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Om Shanti Om

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they thought
they had captured
god as eternity
under a spire
steeple and dome
but god being god
in human hearts
true temple of love
he roams

to sudarshan pandey
nitin sharma
rajiv bhatnagar
sukhi hontu

on my pictures
as comments
lashing my soul
seawater and foam
om shanti om

The Pact of Peace Hope and Hindutva

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

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every time you fall
he lifts you up
every time
you lose hope
you break
he fits you up
the remover
of obstacles
the lord of
the beginning
and the end
he sets you up
into a new
world of dreams
he wakes
you up

vakratu.nDa mahaakaaya koTisuuryasamaprabha |
nirvighnaM kuru me deva sarvakaaryeshhu sarvadaa ||

Meaning of Shree Ganesha Shloka II

O God Ganesha (large bodied with a large belly), radiant as millions of Suns, Please, remove obstacles in all of my tasks all the time

The Disciple is Also The Guru of the Guru

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Marziya Shakir Shoots Her Guru on the Nikon D 80

Guroraadi Anaadischa
Guruh Parama Daivatam
Guroh Parataram Naasti
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

Meaning: The Guru has neither beginning nor end; the Guru is the ultimate God (in the visible form). There is nothing beyond this Guru principle, and I salute such a Guru.

The first and the last person I am teaching the art of unlearning photography is a gifted child all of two and a half years old and who holds the Nikon D 80 like a piece of clay that molds thoughts into pictures.

I introduced Marziya my grand daughter to the camera from the second day of her life on this planet , before she saw me she saw the spectral light of the camera.

For me the camera is a holy scripture that binds my soul to Truth.

The camera is also a Messenger of Peace and connects me to you through a picture for life.

I have in a way demystified the allure of the camera I have bought it from Cartier Bressons hallowed pedestal into the hands of a child and for me a child is greater than God ..because the child is the torchbearer of Gods Godliness in all its virtues without flaws..

And here my blog will hit you real real hard and it is not part of this introspection of my soul or my grand daughters.

The child is what you are the child is you your ancestry your heritage the child is all what you put into it as a plant , the way you nourished it and much more.

The picture above was shot by my grand daughter as the ultimate honesty and as a Guru Dakshina of her love for me and the camera.

I am really hurt as a human being as a Muslim I am fasting when somebody harms the tenets of Islam or Ramzan the month of Piety he harms me my culture my upbringing and my values.

I am a Shia Muslim but I am a Muslim all the same and Islam is a banyan tree with several branches and roots sustained by Allah His Holy Prophet and Ahle Bayt.

I have begin my quote with a Hindu text such is the power of my cultural attachment to my country its ethos and its people.

I was saddened like you of reading the brutal murder in cold blood of a 19 year old girl by a Muslim lad of the same age and whatever his reasons or his grouse murder is murder and taking someones life is the worst crime I think.

And considering this is a premeditated murder as reported in Midday as he was in possession of the knife for three days.

So what comes to mind did he get up for Sairi Namaz broke his fast and than did this unwholesome deed or did he skip Tarabi I mean Ramzan is a time of forgiveness a time of patience calm.. And I leave this without sentimentalizing an issue that is being investigated .

So where did society his parents his religion go wrong..he is not a illiterate guy and only 19.

So when I am teaching my grand daughter two and a half years old to shoot the beggars on the streets with my own camera I am definitely not teaching her photography..

And this episode was really bothering me so I add it to my angst on this post.

Repentance Guilt Betrayal Love what is all this and what use is Education if you dont have culture or humanity.

So in a way I am also learning from my grand daughter what I failed to learn from my kids as I was an alcoholic when they were growing up..I do have regrets but I cannot change the hands of the clocks..

But I have changed myself and the spirit of the disciple is changing and resurrecting the dead soul of a Guru.


Na Guror Adhikam Tatwam
Na Guror Adhikam Tapaha
Tatwa Gnyaanaat Param Naasti
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

Meaning: There no greater principle than the Guru; there is no greater penance than the Guru; There is no greater knowledge than meditation on such a Guru. I salute such a Guru.

So the Disciple is Also the Guru of the Guru..

And this post is dedicated to my Gurus KG Maheshwariji Mr Shreekanth Malushte and late Prof BW Jatkar.

ps dont miss my wife included in the frame too ...

