Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dargah of Haji Waris Ali Shah Dewa Sharif Barabanki #Sufism

One of the most peaceful places is Dargah of Haji Waris Ali Shah .
The Holy Saint was a devout follower of Imam Hussain and there is a Imambargah in the Dargah complex .
He is also known as Waris Pak or Waris Piya ..
If I am in Lucknow I visit his Dargah ..find spirtual solace and serenity .
About Waris Pak
Waris Ali Shah (Urdu: حاجی وارث علی شاہ‎, Hindi: हाजी वारिस अली शाह) or Sarkar Waris Pak (Urdu: سرکار وارث پاک, Hindi: सरकार वारिस पाक) (1819-1905) was a Sufi saint from Dewa, Barabanki, India, and was the founder of the Warsi order of Sufism. He travelled widely in the west and admitted people to his spiritual order.[1] His shrine is situated at Dewa, India.[2][3]
An urs, or death anniversary, locally known as Dewa mela is observed in October–November. It is attended by nearly a million Muslims and Hindus.[6][14][15][16] It is said that this fair was started by Haji Waris Ali Shah in memory of his father, Qurban Ali Shah. Another fair is held beside the tomb of Haji Waris Ali Shah on the first of the Muslim month of Safar every year.[17]

What is Hunger I Wish I Could Tell

to the Maker who created him
gave him sight sense of touch
sense of smell but hunger as well
a lady threw this paper plate he
is licking the sauce the other side
of misery is worse than than the other
side of hell..some have it easy others
scream and yell through a picture
it is street stories i tell stories
born out of despair remorse zolaesque
narrative on a barren earth devoid of
emotions where we dwell..
under moneys alluring magic spell..
my body you can borrow
kill it mutilate it but my cameras cosmic
vision i am not willing to sell.

This poem is dedicated to my oldest
friend on the internet Benn ,,
a chiming human Bell

my 10600 poem at Flickr

Documenting Bakra Eid Eid Al Adha Bandra Station 2017

my cosmic fate i could not cheat ..a file god created in haste i hope he deletes me my release this world too much hate less love and peace

I shoot bakra eid barefeet
because while I am shooting
on the Skywalk below are Namazis
that would be hurt with slippers on my feet
so out of respect I shoot barefeet I repeat
I shoot the Bandra poster kids forced eid
hugging pictures by our press guys kids
chubby and sweet ..after the namaz i shoot
beggars savoring alms on Bakra Eid
this year I did not shoot goat slaughter
on the streets we stopped goat sacrifice
several years now giving the money
to educate slum kids ..with our rich
neigbors cutting 5 bakras we dont compete
A Sacrifice is merely symbolism of a fathers heartbeat

We are One ..Hindu or Muslim ..We are Mother Indias Sons

[नजर वाले को हिंदू और मुसलमान दिखता है,
मैं अंधा हूं साहब ;
मुझे तो हर शख्स में इंसान दिखता है,
मेरा मजहब तो ये दो हथेलियाँ बताती है,
जुड़े तो वंदना और खुले तो दुआ कहलाती हैं.

thank you shyamji jai shree ramji

My Guru Taught Me The Meaning of Life Through The Camera

I have never seen a passionate dedicated photographer like late Mr KG Maheshwari ji I shared some rare unique memories with him he was a man who loved poetry loved Keats and I was a slam street poet .. my genre was street photography he genre was pure pristine Fine Art photography.
He was a veteran and a stalwart of his time he could talk to you on any subject and keep you engrossed with anecdotes of the past.
He was married to the scion of the Birlas but kept that part of his life private and low profile ,, but I went with him to the exhibition of his brother in law Mr B K Birla a photographer too at Century Bazar.
We both were totally from two different world his was cultured I had my family roots in the putrid slums of Kurla next to a Hindu crematorium..but I was a self made person I was educated not much but erudite in classic literature and poetry .
Mr KG Maheshwariji knew I did not like studio arc lights so he put me in front of the camera I became his model he was assisted by late Prof BW Jatkar sab,
We had some great times the three of us he felt sad when I opted out of salon photography competition ,, leaving both him and Jatkar sab to do my own field of religious photography .
And one day in 2005 I gave up analogue photography I learnt digital enhancement photography joined Buzznet Wordpress Blogspot I became a blogger moved out of camera clubs ,, but we kept in touch despite his failing health .
It was a big blow for both of us when Prof BW Jatkar met with an accident and passed away ...
So now it was just the two of us carrying the Urn of Jatkarjis memory .
Than finally the curtain came down Maheshwariji left his earthly abode ...
Leaving me an orphan photographer I had lost both my lifes Light and Shade ,
I am waiting at the bus stop of life ,,,lonely and weary the camera has become crucifix .. of a long wait ..