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I am Held Captive In The Cosmic Cage Of My Camera Eye

wingless from one frame to the next i fly shooting dark shadows specters of my camera eye a taunting eagle mocks at me tells me you are a prisoner of your own device in a world of motor mouths rapid lies held in a tight vice my feet bound to a heartless earth her urban cries i look upwards at hope wantonly whoring in the sky a moment comes a moment dies you have that one talent no one buys ,, molten tears frozen ice

The Life Of The Street Barbers Of Mumbai

Why will people shoot such mundane stuff , but if you sit besides a street barber while he works, watch him , the magic of his wrist his dancing scissors ,it is an enlightenment..and he is dirt cheap, you could bargain with him , he has no union to support him , and he is among the abused lot of society.

I dont know what made me shoot barbers , I have had my hair cut sitting on the road , listened to his travails of life , the leaking roof in the slums where he stays with a dozen barbers from his hometown in UP.

However I must reiterate it was the Pitru Paksha feast on the eve of Navratra , that pushed me to the brink as I reached Banganga barefeet to shoot the rituals of religious tonsure , and the immersion of the puja offerings to dead ancestors .A very profound thought , we may have treated them badly when they were alive , but today they are remembered for their sacrifice and their contribution to our upbringing.

So I shot this festival and here I must acknowledge I was inspired …