The End is a New Beginning Too

Mother Theresa Blesses R Raj Rao

My Friend Onir

Meeting at Hostel Room 131 At Crossword

shot by ankur shrivastav

Meeting at Hostel Room 131 At Crossword

Three Birds and a Blogger Beast

Prince of Raj Pipla

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Manvendra Singh Raghubir Singh (known as 'Manvendra Singh Gohil', 'Manvendrasingh Gohil', 'Manvendra Gohil,' 'Manvendra Kumar Gohil,' or 'Manvendra Kumar Singh'; born 23 September 1965 in Ajmer) belongs to the royal family of the former princely state of Rajpipla in India.

His parent attempted but failed to disinherit him after he revealed his homosexuality, and since then there has been a question mark over his relations with the family. He is the only known person of royal lineage in modern India to have publicly revealed he is gay.[1]

In January 2008, while performing an annual ceremony in Rajpipla in honour of his great-grandfather Maharaja Vijaysinhji, Manvendra Gohil announced plans to adopt a child, saying: "I have carried out all my responsibilities as the prince so far and will continue as long as I can. I will also adopt a child soon so that all traditions continue"[2]. If the adoption proceeds, it will be the first known case of a single gay man adopting a child in India. In June, 2009, in São Paulo, he told: "Adopting a child is easy in India, and there is no problem because of being openly gay. I hope to be with my son soon after my return from Brazil".[3]

* 1 Early life
* 2 Coming out
* 3 Charitable activities
* 4 References
* 5 External links

[edit] Early life

Manvendra was born at Ajmer, 23 September 1965, as the son of Maharana Shri Raghubir Singhji Rajendrasinghji Sahib, who inherited the title of Maharana of Rajpipla in 1963. The princes were derecognized by the Republic of India in 1971. Manvendra had a traditional and conservative upbringing. He was educated at Bombay Scottish School and at Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics, Vile Parle, Bombay.

In January 1991, he married Chandrika Kumari from Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, because, he claims, "I thought after marriage I will be alright because I never knew and nobody told me that I was gay and [that] this is normal. Homosexuality is not a disease. I tremendously regret for ruining her life. I feel guilty"[4]. The marriage ended in divorce when Manvendra revealed his homosexuality to his wife.

"It was a total disaster. A total failure. The marriage never got consummated. I realized I had done something very wrong"[5].

Several years after his divorce in 1992, he became involved in a social network to help gays in Gujarat.
“ It was difficult to be gay in my family. The villagers worship us and we are role models for them. My family didn't allow us to mix with ordinary or low-caste people. Our exposure to the liberal world was minimal. Only when I was hospitalized after my nervous breakdown in 2002 did my doctor inform my parents about my sexuality. All these years I was hiding my sexuality from my parents, family and people. I never liked it and I wanted to face the reality. When I came out in the open and gave an interview to a friendly journalist, my life was transformed. Now, people accept me[6]. ”
[edit] Coming out

Manvendra's homosexuality was revealed to his family by doctors in 2002 following his hospitalisation for a nervous breakdown. However, it was when he talked publicly about his sexual orientation in 2006 that his family took action and accused him of bringing dishonour to the clan. The disowning, however, is likely to remain a symbolic act rather than legally enforceable disinheritance, given India's modern inheritance laws.[7] He has been reunited with his father.[8]

On 14 March 2006, the story of Manvendra's coming out made headlines in India and around the world. His effigies were burnt in Rajpipla, where the traditional society was shocked.

Manavendra appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show on October 24, 2007. He was one of three persons featured in the show entitled 'Gay Around the World'. He expressed that he has no regrets about coming out, and that he believes the people of his state respect him for his leadership in preventing and educating on HIV/AIDS.

On his coming out, Manvendra has said:
“ I knew that they would never accept me for who I truly am, but I also knew that I could no longer live a lie. I wanted to come out because I had gotten involved with activism and I felt it was no longer right to live in the closet. I came out as gay to a Gujarati daily because I wanted people to openly discuss homosexuality since it’s a hidden affair with a lot of stigma attached[9]. ”

Manvendra inaugurated the Euro Pride gay festival in Stockholm, Sweden, on 25 July 2008.

