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India Is More Beautiful Than a Dream

My Flickr Stats on 29 October 2014 is 200813

I thank all on the cyberspace  that came and saw this small window to My India .. a window of street pain , a window of culture , a window for respect reverence for all religion faith the true tapestry of Tolerance ..which is True India.

An India that is for all Indians beyond color caste and creed .. an India that ushers words of Humanity for all who touch it Devo Atithi Bhava.. Guest is God ,, The Viewer the Reader s God too.

Once upon a time I should mention my photo stream used t get hordes of people touching it simply because they wanted to see the World of Hijras I shot , and my Hijra set was not for voyeurism titillation or sexual leering, I locked it up completely as a few Flickr members blatantly began posting my hijra pictures on their Flickr photostream, and Yahoo Copyright did not Help at all.. and the lousy spaceball tool even a child can hack into your pictures , watermark I will never put to deface the soul of my Photography..

So I disabled my Hijra pictures , my Gay P…

Chhat Puja 2014 Juhu Beach

This evening I took my American friend Boaz to shoot the Chhat Puja  at Juhu Beach , we set out  from Lucky Hotel and before we reached the beach  I spotted a devotee of the Sun God doing Jan Pranam from the road all the way to the sea so we left the rick and began shooting him..

This set has taken a lot of time to upload as there was some problem with my memory card and I took a nap as it was uploading.

I have been shooting the Chhat Puja for many years now and have tried not to miss it this is my humble tribute to the Bihari spirit  of Mumbai, the migrants and the residents with their roots in Bihar ,

And today for some strange reason the views on my Flickr images is over 181000 ..Thanks to everyone who has touched my photostream to see my India which is truly India beyond color caste or creed ,, I have tried to touch all religion with respect reverence and in good faith..

Photography is about sharing and I was happy I could bring my American friend Boaz a more astute , more passio…

The Camera Binds People Forever

My Flickr Stats Today 128581

till 10.10 pm.. 128581

thank you all in humility and gratitude

My Friend Boaz Is A Great Teacher