which he put in a remarkable performance, he gave up his job to concentrate solely on acting.

He went on to make his presence strongly felt as a 'bad man' and became an artist that the audience loved to hate- From Do Anjaane and Kati Patang to Phool Bane Angaarey and Bewaffa Se Waffa. In his life outside films however, he gained the respect of one and all and epitomized someone people loved to love. No wonder then, that his positive roles in films including Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Koi Mil Gaya were also welcomed with equal enthusiasm.

The name Prem Chopra is familiar to every Indian ear both within the country and abroad. Letters with just his name and no address reach safe and sound to his spacious house in Bombay. It has been ages since in real life he has felt the need to say his famous Bobby line "Prem Naam hai mera .....Prem Chopra." The celebrated face itself speaks volumes.

Today he has completed nearly 400 odd films over a span of over 50 years and continues working with zest. Recently, his sterling cameos in Rocket Singh-Salesman of the year and Delhi 6 earned him many accolades.

Awards have loved to belong to this gifted actor. He has been recognized by FilmFare, Lions and Punjabi Kala Sangam amongst many others for his powerful performances.

He has also created magic with live audiences displaying a special connect while participating in stage shows all over the UAE, Britain, America, Holland, Fiji Islands and Singapore.

Prem Chopra who married Uma in 1969 has three beautiful daughters - Rakita, Punita and Prerana. The three girls share a unique bond with their enigmatic father and if the feared screen baddie is bullied, it is by his daughters. They call him the 'baby' of the house as he is the first one to go to sleep at night. The role that the actor is currently enjoying is that of grand father to six adorable grand children, Sanchi, Khyana,Veer, Risha and twins Vaaryan and Vihaan.

This ' villain ' has a tender streak that those close to him are aware of. He has raised funds for many noble causes such as building hospitals, schools, temples etc. for cine artists and for the needy.

Truly, if Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have competition, it is with the villainous screen image of Prem Chopra vis a vis his humane real life persona. A family man, friend and humanitarian commanding much respect, Prem Chopra in every way, is someone worth emulating. It therefore would be in order to say that his biggest asset is the fact that he lives his life in congruence with the name his parents had thoughtfully bestowed on him………..P-R-E-M !

Mr Prem Chopra ..My Mentor And Guide

Many years back I am sure Mr Prem Chopra must have forgotten too, lived at Usha Sadan Colaba early 60s , and would pass our house at Khatau Bhuvan Wodehouse Road.. his neighbor those struggling days of yore was Mr Jeetendra.

Mr Prem Chopras house those days was bang opposite my old school Private European School and we would admire him , and watch him from far at Victory Wafers.

Than time bought me in touch with Prem Saab in the 80s and till date it has been a very long association , I have watched his children grow ,and I have the highest regards for these well bought up highly cultured polished ladies now all happily married ..and they have always respected me too, and today one of my grand daughter Zinnia Fatima goes to Mr Prem Chopras daughter's play school, one of the best in Bandra.

I served Pran Sab and Prem Sab.. both original get up masters ..Mr Prem Chopra loved working on the look of his filmy characters , and I fleshed then in the best sartorial way.

And working with Dannyji Shaktiji added to the experience ..of the top villains of Bollywood,.

I worked with Mr Keith Stevenson too in Akela ...both the looks .

Mr Prem Chopra is a great host, and his tips and his vast wisdom experience his love for Urdu, he writes in Urdu reads his dialogues in Urdu..well versed with the nuances of this unique poets script and language.

Mr Prem Chopra was the first person to call and congratulate me for my short cameo as a kinky photographer of a Bollywood model studio in Mr Raj Kumar Santoshis Phata Poster Nikla Hero.

Shaving The Indian Armpit

Barbers At Banganga

The Barbers Of Banganga - Shamat Aur Hajamat

Dont think they have it easy, I mean the street barbers on Pitru Paksh day and this feast is going on for several years but no makeshift stall for them , just for the religious tonsure feast, even no litter bins for the shaved hair, so they litter on the road , the municipal lady and the beat marshalls were extorting money from them , and this is India corruption is part of our religious affairs there is no escaping it ..

I see so much and will my pictures do anything .. the garbage outside my backyard is still where it was shooting it for so many years , and we talk of preventing dengue and other mosquito related diseases.. we are basically spineless part of our ethos and genetics,,,we have great personalities they take up a cause to fight and than succumb to it like the priest and the prostitute in Somersets Rain.

The Am Admi is a figment of our mind he does not exist.. politically polarized.. even when riots take place the police turn the other way , you can loot murder rape ... it is part of our system and ennui..

So I shoot barbers .. mostly street barbers ther struggle their hardships and the untouchables are still where they are .. only the political leaders who touched them became multi millionaires ..and what did these leaders do for the mochi dhobi bhangi ,, they built parks , huge self aggrandizing statues and of the poor elephant , even Lord Ganesha would have been a better choice ..

Our country has gone to the dogs ,,it is all about power to rule for 5 years loot and create chaos in the name of democracy and humanity.

Beggars are still begging , the whores in the cages are still spreading their legs and AIDS too..

So at the age of 60 I hope to complete my term of existence punishment get the fuck off this planet ,,, there are short cuts but they are too short for me ,,,,,