Manvendra featured in a BBC Television series, Undercover Princes, screened on BBC Three in the UK in January 2009 which documented his search for a British boyfriend in Brighton.[10]
[edit] Charitable activities

In 2000, Manvendra started the Lakshya Trust, of which he is chairman, a group dedicated to HIV/AIDS education and prevention. A registered public charitable trust, Lakshya is a community-based organization working for HIV/AIDS prevention among men who have sex with men (MSMs). It provides counseling services, clinics for treatment of sexually transmitted infections, libraries, and condom-use promotion. Lakshya won the Civil Society Award 2006 for its contribution in preventing HIV/AIDS among homosexual men [2].

The trust also creates employment opportunities for gay men and support for other organisations for MSMs, and plans to open a hospice/old age home for gay men.

Lakshya is a member of the India Network For Sexual Minorities (INFOSEM) and a founding member of the Sexual Health Action Network (SHAN).

In 2007, Manvendra joined the Interim Governing Board of the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health, known as APCOM, a regional coalition of MSM and HIV community-based organisations, the government sector, donors, technical experts and the UN system. He serves as India Community Representative on behalf of INFOSEM, the India MSM and HIV network. Manvendra said of this work, "APCOM is one of the best mediums to bring together different nationalities and develop linkages with others working for HIV and MSM/TG. In India, it will be an important tool to influence authorities to change thinking and broaden outlooks for the betterment of society. APCOM demonstrates the essence of unity and solidarity within diversity." [11]

In May 2009, it was announced that there are plans to turn Prince Manvendra's life story into a major motion picture. The script will be written by another Royal, a member of the erstwhile Kapurthala Royal family, Prince Amarjit Singh.[12]

Prince of Raj Pipla

The Prince and the Pauper Face To Face

Missing Marziya

My Grand Daughter Artist Photographer two and a half years old loves Books..

The Prince Shot By A Pauper

Media Photographers Shoot Events Photo Bloggers Poetize It

Shooting The Soul of Ashok Row Kavi In Three Dimension

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when god
in a good mood
passion and pangs
man to man
he created
ashok row kavi
from his poetic angst
shot by a photo blogger
shows you the
living legend
lethal in
three dimension
a smile
that needs no fangs
a human computer
that never hangs

Only Onir

Only Onir, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Onir (born on May 1, 1969) is an Indian film director, editor, writer and producer. He was born as Onirban Dhar in a small town in Bhutan. In 1986, he moved to Kolkata where he studied comparative literature. He graduated from Jadavpur University in 1989. He can speak Bengali, Russian, German and Tamil. His directorial debut, My Brother... Nikhil (2005), deals with themes such as AIDS and homosexuality.[1] Onir is currently shooting I Am which consists of four short films exploring such themes as child abuse and same-sex relationships.[2]. The film was awarded by the 2008/9 The Triangle Media Group Honorary Award Announced by Professor David Flint and presented by Actor, Lawyer & Teacher Mr. Haresh Sood on February 7 2010. Onir is an atheist. [3]
[edit] Filmography

* My Brother… Nikhil (2005)
* Bas Ek Pal (2006)
* Sorry Bhai! (2008)
* I Am (completed)

[edit] References

1. ^ Sengupta, Somoni (April 6, 2005). "Gay-Themed Film Tests Sensibilities in India". New York Times. Retrieved 27 August 2009.
2. ^ "Onir's next ventures into issues of gay sex, child abuse". Indian Express. August 12, 2009. Retrieved 27 August 2009.
3. ^ "facebook profile".

Nitin Karani Doston Ka Dost

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ashok row kavi
holy father
vivek anannd
holy ghost
nitin karani
doston ka dost
to them
i raise a
my poems
they might
one day
my pedantic
pompous ass
on the soul
of poetry
they roast
a book launch
with my
hijra guru
laxmi narayan tripathi
at crosswords
along with
celina jaitley
as host
all the profits
i shall
to kids hijras
at traffic signals
least but
not the most
firoze shakir
photo blogger
poet photographer
the shia sacrificial goat

