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Video Street Photography

I did not know how to shoot a video..and in the early years I would request close friends to shoot Marziyas videos ,, she was a great kid ..I wanted to document her growth as an intuitive child and as a young street photographer but I could manage just one video of her toddler days , and it hurts terribly she is 7 now ,,hardly any videos of Nerjis .. save the one stitched together by Assad Dadan of all three Marziya Nerjis an Zinnia my 3 granddaughters . After coming back from Hyderabad I began shooting videos earnestly on Motorola G , I than shot videos on my next phone Xiaomi but the videos became temporary files I was given a defective Xiaomi by Flipkart , I blasted them with my tweets they replaced it with a new Xiaomi , their technician checked the phone it was defective too they refunded the amount , my son gave me a Lenovo ,, and finally a Windows phone Lumia another bad phone from Flipkart , my son bought it for 10 K and sold it to a friend for 4 K.. Finally after exchanging …