Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Alma Mater Holy Name High School Fort Mumbai

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An English medium co-ed school affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education.

President Obama & The First Lady visited our school!

Holy Name High School was founded in the year 1939 at Green Street. The late Rev. Fr. Francis Mascarenhas was the first Principal of the school.

The story of Holy Name High School conforms to the parable of the mustard seed which is the smallest of seeds and yet when sown, blooms into a tree, so that all the birds of the air can make their shelter therein. Holy Name School, as it was known then, had a humble beginning in a very old building, a building so old, that it was only the determination to serve, on the part of the Management and Staff, that kept it standing.

anil shejale

Jab Tak Khuda Ka Mulk Hai Malik Hussain Hai

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Naqaash naqsh, Kaatib o Khat, Baani o Bina, Bood o Nabood, Zaat o Sifat, Hasti o Fana, Aadam Malak, Zameen Falak, Gard e Kimiya, Duniya o Deen, Hadoos o Qidam, Banda e khuda, Sab, Shahid e Kamal e Shahe Mashraqain hain, jab Tak Khuda Ka Mulk hai, Malik Hussain hain - Dabeer

I could not resist copying these lines from the update of Facebook friend Hassan S Shirazi..

hussan is humanity
in a world gone insane
a voice of sanity
symbolizing faith
trust in god
humility charity
fighting against
spiritual terrorism
within the soul
of tragedy

jhuk na saki
hussain ka nam
mit na saka
sar de ke
khuda ki bayt
jo rakhi

Writing a Note At Facebook Is An Insult To a Bloggers Mind

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i know

my words

sound ruthless

somewhat unkind

a note is not

where my blogs

you will find

it needs a

larger canvas

as i shoot pain

i shoot mankind

the cripple the lame

the leper the blind

on the soul of a dead

consciousness human

pain aligned

morbid maligned

like the winds of doom

crushing eternity


from behind

Sajid Bhai of Sajid Collection

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A great Sufi peace loving human being.. we are bound by a silken thread of Ajmer Sharif..and the munificence and blessings of Khwajah Gharib Nawaz.

The Story of Man Woman and Jesus at Cross Roads

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man betrays woman
'moves on bygones
cant be bygones
time heals wounds
but wait a moment
the pain has not gone
from the womb of one
pain another pain is born
jesus watches helplessly
a pain he too has borne
betrayed by the very man
for whose salvation
he was reborn
crucified nailed to a cross
at dawn i am the the
life and the resurrection
here and hereafter
a karmic cycle of pain
that goes on and on

The Niqab Causes A Traffic Jam In Mumbai

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veiled visage
bashful eyes
on the wings
of my poem
she flies
go karting
a string of
by and by
the niqab
this time
a cause
of a traffc jam
in mumbai
she may
or may not
be muslim
does it matter
womanly woes
that shy a body
language boosting
a euphoric high
beneath her feet
the earth quivers
shivers like
birds in paradise
silence has lost
its voice cars honking
yet you hear no noise
pendulous movements
overriding the silhouette
of her poise time to
reminisce and rejoice
to be or not to be
she has petulantly
made her choice
to hide her face from
irritant boys

The Artist and His Art

What God Does Not See The Camera Sees

Now If Shooting This Is Showing India In a Poor Light .. Than All Scamsters Should Be Pardoned

Netaji Ki Suno Woh Tumhari Sunega Tum Ek Vote Doge Woh Hazar Jute Dega

The dogs name is Raja ...he is shitting on the soul of a system gone to seed

Khatte Meethe Bore Jaise Chori Ke Peeche Chore

Inki Zindagi Main Sudar Ayega Jab Waqt Guzar Jayega

Because Of His Upcoming Birthday Jesus Is Getting a Makeover Too

Islam Held in Captivity A Poetic Thought

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a moments pause
it was a friday of course
the path of peace
hijacked by the ruthless
few for a wrong cause
as they bomb the
soul of humanity
we face the loss
an effect that
gives birth
to a lost cause
everything he
gone for a toss
three civilizations
one single big boss
the Crescent
the Talmud and the Cross
each one on a high horse

Bandra The Uncrowned Queen of Garbage

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a memorable thumbnail
a picture that never fails
from my comp into the 'heart
of the internet on the wings
of a blog as it sets sail
jaundice dengue typhoid
hay fever brain fever
given freely
over generously to children
adults male female
garbage porn
the new holy grail
now dont ask me
what ails ?
all your sweet
sunsets cherubic
children pictures
in front of this single
picture voluminously fail
this mound is a childs
cemetery only if
you close your eyes 'your ears
you can hear its wail
now fuck dont smirk
this is true reality
not a fairy tale
a coffin searching
for a rusty nail

Shooting India In The Heart of Mumbai

Sterling From Jamaica Loves India and Cricket

Sterling From Jamaica..Two Flickr Photographers

We met by chance on Bandra Hill Road.. he wanted to buy some Digital memory cards I told him to go to King Lane off DN Road and buy it from Reliable Stores from my friends Shyam Bhai and Raju.

He told me he was a Flickr photographer too a world without borders ,.. on the soul of the Internet.

The Only Game Played Profitably Off The Field

Sometimes People Like To Shoot Me Too

The Survivor

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She is protagonist of my street stories on survival and resilience , she skeptically wonders what I attain by shooting her pictures she thinks I am crazy, and she is partial in her judgment , as I shoot her or the goats that breed and abound in this lane known as Chinchpokli Road Bandra.

The goats have a lot of character and are dead meat momentarily alive.

And so I shoot people that inhabit my Dickensian street world, Aunt Pegotty , the Fat Boy or Mr Micawber or the slimy Uriah Heep all who live here and come alive through my camera lens.

Jhatpat In Oxymoron Haste