No I Am Not Part Of Any Scam

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hiding his
serious face
behind his
setting a
into motion
he said
no i am not part
of any scam
ashok row kavi
is my name
a born poet
i am what i am
caught in a
hostel room 131
on my souls
steady cam
an official launch
a book at cross roads
caught in a traffic jam
no i did not
order scented
tissue papers
testicular tragic
hand painted condoms
or baby prams
this is mischief
played by the
foreign hand
perhaps it is the Israelis
or conniving uncle Sam
master of the games
the common wealth gay games
disbelievingly clamped
firoze dont take my
picture this one time
or fuck in the community
i will be damned
as i took this
for the sake of posterity
a poem on his soul
i slammed

Official book launch of R Raj Rao's 'Hostel Room 131' by Onir

Official book launch of R Raj Rao's 'Hostel Room 131' by Onir

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Image courtesy Bombay Dost

Penguin Books India, Bombay Dost and Crossword

cordially invite you to the

Official book launch of R Raj Rao's 'Hostel Room 131' by Onir

This was the invitation sent to me by my good friend Nitin Karani and though it clashes with my Iftar timings breaking of my Ramzan fast I went to the venue, I broke my fast with a single date I had carried with me.

This was a mixed audience gays supported by their straight friends and well wishers , as it was a literary meet and touched a chord of vibrant humanity.

Raj R Rao read excerpts from his book Hostel Rom 13i and the chief guest was Onir.
Ashok Row Kavi Vivek Anand Manvendra Singh Gohil Sridhar Rangayan Pallav and others were there to support this new beautifully written book and the hall was reverberating with cheers and claps.
There was a question answer session and Raj the author answered them explicitly and seamlessly , I shot pictures to share with all of you a community that has given us a good measure of creative artists poets film makers authors and journalists too.
So it is not surprising that persons from every walk of life was present here not just the gay lesbian or transgender or bisexual community.

This will be my next set at where I post all my pictures as photo blogs.

About R Raja Rao

About the author:
R. Raj Rao was born in Bombay and now lives in Pune where he is professor in the Department of English, University of Pune. Two of his books, BomGay
and The Boyfriend (the latter published by Penguin India, and translated into French and Italian) are regarded as cult classics. His other books
include One Day I Locked My Flat in Soul City (short stories), Slide Show (poems), The Wisest Fool on Earth and Other Plays, Nissim Ezekiel: The
Authorized Biography, Ten Indian Writers in Interview (edited), Image of India in the Indian Novel in English (co-edited), Whistling in The Dark:
Twenty one Queer Interviews (co-edited). Rao in a pioneering Indian academic who runs a course on queer literature in his department.

Synopsis of the book:
In the winter of 1978, Siddharth, 23, meets Sudhir, 20 in a friend's room in Pune's Engineering College Hostel. He falls instantly in love.

A man of unconventional views--he believes, for instance, that the two heroes in Sholay have the hots for each other rather than for the
heroines--Siddharth becomes a full time lover over the next seven years and stubbornly pursues the object of his lust and affection, despite his
job as a college lecturer in Bombay.

There are many obstacles along the way, including Sudhir's family, against whom Sidharth files a police complaint, and Sudhir's classmates from
Belgaum, led by the homophobic Ravi Humbe, who start an anti-Siddharth association. But Siddharth gets support from Gaurav and Vivek, a militant
gay pair keen to ambush the enemy.

Deadpan humour and farce come together in this entertaining love story, giving us a glimpse of what really goes on in a boys' hostel.

Presented by Bombay Dost

Being a Street Photographer is a State of Mind

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a state of bliss
pictures laid out to you
by the lord god
you shoot you dont miss
with your camera lens
the soul of humanity
you kiss when
you shoot that
or you shoot this
the man lying
on the street
waiting for
a hospital bed
his means of escape
his only dying wish
his soul starving '
a living coffin
without a lid
each time
they kick
his butt
wake up sid

Documenting Hope and Hindutva as a Message of Peace

I have normally come here barefeet but of late I wear slippers as my feet are badly scarred and I am fasting for Ramzan and the rains cause havoc I dont want to take chances in the badly potholed Mumbai streets.

The Lord Ganesha at the back is one of its kind huge and awesome and this s the grandeur of Mr Khatus works they are exquisite and out of the world , this is a magic land and you must see the artisans at work as the Ganeshas come alive.

Mr Khatu and Me

Mr Khatu is a very famous Ganesha sculptor and art director his works are huge and portray the large scale of grandeur and beauty in his works , a visit to his workshop is a must for me before the Ganesha festival.