Monday, June 11, 2007

I am a Hijda

my hijda guru laxmi narayan tripathi

I am a Hijda ,
a deleted file that you bought back momentarily to life from the dead .
a stab a bullet wound , bleeding misfortunes attached to an arrowhead
a misspelt journal bequeathed besmirched besotted unread
yes once my aggrandized megalomania had gone to my head
squirming my way into the mainstream of miasmic memories instead
i am what i am merely a figurehead my cybernetic notoriety handcuffed to a silken thread
seeking invoking a goddess as i slither whither on my karmic dharmic death bed
tears from a dry stream parched i shed
the color of religious pain red
emotional corpuscles
vying for attention
of this shia thug dumbhead
precariously perched
like a weather cock
in a heart
that is not

Buzznet Refugee The Scourge is Back

White is White

Black is Black

I cut my forehead

I am a hard nut to crack

Photographerno1deleted at Buzznet

with all his backtrack

do you like it

jamie shaef


I search in a web stack

photo blogging

truly the best of us hijack

a beer a toat to buzznet refugees

one day we will be back

chemical romance

our souls cannot hack