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My Grand Mother Khurshed Baji Looked Like Nerjis Asif Shakir

My Grand Mother Khurshed Baji Looked Like Nerjis Asif Shakir, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
Khurshed Baji my dads mom stayed close to Khakhan Manzil Vazir Ganj Lucknow...she was a Syed hardcore Shia lady who had married my Sunni grand father Bashir Hussain from Subatiya Bagh..a famous vinegar merchant..he wisely converted to Shiasm, and remained a Shia till the end of his life..after his death that made my paternal grand mother a widow ,she befriended a Hindu lady who became a Shia too Chanda Baji both were best friends and my dad Mohomed Shakir and a daughter were her only children, my aunt I believe died soon as she got married without any issue I am told..

For my dad my grandmother chose the elder daughter of the House of late Daroga Nabban Saab descendant of Mir Anis poet ...but my dad a very good looking guy working in Bombay was not happy as he wanted to see his bride to be , so he climbed a wall and instead of spotting his bride he spotted the brides si…

I Am a Shia Muslim ..And a Shia Hindu Too

I Am a Shia Muslim ..And a Shia Hindu Too, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
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I am an Indian
who loves his
mother country
as you
love yours too
my Islam
is not Wahabbi
I must clear that
or it might hurt you
with your
i have no issue
whether you
are a pagan
or a jew
my karbala
 is hindustan
my blood
soul sinew
i curse
yazid shimr
3 others
 on the menu
i am opinionated
a thought
 i cant undo
is humanity
humility his
greatest virtue
he saved islam
he overthrew

on the face of
the enemy of hussain
i flung this shoe

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