Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guru Purnima Humble Tribute To My Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhara 13 Madi

Gurur-Brahmaa Gurur-Vissnnur-Gururdevo Maheshvarah |
Gurure[-I]va Param Brahma Tasmai Shrii-Gurave Namah ||1||
1.1: The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru Deva is Maheswara (Shiva),
1.2: The Guru is Verily the Para-Brahman (Supreme Brahman); Salutations to that Guru.
There are bigots in all communities and many Sadhus question my Guru on his choice of a Muslim... and my Guru shuts them off ,,
he is not just a Muslim but a good human being..
And we met accidentally at the Nasik Kumbh 2003 ,, thanks to him I was able to shoot the Maha Kumbh 2013 Allahabad ,, Nasik Kumbh 2015 and the Ujjain Kumbh 2016,
He introduced me to the Sabapati , ,,the few Maha Mandleshwars Sri Kalyan Giri and Swami Avdesh Anandji ,,,and I was lucky to document the Naga Sadus their rituals lifestyle ,
He has visited my house and loves Nerjis ,, who would chat with him and shoot him too ..
Our cosmic bond is 13 year old he was a school teacher ,,before he became a Naga and a scholar of Islamic scriptures .
I met a lot of Nagas who were seeped in the Sufi culture having friends among Malangs and Qalandaris and the greatest respect for Imam Ali..quoting from the Najahul Balagha.
As a photographer I was lucky that my Naga Guru encouraged me to shoot freely....and more than words I proved my loyalty to this wise teacher by taking care of him when he fell sick at the Shahi Snan .. the others all moved away for the dip I held on to him ,,, he was in very bad shape he said go shoot pictures ,, I ignored his plea and bought him in time for the holy dip on the banks of the Shipra .. and after he took his dip I took a dip too.. with the Naga Sadhus .
If you have a good guru... why should you search for other Gurus .
But in every community ethnicity I did meet other Gurus too..among the Sufis Christians Tantrics and Aghoris ,,
And the iconic Guru of all good things Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi a bond of over 25 years... the head of the Kinnar Akhara .
And I follow the Greatest Guru of All and Peak Of Eloquence Imam Ali ...
Man kunto maula,
Fa Ali-un maula
Man kunto maula
"Whoever accepts me as a master,
Ali is his master too."

Happy World Photography Day 2019

To all my photographer friends Happy World Photography day Humble Tribute to my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwari ji Prof BW Jatkar Ever...