Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank You Ya Khuda - Break Dance of Democracy Ends

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Mr Baba Siddiqui erstwhile sitting MLA Mumbai Congress I/ NCP combine , won from the Vandre Constituency with a very slender margin defeating Advocate Ashish Shelar , since the results were announced there was some inter party skirmishes but the immediate arrival of the Mumbai Police saw calm and a greater calm prevailed at Bandra Bazar Road..basically it is vested interest bent on disturbing the canvas of peace of Bandra the Queen of Suburbs.

I did not shoot any pictures and thanks to the presence of the cops who were near my shop, there was a total ban on bursting of the Congress Party NCP are back at the helm..let them bring constructive hope and solve the grievances of all concerned.

I met Advocate Ashish Shelar BJP who thanked me for shooting his rally..and hoped better luck in the next hustings and had the best regards for the winning candidate..

Now my poem

Ya Khuda
Break Dance
of Democracy ends
with your blessings
with your grace
the voter
the winner
to the Vidhan Sabha
sends ..
the loud mouthed losers
totally quiet
into the darkness blend
they have other jobs
to tend
on the political
river bend
so many
fences to mend
for the sake
of the populace
their supporters
their friends
time to shake hands
make amends
the city
more important
than self on
good governance
good law and order
please think
of the voters
in the hot sun
old poor very poor
who voted for you
some with their backs bent
some who never got their
voters cards were hellbent
the healing hand
is back in power
the homeless dont
breaking their shanties
their tents
fires of divide and rule
dont foment
be kind to the north indians
treat them as
your own brother
without any evil intent
a new order
of peace hope and harmony
you must invent
thank them
with a nice Diwali present

Big Boss Are You Listening

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Its High Time they bought Laxmi Narayan Tripathi to the Big Bosses House bad memories erase ..She is Adab, Tehzeeb Deportment Charm and God given Grace..Beauty Brains and a Beautiful Face ..Hijda Goddess Queen of her Race ...She gives the other gender ample space , on national TV - respect culture she would showcase..
Beyond caste color or creed this human phenomenon people from all over the world will eagerly embrace..give her a chance the rest of the bunch she will outrace..and outpace..